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Interview with the ARTS Digital Transformation Manager

09/05/2019 ARTS as employer

Career with ARTS

As an expert for HR services, ARTS currently employs 107 interesting personalities. They contribute their expert knowledge in various areas. In our interview series, we want to know how the individual employees have found their way to ARTS, what makes their work special and what inspires and challenges them in their daily work.

Anja has been an asset to the ARTS team in Dresden for 8 years now. She started as an intern in Online Marketing and is now as the Digital Transformation Manager responsible for the automation and digitisation of all business processes. How this development occurred and what she recommends to other interested candidates can be read in the interview.

Even as Head of Marketing, Anja managed the department's processes. Today she does this for the whole company.

From intern to Marketing Manager

When did you join ARTS and how did you get to ARTS?

I was looking for a company for my internship semester during my master studies in International Business in Dresden. After reading a job advertisement from ARTS, I applied and was invited for an interview. At this time I was in the Czech Republic for a semester abroad, so we interviewed via Skype.
In 2011 I started my internship in the Online Marketing department. I was responsible for a young talent career portal for the aerospace industry, which ARTS had developed.

What did you do after your internship?

After my internship semester I got the opportunity to write my master thesis about "Development of a Social Media Strategy" with ARTS. After successfully completing my studies, I was then permanently employed at ARTS in Online Marketing and assumed responsibility for the career portal for young professionals. In 2012 I switched to Corporate Marketing and was mainly responsible for our web projects and personnel marketing. Our department grew organically with dedicated teams for sales marketing and employer branding. As Head of Marketing I took over the team leadership and was responsible for all strategic marketing topics.

The move to Digital Transformation Manager

How did the change from Head of Marketing to Digital Transformation Manager happen?

I was already responsible for process management within the department as the Head of Marketing, to be more precise: For topics such as process modeling, process optimization and interface management. The demands on the technical understanding of marketing staff are now enormous. Topics such as web programming, search engine optimization and API interfaces require a certain degree of IT affinity. This has been very pronounced since my time with a chip manufacturer and an IT service provider, where I was before ARTS.
When the opportunity presented itself to work on the topics of process management, automation and digitization company-wide, I could not hesitate for long.
Now I'm working with different departments and can broaden my own horizons. I have an interface function that demands a lot of solution orientation and creativity from me. No day is like another.

How did this development move you personally forward?

TEST I get to know ARTS from another perspective. In marketing, my colleagues were and are very well networked, but my current job gives me much deeper insights into the day-to-day work of internal departments, as well as into the cooperation with project managers on a wide variety of ARTS customer projects.
I am learning a lot and have new input every day.

In which way have your stays abroad prepared you for ARTS?

Intercultural competence helps enormously in dealing with international colleagues. But my stays have also brought me a lot in terms of language. Especially now in an "IT world" and when explaining processes and systems to colleagues, English language skills help me a lot.

What is exciting and challenging about your job?

Our central ERP system has a modular structure and is open source-based, so that every application of the system can look different in various companies. This enables enormous flexibility, but also requires a high degree of creativity. This is both exciting and challenging.
Another challenge is that I have to involve my colleagues in all implementations so that the developed solutions ultimately lead to the desired success. I have to be able to make colleagues understand why my work has a useful purpose. First and foremost, it is an ever-increasing amount of work for everyone. Ultimately, however, the result will streamline and optimize processes and thus make work easier for all involved colleagues.

Anja has been a permanent member of the ARTS team since her internship and has taken a steep development curve since then.

Career opportunities at ARTS

How do you see the personal development opportunities at ARTS?

In principle, you can achieve everything at ARTS if you formulate your development wishes and ideas clearly. Of course you should have the professional qualifications, but in general we at ARTS live a trial & error culture. That means simply try out an idea, and if you fail, you'll know what you can do better next time. But that's the only way we learn from mistakes.

What do you like about ARTS as an employer?

I value a lot about my employer. For example, ARTS focuses more on what you like to do and what you are good at than on your training or work experience. Work Life Balance is also a top priority at ARTS. Part-time work is not a problem and generally countless working time models are possible at ARTS. Depending on how the individual employee needs it in order to successfully balance work and private life. We cultivate a collegial togetherness - community, reaching a common goal and there are no lone fighters. Flat hierarchies, informal corporate culture and " just do it" philosophy are further points that I greatly appreciate. Everyone has the opportunity to express an idea and then implement it themselves.

What would you recommend to interested candidates?

Apply! Be open and honest throughout the application process. Feel free to address all topics, even if you think that these topics are not positive. Include interests, hobbies and volunteer work in your CV. This makes the CV more personal and allows candidates to stand out from the crowd. You should be prepared to develop personally and not be afraid of challenges.

Become a part of ARTS as well

Write your own success story at ARTS. Whether in one of our offices in Dresden, Hamburg, Munich or Toulouse or at our project locations. We are always on the lookout for new colleagues who want to develop together with ARTS and achieve our ambitious goals. Please feel free to send us your unsolicited application or apply directly for a job. We will find the right job for you.

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