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Software Engineer Jobs at ARTS

IT virtuosos in demand

With an equally deep understanding of computer science and business processes, a software engineer or software developer develops the right software solution for a wide variety of customer problems. Find your job as a Software Engineer with ARTS. Numerous job offers for you as (Senior) Software Engineer are waiting for you. Apply now!

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The daily routine of a software engineer is very varied due to the often high number of projects processed. A software engineer is responsible for planning a software architecture that solves the given problem effectively and safely. Operation, incidental maintenance and general quality assurance of the developed software are also regular tasks. Much more important than specific training is therefore practical experience in the field of software development. This helps to find the most suitable solution from the usually numerous potential solutions.

Various courses of study from the field of computer science, such as software engineering or production informatics, can serve as a basis for the profession of software engineer. In principle, however, it is also possible to enter the profession with a degree from various other courses of study, for example in the field of engineering. In addition to the relevant technical knowledge, a software engineer in charge of a project benefits from strong organizational skills, persuasiveness and strength in presentation and communication. 


At ARTS or one of our customers, you will work as a (Senior) Software Engineer in technically demanding industries such as automotive suppliers, aviation or for specialized IT service providers. The focus of their work lies in the software development of modern web applications; here they take on a central role in the co-design of exciting digitalization projects. In doing so, they are involved in the entire development process from the idea to the rollout, which, in addition to the actual development work, also includes, among other things, the associated conception, the accompanying documentation and the final testing of all developed software modules. In addition to development work, a software engineer at ARTS is also regularly involved in a consulting capacity, for example in testing and adapting customer-specific requirements.


Are you interested in one of our job advertisements? You should have the following requirements for a job as a software engineer at ARTS or one of our customers: 

  • Successfully completed studies in the field of computer science, engineering or equivalent.
  • Several years of professional experience in the field of computer science
  • Very good programming skills
  • Practical experience in the script languages Javascript, Python or PHP
  • Confident handling of GIT, Gradle or Maven, as well as CI/CD pipelines
  • Solid experience with databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle)
  • Good knowledge of German and English
  • Self-taught as well as team- and customer-oriented


programming languages.

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