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Jobs as HR Business Partner with ARTS

Jobs as HR Business Partner with ARTS

HR Business Partners no longer see personnel as a cost factor, but as a valuable resource for the company. With their high level of expertise, they take on strategic and advisory tasks in HR planning. Join as a Junior HR Business Partner? Advance your career as a Senior HR Business Partner? ARTS will find your dream job.


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The job description of the HR Business Partner has moved away from a purely administrative view of human resources: HR Business Partners take on strategic tasks in collaboration with all departments and company management. They develop an HR strategy and monitor its implementation, are involved as coaches in personnel development from the applicant to the manager, and assume an expert function with regard to the effects of change processes on personnel.

As generalists, HR Business Partners usually have extensive qualifications from various fields. The basis for entry as a Junior HR Business Partner is a degree in HR and, in most cases, relevant experience in human resources. In addition, there is experience in costing and knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations.

In addition to a high level of professional competence, HR Business Partners need strong strategic and analytical thinking skills. In day-to-day work, a strong sense of responsibility, the ability to work in a team and a high degree of personal responsibility are an advantage. A confident, self-assured manner and strong communication skills in dealing with employees and managers round off the profile.


With ARTS, HR Business Partners take on HR tasks for us and our partners in the aerospace industry or the manufacturing sector. As HR Business Partners, they analyze selected KPIs, derive strategic change proposals from the results and communicate their analyses and recommendations. In addition, as a change expert, they are responsible for strategic realignments and the support of change projects in close cooperation with the Business Transformation department. 

HR Business Partners at ARTS are also partners to all employees in their company. They support the works council in process design and implementation of policies. For managers, they are a contact person, advisor and coach all at the same time, and help with both problem analysis and finding individual solutions.


Are you interested in one of our job advertisements? You should have the following requirements for a job as HR Business Partner with ARTS or one of our clients:

  • Successfully completed university studies as well as several years of relevant professional experience in the HR field.
  • Experience in using modern recruiting tools and networks as well as confidence in working with social media platforms
  • Excellent English skills and willingness to use them in cooperation with our international colleagues.
  • Fingertip feeling and strong communication skills
  • Enjoy working in a team with a taste for change and new challenges


 female employees in HR area.


HR specialists per 100 employees in German SMEs.


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