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ARTS - Your Partner for Interim Management

As an interim management provider, ARTS is able to provide you with specialists and executives as interim managers for specific projects or challenging business situations in the short to medium term.

Sometimes it takes several months to fill these vacancies on a long-term basis, which you probably do not have. Interim managers are often the best solution for bridging vacancies. Alternatively, you may want to deliberately bring an interim manager into your company, e.g. for consulting topics or for a change management process. In both cases, we will be happy to contact the right manager for you from our network of specialists and managers. Within HR, our colleagues are also available to you as interim managers themselves. Get in touch with us!

Successful project assignments through ARTS Interim Management

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Fast, flexible, competent: We are your interim management partner

Employer Branding

Flexible Deployment

With ARTS as an experienced interim management provider, you can quickly find experienced project managers and temporary executives to fill your management gaps on an interim basis.

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More than 20 years of expertise

As a long-standing interim management provider, our large network consists exclusively of experienced colleagues to quickly provide your company with clear added value and relief.

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Professional Neutrality

External interim managers look at assignments from the outside rather than through the company's 'lens'. This allows us to bring a professional and unbiased perspective to the table.

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Do you need to fill a key position on a temporary or interim basis?

Filling key positions quickly and accurately for your success

As an experienced interim management provider, we specialise in providing companies with highly qualified specialists at short notice to fill key positions effectively and efficiently. Our extensive network of specialists and managers enables us to respond quickly to your short-term staffing needs.

Through a structured selection process, we carefully identify experienced interim managers who not only have the required expertise, but can also integrate seamlessly into your corporate culture.

With our expertise in interim management, we offer tailor-made solutions to ensure that your business processes continue to run smoothly and that your business objectives are met.


Do you need to fill a key position on a temporary or interim basis?

Your interim management provider for rapid placements and seamless project continuity

We offer an extensive network of specialists and executives in management, human resources, sales, organisational development and finance.

We fill management positions such as:

  • General Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Finance Directors
  • Sales Manager
  • Operations Manager

You can quickly fill vacancies and continue projects with an interim mandate. We support the following organisations:

  • Corporates
  • Start-ups
  • Research organisations
  • SMEs
  • Public companies


Do you need help managing Change?

Change Management Excellence: Navigating your transformation with neutral expertise and tailored solutions

Our interim managers steer and monitor your change management process, acting as a neutral outsider. Not only do we bring in-depth change management expertise, but we also act as an external expert, providing an objective view of your challenges.

From analysis to implementation, we provide tailored solutions to ensure the change management process runs smoothly. Through targeted management and monitoring, we not only ensure the success of the changes, but also promote sustainable change in your organisation.


Management consulting via interim management provider ARTS in the area of finance for a Saxon automotive supplier

The digital transformation, the resulting challenges as well as a restructuring were decisive factors for a Saxon automotive supplier to consult ARTS as interim management provider.

The challenge was that a new subsidiary was to be integrated into an international group of companies. The restructuring also required that digital finance and controlling processes in the client's SAP system be adapted.

An experienced ARTS interim CFO ensured that established financial processes were efficiently continued and optimized. As an IT-savvy, competent, communicative leader, he provided efficient on-site training for the team as interim CFO and took all team members along on the change process through efficient change management.

Using modern project management methods and good leadership skills, the ARTS' interim manager managed to transform finance and controlling processes and build new and existing colleagues into a team.

Frequently asked questions about interim management

How are interim managers remunerated?

Our interim managers are generally paid on an hourly basis and invoiced monthly. The exact remuneration varies depending on the specific requirements of the project and the experience and qualifications of the interim manager. 

As an interim management provider, we help companies develop transparent and fair remuneration structures. By working closely with our clients and the interim managers, we ensure that the financial arrangements meet the individual requirements of each project and are satisfactory to all parties. Our aim is to create a win-win situation where companies can hire qualified interim managers on fair terms.

Do I have to pay a flat rate for holidays or illness?

No, there is no obligation to pay in the event of the interim manager's holiday or illness. However, the exact arrangements for absences can be set out in the contract, but it is usual for no fees to be charged for services not provided during such periods.

As an interim management provider, we assist our clients in making clear arrangements in the contracts with the interim managers. This includes provisions for holidays, illness or other unforeseen absences. Our aim is to create transparent contracts that take into account the interests of all parties and ensure that the financial arrangements are fair and understandable.

What is Interim Management?

Interim management is a flexible and temporary form of management in which experienced managers, also known as interim managers, are temporarily deployed in companies. These experts take on important tasks and projects to bridge bottlenecks, bring in specific know-how or manage change processes. As a renowned interim management provider, our network offers qualified and experienced interim managers to effectively support companies in various industries.

What is HR Interim Management?

HR Interim Management refers to the temporary provision of experienced HR management experts, known as HR Interim Managers, to support organisations in HR-related matters. These specialists are brought in for a limited period of time to address specific HR challenges or manage key HR projects.

The process often begins with a detailed analysis of the company's HR needs and objectives. This is used to select a qualified HR interim manager with the necessary expertise in human resources, people development, recruitment or change management.

HR interim management offers companies the flexibility to respond to short-term HR needs without making long-term commitments. As a recognised interim management provider in this field, we ensure that our clients have access to highly skilled HR professionals to help them achieve their HR objectives in an effective and timely manner.

How does interim management work?

Interim management works by temporarily assigning experienced executives, known as interim managers, to companies to address specific challenges or lead key projects. The process typically begins with a thorough analysis of the company's needs and objectives. This is followed by the selection of a suitable interim manager with the required skills and experience.

During the assignment, the interim manager assumes operational responsibility, leading teams and implementing necessary changes. This allows companies to respond flexibly to short-term needs without making long-term commitments.

Our role as an interim management provider is to offer tailored solutions by providing qualified interim managers with the right skills and experience for our clients' specific needs. This approach enables companies to respond quickly to challenges and benefit from the expertise of experienced managers without having to go through lengthy recruitment processes.


How may we support you as an interim management provider?

You are specifically looking for an interim management mandate in order not to jeopardize your business processes? Perfect, then waste no time and arrange an initial meeting with us.

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