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Successful with LinkedIn - Your profile as a digital business card

02/08/2022 2022/08

Catching a new job with your LinkedIn account? We show you how!
The LinkedIn platform is becoming more and more popular in the recruiting process of companies. In doing so, you use your profile as a digital business card and thus show your professional career and your competencies. Present yourself from your best side and start directly with the setup of your LinkedIn profile. With our tips, setting it up is easier than you think and done in no time.   

Why create a LinkedIn profile?

People are researching about you in the recruiting process, that's old news by now. Your personal social media profiles on Facebook or Instagram offer a glimpse into your personal life and interests. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is your digital billboard for your professional career and skills - but meanwhile, the platform is not just a representation of your skills! Rather, in this day and age, it connects you with potential employers. Due to this, it supports the development of a professional network, in which the exchange with other people is in the foreground. There is also no limit to the internationality. Looking for a job and potential employers outside your comfort zone and home country? No problem on LinkedIn!

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of uncovering new opportunities, it is essential to dedicate yourself to designing your LinkedIn profile with dedication.

The first impression counts 

As a rule of thumb, the first impression of your profile must be convincing. Since your profile should mainly appeal to future potential employers and their recruiters, it should leave a positive impression when skimmed. Only then will the recruiter scan and check your details more closely. 

LinkedIn profile creation - seamless and meaningful

How you succeed in catching the recruiting person's attention at first glance, we will tell you in the following tips and tricks.

Profile photo

The profile photo is the first eye-catcher on your profile. There are a few things to keep in mind - selection of the photo, cropping, filters, etc. 
Choose a professional, high-quality picture, which presents sympathy and openness to the viewer. Show yourself also gladly in your professional environment. 
Absolute no-go's in this case are blur, disguises, party pictures or selfies. 

Cover picture

The cover picture of your profile serves to underline your field of expertise, interests and personality. For example, if you are in the automotive industry, choosing a car is recommended. If you are currently in a degree program, your cover photo may show a lecture hall. Also, it is common that the company you work for already has different headers to choose from. 
Our insider tip for downloading suitable LinkedIn headers: the Canva platform.

Profile name 

Even if it is a digital platform, in this case, pseudonyms should be avoided. Be sure to name your first and last name, because LinkedIn is about real contacts and not about sinking into the anonymity of the Internet. 


Think of your LinkedIn profile's tagline as your personal statement about your professional life. Keep in mind that the tagline is also visible in the preview of your profile together with your name and profile picture. Therefore, use keywords that make recruiters aware of you and your skills. 


The description offers you a grandstand for your personal and authentic introduction. But be careful: This is not about repeating your listed CV in words. Here, rather rely on the direct address of your profile visitors, tell them why you are an indispensable addition to their company. You can land your dream job in just 5 or 6 sentences!


The bottom section of the LinkedIn profile is specifically dedicated to the hard facts of your career path so far. These include education, work experience, and personal qualifications. Fill in the sections with as much detail as possible, but also make sure they are relevant. Is each step or project relevant to your future career choice?


In the skills section, you should specifically list those that are prerequisites in your desired career field and which recruiters filter for in social recruiting. The number of listed skills is up to you.
Our secret tip - Take the test ... namely the knowledge test of the platform LinkedIn. In this test you will be asked questions regarding a selected knowledge, so that you can prove your knowledge in a few clicks. 


The previously described contents of your profile provide a detailed picture of your skills and knowledge and form the basis of the profile. You are now free to fill your profile with further details. For example, to underline your credibility and increase your career opportunities, the platform offers the possibility to add certificates, certifications, courses taken and recommendations.

Fine-tuning your LinkedIn profile

There are several options open to you for increasing the visibility of your profile, which we will present to you in the follow-up. 


Essential for increasing profile visibility is your activity on the platform. Being active includes, on the one hand, liking, and on the other hand, sharing and commenting on posts. Take part in discussions and expand your knowledge on specific topics. In doing so, network with new contacts or follow interesting company pages. Your activity will reward you with increased visibility and recruiters will also recognize your interests in the activity section of your profile.


Sounds trivial, but it is of immense importance! Pay attention to spelling on your profile. This signals professionalism to recruiters. 

Updates and maintenance 

Updating and maintaining your profile is essential. Add every new step in your professional life or newly learned skill. Because the fact is - small updates may be followed by new opportunities and big changes!

Standard or Premium Profile

The decision is entirely up to you. You just have to consider the different possibilities of the different profiles:
The free standard profile offers you the basic program - searching and networking with contacts, receiving messages, commenting, liking and sharing, etc.
With the paid premium account, on the other hand, you benefit from additional interaction options and knowledge transfer via LinkedIn Learning. You can find more benefits to weigh up your decision here.

The last tip for you - no matter how you design and optimize your LinkedIn profile, be authentic and honest! Then nothing will stand in the way of your next job interview and the next step on the career ladder. Also, feel free to take part in our job application coaching to help you achieve your career goals.

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