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Not just an Onboarding Checklist - The ARTS Onboarding Packages

There are endless onboarding checklists on the web, but only a few of them really help.

What do you do if a pure onboarding checklist is not enough, but medium- or long-term onboarding consulting is too extensive? For these cases, we have put together two service packages with twelve different digital contents. The content is available for download immediately after booking. Choose between a basic or an extended version according to your needs. And with a time expenditure of only one to two working days, you have integrated a perfect onboarding process into your HR process landscape.

What are the ARTS onboarding packages?

Our HR experts have developed a digital product to support you in setting up your onboarding quickly and easily. It consists of twelve different tools: Training video, blue prints, checklists, white papers, posters, tools and an individual short consultation in the extended version.

After booking, you will receive a download link from us, which you can use to watch the video and download the work aids and tools, including application descriptions.

Onboarding To Go

on request
plus VAT

Contents (only available in German):

  • Video: Training for managers and HR
    What should managers definitely keep in mind during onboarding? Aileen Kreibich, Managing Director of ARTS Experts GmbH, shares her experience and onboarding expertise with you in this video.
  • Template: All-Over Checklist
    A checklist that covers everything from signing the contract to the end of the probationary period. As a blue print, this all-encompassing checklist can be adopted 1:1 or adapted to your own needs with just a few clicks.   
  • Tool: Structured scheduler for the first 60 days
    Interfaces, contacts, IT - who should every new employee get to know right at the beginning? Our tool offers you an overview for the ideal planning of all appointments during the first 60 days.
  • Template: Technical familiarisation plan
    What technical content should be taught and who is responsible for it? This document serves as a template for documenting the familiarisation process and can be used directly.
  • Whitepaper: Standard Trainings
    In this white paper we provide an overview of which instructions and trainings are mandatory for new employees and which are helpful. In this way, you can quickly derive the appropriate measures.
  • Whitepaper: Virtual Onboarding
    Our whitepaper highlights the differences between face-to-face and remote onboarding and provides suggestions on how to implement successful onboarding for remote workers and tips for managers.
  • Posters: "Stakeholders in Onboarding" and "Benefits of Structured Onboarding 
    Our posters outlining the benefits of structured onboarding and the role descriptions of onboarding stakeholders, will help you raise awareness of the importance of onboarding within your organisation.
  • Tool: Innovative tool for getting to know each other as a team
    The "Manual To Me" is a tongue-in-cheek "instruction manual" for newcomers and the existing team. Without further preparation, the getting-to-know-you tool can be used directly in your teams.
  • Whitepaper: Inclusion in onboarding
    Description of special features in the onboarding of people with severe disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Extending your Onboarding

on request
plus VAT

The packages contains in addtion to all 10 digital products of the "Onboarding To Go" package:

  • Professional check: Brief analysis of your processes by our experienced HR experts
    You send us your current onboarding documents and processes for analysis.
  • Video call: 60-minute video call on optimisation potential and concrete implementation tips based on the brief analysis of your onboarding processes
    In a personal conversation, our Expert:in share their tips on how to further develop your onboarding with you and are available to answer any questions you may have about the onboarding process and onboarding content.
  • Tool: Communication etiquette for your own corporate culture
    With this tool, you can analyse the communication channels and paths in your company and easily create a communication etiquette guide for your newcomers. In this way, they learn right from the start what belongs on which communication channel in your company and how to strike the right tone.

After your booking, we will contact you regarding the scheduling of our video call and the professional check of your onboarding documents. 


Frequently asked questions about our onboarding packages

What distinguishes ARTS Onboarding Packages from an Onboarding Checklist?

You can download a wide variety of free checklists online, but since these are promotional materials, they only offer small sections of the actual range of possibilities for integrating a successful onboarding and do not represent a complete onboarding process. This is exactly where our onboarding packages come in. With the help of these tools, you can quickly develop a professional process that takes into account the administrative, organisational, professional and social aspects of successful employee retention. And to put the finishing touches to this process, which you have filled with life, our experts are at your side with our brief consultation.

Can I contact ARTS if I have any questions about the contents?

Of course you can contact us if you have any questions about our products and services. You will find the appropriate contact details at the top of this page or in the email with the download link. We also welcome feedback on our content at any time.

How do I get access to the content of my onboarding package?

You will receive a download link from us, which you can use to watch the video and download the job aids and tools, including application descriptions. To arrange an appointment for the video call in the "Extending your Onboarding" package, one of our contact persons will contact you at short notice.

How long does it take to receive my Onboarding Package?

Immediately after your binding booking, you will receive an email from us with a download link. If you have also booked the process analysis with a personal interview, this can usually take place within a week.


Would you rather ask than read?

Your success is close to our hearts! With our know-how built up over years, we are your competent and reliable partner when it comes to onboarding. If you have any questions about our onboarding packages or need advice about your onboarding in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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