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Software developer salary: A comprehensive look at earning opportunities in the industry

The importance of software developers in a company

The role of software developers in the company is of crucial importance. They are responsible for the design, development and maintenance of software solutions. Their tasks range from application programming and code testing to troubleshooting and continuous improvement of existing systems. With their specialist knowledge and technical expertise, software developers make a significant contribution to enabling companies to implement innovative and efficient IT solutions. The daily tasks of a software developer include not only software development itself, but also close collaboration with other teams, analyzing user requirements and integrating new technologies. Software developers play a central role in ensuring that IT systems meet the company's requirements and guarantee trouble-free operation. With the continuous development of technologies and the increasing importance of digital solutions, the expertise of software developers is central to the success of modern businesses. Their contribution spans various industries and helps to create innovative products and services that meet the changing needs of the market. Considering this important role, it is crucial to set software developer salaries appropriately to reward their valuable expertise and contribution to the company's success. Companies should therefore create transparent salary structures that adequately reflect the software developer salary according to the valuable expertise and strategic importance of this position. The software developer salary has increased significantly in recent years as the demand for qualified professionals in the IT industry continues to rise. In 2024, the software developer salary has become a key concern for many talented individuals looking to gain a foothold in this dynamic and growing industry. In Germany, according to the portal Stepstone.de, the average gross annual salary of a software developer is around €50,600. However, this amount can vary depending on factors such as professional experience, level of education, region and company size. Experienced software developers with several years in the field can reach a salary of €61,700 or more, especially in large technology companies. Overall, software development as a career path offers not only challenging projects and innovative work, but also the prospect of an attractive salary.

The chart shows the salary information for the profession of software developers.

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Professional experience

Professional experience plays a decisive role in the salary development of software developers. Similar to other industries, entry-level developers generally earn less than experienced colleagues, as the latter have a more extensive wealth of experience and proven skills. Experienced software developers are able to take on more challenging tasks, manage complex development projects efficiently and support strategic decisions in the software field. Companies often reward this expertise with higher salary levels and additional benefits in order to motivate experienced software developers and retain them in the long term.


When it comes to software developer salary, statistics show that qualified professionals with a solid education and a high-quality academic background, such as a computer science degree, tend to receive more attractive remuneration packages. Companies not only reward the skills acquired, but also the commitment to continuous professional development. Additional qualifications, such as certifications or further training in specialized programming languages or technologies, deepen specialist knowledge. This aspect also has a positive effect on the software developer's salary. Continuous investment in qualifications can therefore not only promote professional development, but also improve the prospects of a more attractive salary.

Regional differences

The software developer salary varies depending on the region. Differences in the cost of living and economic conditions shape salary structures in different areas. In metropolitan regions or economically thriving areas, software developer: inside salaries tend to be higher to reflect the increased cost of housing and living. In addition, regional differences in tax conditions and industry-specific requirements can influence the diversity of salary levels. As a software developer, you should not only consider your qualifications and experience when assessing your own salary, but also take into account the specific economic conditions in your region.

Company size

The size of the company in which software developers are employed plays a decisive role in salary development. In larger companies, the technological structures are often more complex. This requires software developers to have a deeper understanding and precise development qualifications. In addition, larger organizations often come with more responsibility and a wider range of tasks. Software developers working in larger organizations can usually expect higher salaries as the jobs are more demanding. Additionally, larger organizations often offer competitive compensation packages to attract and retain highly skilled software developers, which can lead to further increases in software developer salaries.

Future prospects for software developers

For software developers, promising career opportunities are opening up in a constantly evolving professional environment. The continuous demand for well-trained professionals in software development is high as companies strive to develop innovative solutions and improve their technology infrastructure. With the growing influence of digitalization and the increased integration of software solutions into various business areas, there are numerous opportunities for software developers. The demand for software developers is particularly high in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and cybersecurity. Companies need to recruit talented developers to keep up with the latest technological trends and offer innovative products and services. Another important aspect is the increasing globalization of companies, which increases the demand for software developers with international experience. The ability to work in globally distributed teams and master multicultural challenges is a valuable skill. The agile methodology is increasingly becoming the standard in software development, which means that developers need to react flexibly and quickly to changing requirements. A continuous willingness to learn and the ability to adapt to new technologies are crucial for long-term success in this field. Overall, there are various opportunities for software developers in a dynamic and future-oriented working environment. The constant development of technologies and the increasing demand for innovative software solutions make this profession a promising choice for professionals who want to continuously improve their skills.

Education and training

  • Completed training as an IT specialist or completed studies

Hard Skills

  • Coding skills
  • Master at least one programming language
  • Understand basic algorithms and data structures
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Marketing for students and graduates

Advanced training

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate, Google Cloud Professional Developer, Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)
  • Part-time MBA programme digitisation
Employer Branding

Soft skills

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Stamina
  • Self-motivation
saving costs


  • Average salary of 59.538 to 74.895 euros gross per year
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