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5 Clichés about the temporary employment business

11/08/2020 2020/08

Temporary employment in the fact check

Temporary work? Thanks, all right, but no, thanks! We hear this again and again in interviews with applicants. In our opinion, the temporary employment agency has an unfair image problem today. The clichés are often subject to a lack of explanation. The industry has changed and therefore it is time to get rid of some prejudices.

The clichés are often subject to a lack of explanation.
Temporary work has an image problem today, wrongly so.

Cliché 1: Poor conditions

A myth that persists: Workers in temporary employment have no rights and are poorly paid. Even if you are employed by a temporary employment agency and therefore not directly at your place of work, you still have similar rights as the permanent staff. The reason for this is, among other things, the statutory protection. Fears that you will not be informed about vacancies within the company or that you will not have access to Community facilities are therefore unfounded.

The human factor is particularly important to us at ARTS. That is why we offer our colleagues on assignment not only an above-average salary with performance bonuses, special payments and a company pension plan with employer's allowance, but also standard leave and special leave for extraordinary events. In addition, the principle of equal pays and equal treatment has been strengthened in the ANÜ 2017. It stipulates that after a period of time (nine or fifteen months), the worker must be granted the same working conditions as a worker permanently employed by the hirer in a comparable position.

In some sectors, such as nursing care, the temporary employment has a better view, as the conditions are sometimes more advantageous than in a permanent position.

Cliché 2: Temporary employment has a negative influence on the career

We have already come across this half-truth as well. Personnel service providers are now an integral part of the German economy and the provision of temporary workers is now widely recognised. The chance to work on exciting projects with different clients, to expand know-how and build up expertise is no reason to conceal this in your CV. 

Often, HR professionals also see an advantage in applicants with experience in temporary employment, precisely because they have gained a wide range of experience and have become familiar with different processes in different companies.

Cliché 3: The remuneration is linked to the employment

A temporary employment contract is no different here from any other employment relationship. With ARTS you have a contractually agreed monthly working time. This is also remunerated accordingly in accordance with the collective agreement, even if the assignment did not take place for reasons for which you are not responsible. In addition, our colleagues in customer deployment have a working time account. This records transparently and precisely how many hours were worked. This means that in the event of a lower order situation, plus hours can also be used to make up for lost time.

ARTS offers every expert a chance.
Many clichés about the temporary employment are unfounded.
Many clichés about the temporary employment are unfounded.

Cliché 4: The temporary employment offers me no perspective

The end of an assignment does not mean the end of your employment contract. We are very interested in maintaining long-term relationships with both our employees and our customers. So, if a project ends in which you, as a hired employee, were employed, you have several options. On the one hand, there is often the possibility of a takeover at the customer's premises. On the other hand we want to secure our experts and their know-how. Therefore, we are looking for follow-up assignments in advance of the end of the project and will of course coordinate your career wishes with you in advance. It is also conceivable to extend the assignment as long as the maximum assignment period has not yet been reached.

Cliché 5: Temporary employment is only suitable for low-skilled workers

We cannot agree with this cliché either. Because ARTS offers every expert, whether highly or marginally qualified, the chance to expand their professional success and use us as a career jumpstart. We are constantly looking for specialists and managers with different qualifications and skills. We offer both technical and commercial experts at 40 project locations worldwide interesting opportunities for career development. In the modern working world in which we operate, the flexibility of the individual is becoming increasingly important. This means that specialists with experience from different industries and activities often have a real advantage.

Our benefits at a glance

  • Above average salary with performance bonuses and special payments
  • Company pension arrangements with employer subsidy
  • Standard and special leave for extraordinary events
  • Partially flexible working hours with working time account or confidential working hours
  • "Employees Recruit Employees" Program
  • Personal and competent support by the HR Service Center
  • Individual support if required through extensive training and further education opportunities and the possibility of educational leave


It is apparent that many clichés about the provision of temporary workers are unfounded. Certainly some providers have contributed to this negative image in the past. At this point we would like to emphasize once again that we can only report about ourselves and our dealings with colleagues on customer assignments. Please contact us directly by phone or email if you have any questions about jobs and the temporary employment contract model. Our tip: Communication is the key. If you have any questions, the respective contact person will be happy to help you.

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