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Jobs as CNC Milling Operator or CNC Lathe Operator at ARTS

Job description of CNC Milling Operator or CNC Lathe Operator

CNC processes use computer-aided control technology to produce even complex workpieces in large quantities, as the production process is largely automatic after programming. This makes CNC millers and CNC turners important and valuable employees in the manufacturing industry. Are you looking for a job as a CNC milling operator or CNC lathe operator that suits you perfectly? ARTS offers jobs for CNC millers and CNC turners throughout Germany. Apply now!

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CNC Millers and CNC Turners are experienced in the use of CNC machines. After correct programming, such machines produce quickly and automatically, including the necessary tool changes. This not only allows fast production with consistent quality, but also production without constant machine supervision by employees.

CNC miller and CNC lathe are specialisation options for apprentices in the field of machining mechanics. The specialisations do not focus entirely on turning or milling, but they do place a clear emphasis. In addition to the completed apprenticeship, the necessary qualification for a CNC milling operator or CNC lathe operator job can also be acquired within the scope of a retraining with a shortened duration if the relevant previous education is available.

Are you interested in CNC lathe operator and CNC milling operator vacancies? For a successful start, you need a good knowledge of the materials used and, of course, a strong knowledge of CNC programming. This makes a minimum of mathematical and technical understanding indispensable. Manual dexterity is also a basic requirement.


CNC millers and CNC turners work for ARTS and our partners in attractive companies, for example in the automotive supplier sector and in many metalworking companies. They are responsible for setting up and operating CNC machines, especially those for turning or turn-milling, depending on their specialisation. This includes the entire production process from preparing the tools and running in the programmes to monitoring the production quality and, if necessary, correcting or optimising the control programmes and tools to the final quality control and documentation of the processes in their own area of responsibility.

Additional tasks include supporting activities such as the repair of chip and operating materials or stock checks including the preparation of reorders taking into account minimum stock levels.


Are you interested in one of our job offers? You should have the following requirements for a job as a CNC milling operator or CNC lathe operator at ARTS or one of our customers:

  • Qualification as an industrial mechanic specialising in machining technology or similar.
  • Work experience and experience with CNC controls Sinumerik and Mazatrol
  • Confidence in using a PC
  • Basic knowledge of quality management
  • Willingness to work shifts


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