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Metal Worker vacancies at ARTS

Jobs as Metal Worker at ARTS

The metalworking industry is one of the largest medium-sized industries in Germany. The metal worker job offers as well as jobs are diverse, because metal workers deal with all types of metalworking.

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Hardly any other profession offers such a wide range of career opportunities as that of a metal construction technician. Metal construction technicians or master craftsmen are not only sought after in Germany, but worldwide.
Metal construction is divided into three different specializations. While construction technicians deal with the fabrication and assembly of steel and metal structures, custom-made products such as railings are manufactured by metalworkers specializing in metal design. In the automotive sector, too, the jobs and vacancies for metalworkers are manifold. The commercial vehicle construction specialty specializes in the manufacture of tractors, boat trailers, steering systems or vehicle frames.


Our vacancies for metal workers cover all disciplines and industries. In addition to jobs in mechanical engineering and toolmaking, ARTS also offers positions in automotive, civil engineering and climate protection.

Forging, soldering, welding, screwing or annealing are part of the daily tasks of a metal worker. Depending on the field of application, they assemble equipment and vehicle parts.


You should have the following qualifications for a job as a metal worker at ARTS or one of our customers:

  • Completed training as a metal worker or a comparable industrial-technical profession
  • You are a professional in welding, flexing and grinding
  • Electrical and pneumatic knowledge
  • Good knowledge of German
  • Pronounced quality awareness


Employees in the metal industry.

101 bil. €

Sales of the German metal industry in 2020.

14th cent.

the first guild of small blacksmiths was founded.


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