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Job as plant operator at ARTS

Job as a plant operator with ARTS

Production machines and systems perform hard work day after day in the production halls of all branches of industry. The responsibility for setting up and operating this equipment lies with qualified machine and plant operators. ARTS can help you find a new job as a plant operator. We offer job opportunities for plant operators throughout Germany. Apply now!

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Start as a plant operator with ARTS

Job opportunities

Access to the apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator is open to interested persons with at least a secondary school diploma. Due to the wide range of variants among the plants, prospective plant operators already specialize during the generally two-year training. Subsequently, it is possible to specialize for one or two additional years, for example as an industrial mechanic.

In the manufacturing sector, plant operators are responsible for the production of components and assemblies. This includes planning and preparing the production processes, setting up and converting the plant, equipping it, monitoring production and carrying out the final inspection of the products. In doing so, they are largely independent in their work and must, for example, organize supplies independently, make quality assessments or quickly analyze and, if possible, rectify sudden malfunctions. In addition, plant operators are responsible for the proper maintenance and servicing of the equipment assigned to them. 

Plant operators should be practically oriented and enjoy physical work and possess a high degree of dexterity and care as well as good eye-hand coordination. Self-reliance and a strong willingness to work hard are qualities that employers also look for. A general interest in mathematical, physical and technical issues is also advantageous.


ARTS plant operators take on important tasks in the plant parks at our company and our partners. The central task is the setup, operation, maintenance and monitoring of machines and systems, including the independent repair of minor malfunctions. They are also responsible for ensuring that product quality requirements are met and document all process-relevant data for this purpose. 

In addition to their tasks in production, they are actively involved in process development as experts.


Are you interested in one of our job advertisements? You should have the following requirements for a job as a plant operator at ARTS or one of our customers:

  • Successfully completed technical or manual vocational training, e.g. as a plant operator or mechanic.
  • First work experience in the industrial sector as well as a good technical understanding
  • Good knowledge of German
  • Authorization to drive vehicles and industrial trucks (authorization certificate can be acquired)
  • Open-mindedness towards technical innovations
  • Commitment and willingness to work shifts
  • Team player with communicative and friendly appearance

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229 bil. €

in sales in the machinery and plant engineering sector.




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