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Consulting for the organization of the future with ARTS

Disruptive change due to changing markets, changing values or modern, automated and cost-effective manufacturing processes require an agile readiness for change. Together with you, we shape this flexibility for a strong performance as well as distinctive innovation capability of your organization. Our holistic support on the level of structures, processes and working methods as well as in the area of culture and competencies enables a holistic transformation for your performance and future capability.


Process consulting for the organization of the future with ARTS

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How does consulting on the organization of the future work with ARTS?

New normality - what does that mean for your company? Staying competitive requires an adaptable, agile interplay of service portfolio, mindset and structure. Our process aims at sustainable anchoring, because those who continuously work on the company are 21 times more likely to succeed.

  • Step 1: Assessment and analysis - Where do we currently stand? What makes us different? 
  • Step 2: Description of the target image, values, corporate goals and identity
  • Step 3: Planning of the project architecture in various successive phases as well as selection of the pilot team and a centrally steering future team
  • Step 4: Integration of the building blocks necessary for change as well as the accompanying communication elements, implementation of workshops and additional training (e.g. self-organization, remote work for employees or remote teamwork, value change)


Shaping the organization of the future together with ARTS - Your advantages

  • With our help, you shorten the change process through accompanying planning, organization and the transfer of our knowledge to your future shapers in the company.
  • Mobile working, new working time models will change the future working world. Be with us a pioneer and designer of this new work culture in your organization.
  • You increase the identification and performance of your employees and managers with a future-oriented way of working.
  • You open up space for your employees and managers to organize themselves and develop their own potential.
  • Our dynamic world demands flexible organizations that are filled with self-reliant work with motivated employees - benefit from our experience.
  • Join us in passionately shaping your organization into a sustainable version before the pressure of suffering makes it inevitable.

Consulting for the Organsation of the Future - Our Qualifications

We are entrepreneurs and not slackers.

  • Together with you we create the future you want in your business field, with your employees and with your company's purpose. Waiting for something to happen is not in your interest either.
  • We have been on the market for more than 20 years. From one successful business field we developed two more and remain true to our spirit of innovation together with our customers.

People are moving to the center of the new work culture.

  • The challenges in the field of employee leasing have had a strong impact on us. From the very beginning, we have always focused on people in every work situation. 
  • Our customers can also benefit from this attitude and experience, because in the future, too, it will be the qualified professionals who decide in which organization they want to assume responsibility.

What solutions do we offer in the area of

consulting on the organization of the future?

What solutions do we offer in the area of consulting on the organization of the future?

#short-term solutions:

You are already on your way and need short-term further impulses through workshops, webinars or individual or group coaching (e.g. remote work champion), then we are happy to support you.

#medium-term solutions:

Together, we develop an itinerary and define the stations you need for your organization of the future. We are also happy to accompany individual teams or your executives through the change.

#long-term solutions:

With our holistic support from the beginning, we develop an individual plan as well as workshop designs. We support you and your employees in an accompanying, impulsive and reinforcing way.


White paper: Remote Teamwork Guide

Download white paper

White paper: Remote Work Guide

Download white paper


ARTS supports you in making your organization fit for the future - from isolated applications to a holistic vision

To start, our client wanted alignment within its core processes, which were already digitized through various tools and software solutions. What he lacked was an overall strategy, vision and integration into the organizational design. First and foremost, decisions for tools or applications were always purchased based on the principle of the quick solution. This ultimately led to isolated solutions, lack of transparency and networking within the company. 


After taking stock of the situation, we presented the customer with two possible paths. The customer chose the holistic approach to integrate the exact organizational model in a future-oriented way, which supports both the vision and the company's purpose, but also serves as a framework for self-responsibility, value orientation and new ways of working. 


We intensified the analysis of the status quo. To do this, various stakeholders shared their experiences, aspirations, success stories and failures, so that a picture emerged of where the company currently stands and what makes it tick. From this, we can draw the identity, a value construct, and success factors that are critical to creating the overall organization's target picture. This was then used to create a change project architecture that serves as a framework for implementation. In the first phase, a pilot team was also put together, which on the one hand gathered initial experience as future shapers and on the other acted as multipliers within the company. Particularly important for us in any project is the appropriate communication, because we design with language as much as with structures. There were also various workshops and additional training sessions for managers and employees. These included, for example, resilience in the home office, value change in the company, non-violent communication and much more.


In addition to the future shapers, several teams have already gone through the implementation phase today. In a rolling system, more and more teams are added to help establish remote work in the company, optimize it and design it in terms of processes across national borders. Despite difficult circumstances caused by the crisis, the company's growth was maintained, new colleagues were recruited, and a uniform IT landscape was integrated, replacing previous isolated applications with networked holistic systems.


Frequently asked questions on the topic of the organization of the future, new working time models, shaping change processes.

What will the organization of the future look like?

Social and cultural developments have been shaping corporate models for several decades now. The planned economy requires an authoritarian led and hierarchically organized system to function. Today, dealing with complexity, uncertainty is characterized by fast-moving, flexible responses from agile and adaptable companies. Companies such as Amazon or Google are leading the way, but even they are reaching their limits. In addition to agility, the topics of sustainability, sense orientation and co-determination are increasingly on the wish lists of future generations of professionals. From all these aspects, we work with you to design exactly the organization that suits you, your employees and your company's purpose. We see it as a development process in which many things are still to be found. With the help of various methods, we tickle exactly that out of you, your employees and future top performers.

How does ARTS assess the current developments regarding new work models?

Employees increasingly value the development of potential, flexibility and a sense of purpose in the workplace. It is the task of companies to take this into account in order to remain attractive as an employer. New, flexible working models such as the four-day week, the 5-hour day or job sharing are gaining ground. The current trend toward remote work and mobile working can already be a first step that contributes to more flexibility for your employees. In addition, it is the topics of values, culture and meaningfulness that will attract top performers in the future and contribute to the work culture. 

Organizational consulting, change management consulting or consulting on the organization of the future - What do I really need?

Our organizational consulting fields differ in terms of their complexity, the intervention in your organization and the time frame of the project. Through our non-binding initial consultation, we clarify exactly these points, which are necessary to select a possible or appropriate approach for you.

The distinction between organizational consulting, change management and organization of the future is outlined again in this  table: 

 Organisational consultingChange ManagementOrganisation of the future
Transformation understandingFirst specific starting pointEvolutionary change with a specific thematic focusHolistic evolutionary change of the organization
ScopePartial, delimitable subject areaOrganization-wide
Project implementationBoth classic and agile project management
Recommended to be carried out in the form of agile project management
TargetOptimization or redesign, e.g., in terms of efficiency or effectiveness in a specific area or process.Overarching change in a component of work design with a change in work cultureTransformation towards a future-oriented form of organization


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

The future is still uncertain and you don't yet know where exactly the road will lead. However, you know that you want to help shape the future. To do this, you would like to bring a new form of work into your company, then let's look together at where you are right now and whether our impetus for change from the outside is exactly the push you need.

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