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Jobs as Payroll Accountant or Balance Sheet Clerk in Berlin with ARTS

Jobs as Payroll Accountant or Balance Sheet Clerk in Berlin with ARTS

Berlin - the German capital has a unique, incomparable atmosphere. In addition to a high quality of life, Berlin also offers numerous jobs in a wide variety of industries. Are you looking for a job as a payroll accountant or balance sheet accountant in Berlin? ARTS offers jobs for accountants and payroll accountants in Berlin. Apply now!

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Your new job as an Payroll Accountant or Balance Sheet Clerk in Berlin

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Start your career as a payroll accountant or balance sheet accountant with ARTS in Berlin

As by far the largest city in Germany, Berlin has a multi-faceted economic structure. In addition to knowledge-intensive companies, there is also a strong tourism industry and numerous service providers with high added value. Berlin has also become a start-up centre, producing numerous creative and successful start-ups every year.

Job opportunities

Accountants can find work in the accounting departments of almost all companies and organisations, where they carry out tasks in the area of finance. Especially in larger companies with stronger financial departments, accountants are often specialised in one field. The prerequisite for working as a payroll accountant in Berlin is, as everywhere else in Germany, a commercial education, but a degree with a business focus or a career change with relevant work experience can also serve as a basis. There are also special further training courses for some areas, for example as a certified accountant.

Whether you are an accountant or a payroll accountant, the most important prerequisites for working as an accountant in Berlin include knowledge of the relevant legal principles. In addition, you should be able to work independently and carefully and have an interest in mathematics, as accounting is characterised by working with figures and involves a high degree of responsibility.


ARTS payroll accountants and ARTS financial accountants work in Berlin for us and for our clients in successful sectors such as the real estate industry or auditing companies.

Depending on their experience and training background, accountants specialise in certain areas of the company. One of their most important tasks is the correct booking of all business transactions. Under certain circumstances, account reconciliations and account clarifications are necessary. Overall, they have to monitor the company's liquidity and coordinate it in such a way that solvency is guaranteed at all times. Another important area of activity is accounts payable and accounts receivable, i.e. payment transactions with customers and suppliers. Here, accountants are responsible for, among other things, posting business transactions, monitoring accounts, creating dunning runs if necessary and carrying out payment transactions.


Are you interested in one of our job offers? You should have the following qualifications for a job as a payroll accountant or balance sheet accountant in Berlin with ARTS or one of our clients:

  • Completed commercial training
  • Professional experience in accounts receivable and accounts payable accounting
  • Ability to work in a team and reliability
  • Efficient and structured way of working


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