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ARTS - Interim management provider

For managing directors and key positions

Very specific projects or challenging company situations often require a manager or a very specialised executive in the short to medium term. Sometimes it takes several months to fill these vacancies, which you probably don't have. Interim managers are often the best solution for bridging vacancies. Alternatively, you may want to deliberately bring an interim manager into your company, e.g. for management consulting or personnel consulting topics. In this case, we would be happy to contact the right manager for you in our network of experts and executives or take on the interim management ourselves.

Successful project assignments through ARTS Interim Mandates

Satisfied Customers

How does the cooperation with ARTS - your interim management agency - work?

You provide us with your medium-term personnel requirements and we provide you with at least two suitable profiles for your key positions.

  • Step 1: You hand over your interim mandate to us and inform us of your professional needs. We then contact potentially suitable specialists and managers via our active network and the current candidate market.
  • Step 2: We conduct pre-interviews and check the basic fit with your company.
  • Step 3: We accompany the interview, make hiring recommendations and prepare all contractual documents.
  • Step 4: We accompany you and the employee for the entire duration of the assignment.



Executive Interim Management with ARTS - Your advantages

  • We offer you a large network of specialists and executives in the areas of management, human resources, sales, production, supply chain, organisational development and finance.
  • You can quickly bridge open vacancies with an interim mandate and continue projects directly.
  • You benefit from our specialist knowledge and industry experience in the areas of mobility, IT, smart manufacturing and energy.
  • For salaried managers, 100 days of induction are not atypical. ARTS interim managers need significantly less training time due to their many years of professional experience.


Interim Management Provider - Solutions for

Filling management positions:

  • Managing Director
  • Purchasing Manager 
  • Financial Director
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Plant Manager

Fast project continuation for

  • Start-ups
  • Research institutions
  • SMEs
  • public enterprises
1 / 5


  • Available 2022/01/06
  • Salary 48.000
  • Apprenticeship Wholesale and foreign trade
  • Contract optional
  • Job-ID 31365
2 / 5

Electrical Engineer

  • Available 2021/01/06
  • Salary 47.000
  • Apprenticeship Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Contract optional
  • Job-ID 32886
3 / 5

Project Manager

  • Available 2021/01/06
  • Salary 67.000
  • Apprenticeship Mechanical Engineer
  • Contract optional
  • Job-ID 29077
4 / 5

Quality Manager

  • Available 2021/01/06
  • Salary 85.000
  • Apprenticeship Flight Engineer
  • Contract optional
  • Job-ID 32456
5 / 5


  • Available 2021/01/07
  • Salary 56.000
  • Apprenticeship Controller (IHK)
  • Contract optional
  • Job-ID 1285

ARTS Special Flash

As your Interim Management Agency we have a very large talent pool. In addition, we are constantly recruiting new specialists to meet your needs. Sign up now for free to the ARTS Special Flash and receive top candidates from your selected occupational groups 1-2 times a month.

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Our solutions in the area of interim management

Our solutions in the area of interim management

#short-term solutions:

  • Bridging a temporary bottleneck
  • Supporting a project team to meet deadlines

#medium-term solutions:

  • Complementing the existing management
  • Support with e.g. a new product launch

#long-term solutions:

Management consultancy by means of ARTS interim mandate in the area of finance for a Saxon automotive supplier

The digital transformation, the resulting challenges and a restructuring were the decisive factors for a Saxon automotive supplier to consult ARTS as an interim management provider.


It was challenging that another new subsidiary had to be integrated into an international group of companies. The restructuring also required that digital finance and controlling processes in the client's SAP system had to be adapted.


An experienced ARTS interim CFO ensured that established financial processes were efficiently continued and optimised. As an IT-savvy, competent, communicative leader, as interim CFO he ensures the efficient further training of the team on site and takes all team members with him on the change process through efficient change management.


With modern project management methods and his good leadership skills, the interim manager of ARTS managed to transform finance and controlling processes and form new and existing colleagues into a team.

Frequently asked questions about interim management at a glance

How is the Interim Manager remunerated?

Remuneration is on an hourly basis and invoicing takes place once a month.

Do I have to pay a flat rate for holidays or illness?

No, you only pay for the service that Interim Manager has actually provided.

Interim management provider or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

Do you need to fill an ad hoc temporary management position or is it an operational position in the team? Do you already know the start and end dates of these positions?  We would be happy to clarify these and other questions with you in a personal conversation.


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

Are you specifically looking for an interim management mandate so as not to jeopardise your business processes? Perfect, then waste no time and arrange an initial meeting with us.

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