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Jobs as Programmer in Hamburg at ARTS

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Hamburg is one of the German cities with the highest quality of life. The city has a varied cultural offering as well as a broad, modern industrial and commercial landscape, making it an attractive working region for qualified programmers. Are you looking for a job as a programmer in Hamburg? Arts offers jobs for programmers with numerous clients in Hamburg. Apply now!

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Software Developer (m/f/x)

Hamburg IT Direct entry at our customer

IT Specialist System Integration (m/f/x)

Hamburg IT Direct entry at our customer

Software Developer (m/f/x)

Hamburg IT Direct entry at our customer

ERP Consultant (m/f/x)

Hamburg IT Direct entry at our customer

Junior ERP Consultant (m/f/x)

Hamburg IT Direct entry at our customer

ERP Consultant Automotive (m/f/x)

Hamburg IT Direct entry at our customer

ERP Consultant (m/f/x)

Hamburg Warehouse / Logistics IT Direct entry at our customer

Database Administrator (m/f/x)

Hamburg IT Direct entry at our customer
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Start as a Programmer in Hamburg with ARTS

Hamburg is of supra-regional importance as a trading and industrial location and is one of the most important economic regions in Germany. One of the main factors is the Port of Hamburg, which is one of the largest seaports in the world. In addition to the maritime industry, companies from the aviation, manufacturing and electrical engineering sectors have also settled here, creating a modern working environment.

Job opportunities

Programmers in Hamburg, as elsewhere, are irreplaceable in many industries, as they develop the software that gives ultra-modern products their intelligence. Their work covers the entire development and life cycle of software, from conception to maintenance and optimisation. The basis is usually a degree or specialised training in the field of computer science. For many jobs, knowledge of specific programming languages and development environments as well as relevant experience are also important.


ARTS programmers in Hamburg work for us and our local customers, for example in freight forwarding services or at selected software development companies. They take on varied and challenging tasks in the development of new software, starting with analysis and conception, through design to development and implementation. In addition to general functionality, the focus is also on factors such as the scalability of the system or the development of a convincing front end. Supporting activities such as the creation of system specifications and software documentation are also part of the job.

In addition to new development, as an ARTS programmer in Hamburg you will deal with optimising the new and further development processes of existing applications and their integration into third-party and subsystems. Working at and with customers, such as specific software adaptations and maintenance activities, are also part of your daily work, as is constant further training through the evaluation of new techniques and frameworks.


Are you interested in one of our job offers? You should have the following requirements for a job as a programmer in Hamburg at ARTS or one of our customers:

  • Completed vocational training in the IT sector or studies in the field of computer science.
  • Professional experience in Java application development
  • Experience with HTML/CSS, Struts, Vaadin, Tomcat, IntelliJ, Jira and SVN desirable
  • Good knowledge of relational databases, SQL and JDBC
  • Good written and spoken German
  • Commitment, ability to work in a team and sense of responsibility

65k Euro

average gross annual salary in Hamburg


training paths: study & specialist training

1,85 Mio.

inhabitants in Hamburg


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