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There are many ways to submit your application to us. We work according to your preferences and needs and will keep you in the loop throughout the entire process. At ARTS you‘ll find your calling, whatever area it might be in!

Fast, secure and easy – Application at ARTS

4 application routes

are available to choose from: online , by e-mail, by post, and, of course, in person.

5 stages

does the ARTS application process have, from initial application through to being hired.

2 ARTS points of contact

are there to support you: one in your local office and one in the central HR department.

A transparent application process from start to finish

Within days of receiving your application and credentials, we will get back to you with a confirmation and possibly a few follow-up questions. After that, our HR teams ensure that the respective job requirements are satisfied; or, in the case of unsolicited applications, they check the list of available jobs against your qualifications. If your profile matches our requirements, we’d be delighted to get to know you via a face-to-face interview at one of our offices. In general, we will accompany you to any subsequent interviews at customer businesses. We then discuss together whether you can imagine to work there, or whether we should continue to look for the right assignment for you. Depending on the location, the customer’s decision can take quite some time, but we’ll always ensure that you are kept up to date.

Profit from our ARTS network

If you are not looking for a short-term career opportunity but rather for a long-term move, then we also look forward to receiving your application. We will then place you in our network of applicants - with absolute discretion, of course - and contact you as soon as there is an interesting opportunity that fits your know-how. Until then, you will regularly receive all relevant news about new technologies and current developments at ARTS, so you are always well informed. If your application for a particular role is not successful, but we are convinced by your profile, we will offer you the chance to join our applicant network and will continue to seek out suitable vacancies for you. In addition, you’ll receive relevant news updates about the industry and about ARTS so that you are always kept fully informed.

Or apply

If you have not found a suitable position through our job portal , then we look forward to your speculative application. Also in this case: if you are interesting for us as a candidate, we will do our utmost to provide you with an adequate position in a timely manner.

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Further information

In various areas we offer interesting career opportunities for professionals as well as career starters . Find out more in our brochure:

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