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Healthy food at work

21/11/2022 2022/11

Too short lunch breaks, too much to do, yet keeping healthy food at work in mind is a huge challenge. Therefore, it is quicker to go to the nearest snack bar or canteen for a portion of French fries or pizza. Often, due to a lack of options in the immediate vicinity, healthy eating becomes a secondary matter. At the same time, healthy food at work is the key factor for our physical performance and our general well-being in everyday working life. Here you can find out how you can still eat healthily in your everyday working life. 

What does the body need to perform on the job?

What the body really needs in terms of energy depends on the physical activity in a job. Physically demanding occupations such as bricklayers or roofers need a lot of energy to cope with their daily work routine. However, those who spend most of their day sitting down can get by with far less energy. For healthy food for work, you should therefore always adapt your choice to your activity in order to remain efficient and, above all, healthy. So weigh this on an individual basis!

In general, you should look for the following in a healthy diet: several servings of vegetables and fruit a day, plenty of whole grains, fiber and protein, and less sugar and fat.

Balanced breakfast at work

The scenario is familiar - morning grouches grab a coffee to go on their way to work. Breakfast is out of the question at that moment. This is usually not problematic and also depends on the individual's personality. But a healthy and balanced breakfast should definitely be taken to work and eaten on the spot. No breakfast is not an option! After all, how else are empty energy stores to be replenished? 
For a healthy meal for work, ideally reach for nutrient-rich, carbohydrate-rich and low-fat foods for your breakfast, such as muesli or whole grain products with spreads. 

An energizing lunch at the workplace

The way to spend one's lunch break usually divides the crowd of colleagues. Bringing your own lunch from home or going to the cafeteria for a meal already prepared? No matter how you arrange your lunch break, there is always an opportunity to pay attention to healthy eating. 

Do you like to bring your lunch from home or does your company not even offer a canteen? No problem, we will show you how to have a delicious and healthy lunch without much effort. Preparation is everything! Cook larger portions for dinner on a regular basis. You can take leftover portions directly to work the next day or freeze them for a later time when you don't have time to cook ahead. This way, healthy food for work succeeds without much extra effort. 

A personal recommendation in this case: lunch in a jar, not only delicious and healthy, but also something for the eye. And as we all know, the eye also eats!

If the choice turns to going to the cafeteria, there are a few things to keep in mind. Of course, we are aware that you have little to no influence on what is on offer. This makes it difficult to choose a healthy meal. Perhaps your cafeteria has an email address where you can submit suggestions for healthier and more varied food? In any case, when choosing dishes, you can pay attention to the nutrients they contain as much as possible and avoid greasy dishes like currywurst and such. The big hunger often tempts to choose fast food, so it is recommended to trick it. To do this, choose your lunch dish already in the morning, so your impulses in the waiting line of the canteen do not tempt you to unhealthy decisions. Also, make sure to eat meatless several times a week; try vegetarian or vegan options instead. You'll be surprised at how much energy it gives you! You should also compose the side dishes from low-fat alternatives, such as pasta, rice or jacket potatoes, as well as plenty of vegetables or salad.

After the main course, round off lunch with a small dessert? Listen to your hunger pangs and skip dessert sometimes. If you can't do without, choose a light dessert, such as fruit with low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt. 

Did you spend your lunch break at the snack stand after all? No big deal either, because healthy eating for work isn't defined by going constantly snackless. Instead, compensate for the missing nutrients after your lunch break with plenty of fruit, vegetables or dairy products.

Snacks against the afternoon low

Is your concentration and performance dropping and slowly diminishing after an energy-rich lunch? Or do you know your body's quirks and already want to actively prevent a performance low? 
Then we have the solution - reach for healthy snacks that make your brain work. 

DO's in this case: dried fruits, nuts, fruits and vegetables.
DONT's in this case: temptations, like sweets, chocolate or chips.

A little tip on the side: it's best to stock up so you can fall back on the healthy snack option in a pinch.

Healthy food for work also includes drinking

And we're not talking about coffee. Although coffee is the elixir of life for many colleagues, water is meant in this case. It is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water throughout the day. This works wonders against fatigue and also increases concentration and performance. 

Do you need a change? Why not try it with your favorite unsweetened tea!

General tips for healthy eating at work

A survey by Statista found that around 26 percent of employees eat directly at their workplace. In general, however, you should refrain from eating "at work". This is because the lack of concentration on food makes you feel hungry again more quickly and therefore eat more. In addition, doing tasks on the side even promotes the feeling of stress and the social interaction with colleagues during the lunch break is missing. So the learning from this is: Consciously take time to eat! If you find this difficult, try blocking out fixed breaks in your schedule. 

A little tip from us: If the circumstances are right, cooking together with colleagues on site would also be a suitable way to combine healthy food for work and social interaction. How about a weekly "soup round" or a joint salad chopping session?

Corporate responsibility for healthy food for work

Companies have also already recognized that corporate health is within their remit. Because the fact is: healthy employees contribute to the company's success. There are simple and quick ways in which companies can influence the healthy eating of their employees. Popular measures in this area include providing fruit baskets and water dispensers at work, offering nutrition classes, influencing healthy cafeteria food, and creating break rooms with stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves for a feel-good factor during breaks. 

As you can see here: Eating healthy for work can be so simple. Sometimes all it takes is changing a few cherished habits. Overcome your own inner obstacle, try out our little tips and notice how your well-being and performance increase.

Sources:Stiftung Gesundheitswissen l Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V.

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