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Jobs as Plant Mechanic at ARTS

Jobs as plant mechanic at ARTS

Nowadays, modern and highly complex machines and industrial plants are the real heart of production in many industries and companies. The experts who build these plants and keep them running are plant mechanics. Are you looking for a job as a plant mechanic? ARTS offers job opportunities for plant mechanics throughout Germany. Apply now!


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Are you looking for a cognitively demanding job? Plant mechanics know even the most complex plants from the smallest component to the interaction as a whole. From design to production and installation to maintenance and servicing, plant mechanics are the people to contact throughout the entire life cycle of a plant. Their important qualities include technical and mathematical understanding, diligence, a sense of responsibility and independence.

The plant mechanic job is one of the recognised industrial training occupations in Germany with a training period of three and a half years. General training content includes, for example, (production) technical, legal and organisational knowledge. Specialisation, for example as a plant mechanic for plant construction or welding technology, is also possible.


ARTS plant mechanics work for us and our partners in numerous industries such as aerospace or building equipment. Areas of application include industry as well as external locations such as construction sites or the highway.

Whether new construction, conversion or renovation, industrial plants are usually among the central objects on a construction site. Therefore, plant mechanics must ensure that the work on construction sites is well organized and an efficient process is guaranteed. This already starts in the planning phase, where they take over the coordination as well as general support in project planning for customers, partners and trades. They are then responsible for handling everything from the initial installation steps to the commissioning of equipment and systems. In addition, there are other important components of the job. Plant mechanics also carry out further maintenance in their own company or at the customer's site.

It is important to carry out systematic and accurate inspections in accordance with specified inspection procedures and at fixed inspection intervals in order to keep the systems in the best possible condition at all times.


Are you interested in our job offer? Plant mechanics should have the following qualifications for a job at ARTS or one of our customers:

  • Completed vocational training as a craftsman
  • Alternatively completed studies in electrical engineering or comparable
  • Lateral entrants with professional experience in the described field of activity are also welcome
  • Several years of professional experience in the assembly and commissioning of electromechanical assemblies and machines
  • Experienced handling of MS Office as well as affinity for the application of innovative software solutions
  • Good knowledge of German
  • Class B driving licence
  • High willingness to travel (Mon-Fri)
  • Team player with strong manual skills


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apprentices for plant mechanics for sanitary, heating & air conditioning technology in 2020

2.000-3.200 euro

average salary

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