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24/05/2018 Blog

Lilium – A startup with a unique mission

In 2015, four young men started a business with the aim of developing the world’s first electric vertical take-off and landing jet, which could easily take off from urban areas and cover a distance of 70 kilometres in fifteen minutes. Alongside the time-saving factor, the environmental benefits and social aspects are also key considerations for Lilium. The jet offers 100% emission-free flight, removing traffic congestion from cities and removing the need to build new roads or bridges. The air taxi of the future makes it possible to live in the countryside yet work in the city while avoiding long traffic jams on the motorway or the city centres.

The first, half-scale prototype flew as far back as 2015, while the successful maiden flight of the full-scale prototype took place in 2017. The company’s goal for 2019 is to undertake the first manned flight on board the air taxi for all, while the jets should become a large-scale reality in 2025 when they are made available as a bookable mode of transportation.

This is a mission that needs highly-qualified partners to follow the founders’ vision, living and sharing in their dreams to support their success as effectively as possible.

Lilium a tech start-up in aviation
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The mammoth task of sourcing personnel - ARTS supports Lilium’s staffing needs

Building a depth of staffing resource to match the company’s growing scale is a significant challenge for high-growth startups. That’s why the customer’s core business is at the forefront of our business at all times. The search for qualified workers to grow the company sustainably should not become the company’s overriding concern, forcing all other projects and tasks onto the back burner. Nevertheless, the right choice of staff is ultimately fundamental to the company’s success. Recruitment, particularly in high-tech startups moving from individual to mass production, is a mammoth task. The need for highly-qualified staff grows immensely over a relatively short period, leading to a rapid increase in workload for the human resources team, while the current shortage of skilled labour in Germany is increasing the demands on HR teams even further in terms of identifying, attracting, and managing the right candidates.

One way to address these challenges is to work in conjunction with staffing service providers and experts in the HR services field. Lilium opted for an HR-BPO solution (Business Process Outsourcing) in conjunction with ARTS, enabling the innovative startup to focus on its core business and its vision of individual aviation, while continuing to adapt its human resources management and processes to its increasing demand for staff.

Simon Herzog, who has been a Talent Acquisition Manager at ARTS since 2015, supported Lilium on site at their premises in Wessling near Munich through his expertise in the fields of staffing, recruitment, and human resources management. He undertook searches and quality checks to identify relevant staff marketing channels, as well as managing candidates throughout the application process from the initial contact through to the final interview. This included reviewing and assessing incoming applications, communicating with the relevant business leaders, the initial candidate interview and supporting candidates through Lilium’s multi-stage interview process. Simon Herzog was able to draw on his experience and specialist knowledge in the recruitment field as part of the HR BPO at Lilium, revealing areas for improvement and optimising the existing organisational structures.

Benefits of HR BPO for Lilium

Providing management support in the form of HR BPO offered Lilium a number of benefits when compared to traditional staff provision in the form of “bodyshopping”: the HR manager was integrated into the enterprise culture at Lilium’s premises, enabling an intense onboarding process and an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges for potential candidates. This made it possible to find exactly the right workers who shared the business’s visions, supported its goals, and possessed the necessary qualifications. Moreover, onsite support led to increased efficiency and effectiveness due by reducing the length of the communications routes to candidates and decision makers within the business.

In the search for skills profiles such as industrial mechanics, aircraft mechanics, and avionics technicians, ARTS enables Lilium to draw on a comprehensive candidate database with a wide range of highly-qualified specialists. By working in collaboration with ARTS, the startup benefits from the staffing expertise that ARTS has developed over the course of many years supporting clients such as

Airbus, Diehl, Lufthansa Technik and Premium AEROTEC. Rapid access to a specific candidate pool plays a major role, particularly during production peaks, when qualified staff are required for a short-term engagement. Thanks to the operational support in high volume recruiting, Lilium was not only able to rely on a smooth recruitment process at all times, but was also able to act more quickly and achieve project deadlines thanks to the shorter recruitment process.

Since 2018, Sören Liebschner, another ARTS HR expert, has been supporting Lilium on the exciting journey to delivering the air taxi for all. We are eagerly looking forward to the Lilium Jet’s first manned flight, while ARTS continues to support the visionaries at every step of the way to individual air travel.

Source: Lilium GmbH

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