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Recruitment training for HR professionals

Our Recruiting training programme prepares you as an HR professional for the challenges of modern recruiting.

Whereas in the past, vacancies could often be filled without much effort, today a targeted and effective recruitment strategy is required. The recruitment of specialists and managers has changed significantly in recent years, partly due to the changing demands of candidates. In our one-day seminar, you will gain insights into how you can create an attractive candidate journey alongside your daily challenges as an HR professional. You will learn more about proven channels for finding candidates, learn how to recognise suitable candidates and find out how you can convince them not only of the position, but also of your company.

Our aim is to familiarise you as an HR manager with the relevant aspects of modern recruiting. You will learn what is important in recruiting today in order to fill vacancies in your company in a timely manner. You will also receive practical tools to reliably recognise suitable candidates and convince them of your company's merits. 

With our Recruitment training for HR professionals, you will quickly and effectively acquire the expertise you need to take your recruiting to a new level. Prepare yourself not only to find qualified candidates, but also to win them over for your company in the long term. Your success in recruiting starts here!


Recruiting training topics for HR professionals

  • Mindset as the external face of your company
  • Requirements profile: the basis for targeted job advertisements and candidate matching
  • Application check: What do cover letter, CV & co. reveal? And what don't?
  • Job interview: Preparation, role allocation, interview process, questioning techniques, evaluation
  • Monitoring success: KPIs and reporting
  • Tools: including the Candidate Journey - designing the recruiting process with the candidate in mind

from 850 €

  • per participant
  • plus VAT
  • incl. certificate

Organisation & Style

  • Date: Allocation on request
  • Duration: 1 day or 2 half-days of training
  • Location: In-house, at ARTS or remotely possible
  • Number of participants: max. 10 participants
  • Target group: People with HR experience (HR processing, support, administration, HR assistance, etc.)

Qualification and partners

ARTS is an AZAV-certified training provider and offers training for job seekers and companies.

AZAV Certificate

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Frequently asked questions about Recruitment training for HR professionals

What are the technical requirements for participating in an online workshop?

We use both Zoom and Google Meets. For both video conferencing systems you will need a laptop or desktop computer with an up-to-date browser (Google Chrome recommended). You can easily access the virtual seminar rooms via an invitation link that we will provide before the workshop. You will also need a headset or speakers on your device and a webcam, as we run the workshops interactively and each participant can actively contribute to the outcome.

Can I have a look at the workshops later in the day?

Depending on the subject area, it is possible to hold the training in-house or in a neutral event environment. We are also happy to offer you the option of holding the training at our premises in Dresden. Alternatively, most offers are also available digitally as online training. These are then adapted to the conditions of a remote training in order to offer the participants an ideal training experience, despite the missing personal component. You are welcome to contact us.

Is an online workshop the right format for me?

Experience in recent years has shown that many things work just as well, if not better, in a virtual environment than in face-to-face training. Our experts are trained in the use of various tools, such as virtual whiteboards or the technical intricacies of online training, so they can advise and assist you in any situation. We are also happy to arrange an appointment in advance for a brief technical check-up. Easy access to our online workshop also allows you to share ideas with participants from all over the country without additional travel and accommodation costs.

What do you need to be able to do as a recruiter?

As a recruiter, a wide range of skills and competencies are critical to success in the recruitment field. By mastering all of these skills and continually working to improve their own knowledge and skills, recruiters can make a valuable contribution to the success of the organisation and attract the best talent for open positions.

An essential skill is the ability to communicate effectively with candidates, colleagues and possibly clients, but also in line with the employer's value proposition, whether in social recruitment, in interviews, in writing or orally. A good understanding of people and their needs is essential to correctly assess applicants and identify suitable candidates for open positions.

Of course, you also need to be a master of your craft, i.e. have a sound knowledge of recruitment methods, techniques and tools to be able to source, approach and select candidates in an efficient and targeted manner. Your own expertise should be complemented by a good understanding of the industry in order to identify trends and be able to negotiate salary expectations and contracts. In general, recruiters should have good negotiation skills to balance the interests of both the company and the candidate.

The field of recruitment is subject to constant change, whether due to new technologies, legislation or labour market trends. A successful recruiter keeps up to date and invests in training to stay competitive, such as our Recruitment Training.

What kind of training can you get as a recruiter?

As a recruiter, there are many ways to keep up to date with the latest recruitment trends and requirements. In addition to our HR training courses, we recommend you read our blog to keep up to date with the latest trends, best practices and innovative methods.

In addition to our pre-designed training courses, consider one-to-one coaching with one of our experienced mentors and coaches who have years of practical experience in recruitment. Interacting with seasoned professionals can provide you with valuable insights and advice.


Interested in Recruitment training for HR professionals?

Would you like to expand your expertise in recruiting and adapt to current trends and developments? Then book our Recruiting training for HR professionals training programme! Feel free to contact us!

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