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With precision and skill, welders skillfully set weld seams to connect workpieces and components. Are you looking for a new job as a welder? ARTS offers numerous job opportunities as a welder throughout Germany. Apply now!

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Welding is a joining technique for permanently joining one or more components. For this purpose, the edges of individual components are melted so that they join together during hardening. Individual welding processes sometimes differ considerably from one another, for example according to the type of buildup welding (such as gas fusion or current flow), the filler metal used or the seam protection. Trained welders know the parameters of the individual processes and use this knowledge to produce stable, long-lasting and safe weld seams, regardless of the shape, weld joint or material of a seam.

There is no longer a standard training program for welders in Germany; instead, various courses with different training content are offered. Which welding license is acquired depends directly on the course completed. While there are basically no entry restrictions for the work as a welder, completed vocational training or prior participation in other welding courses may well be required for more advanced courses.

For the physical aspects of the job, welders should be able to work under pressure and have a robust physical condition, as they often work outdoors and sometimes have to remain in awkward forced postures for long periods of time. The work also requires mathematical and technical knowledge as well as knowledge of physics in order to understand the processes underlying the welding process and to be able to perform the necessary calculations. Manual dexterity and good eye-hand coordination round out the skill set. In addition, welders should work carefully and independently and always act with circumspection so as not to endanger themselves or others through negligence.


Welders work for ARTS and our partners in metal construction and metalworking companies, plant engineering and leading automation companies. They carry out professional welding work on the shop floor, for example TIG or MAG welding in pipeline, tank and plant construction. The welding of pipes according to drawings, welding sequence plans and work schedules is just as much a part of the tasks of our welders as the prefabrication and installation of pipes according to isometric drawings for the semiconductor industry. Their activities also include the preparation of weld seam documentation.


Are you interested in one of our job offers? You should have the following requirements for a job as welder:in at ARTS or one of our customers: 

  • Completed vocational training in the field of metalworking or metal processing.
  • Valid certificate of qualification according to DIN EN 287
  • Knowledge of isometric drawings is an advantage
  • Independent work according to drawings, welding sequence plan and work plan
  • High quality awareness and ability to work in a team
  • Willingness to work in shifts

1300 °C

welding temperature.


welding processes are most represented.


welders in Germany.


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