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Interview with the ARTS Commercial Manager in France

09/07/2019 ARTS as employer

ARTS in France

As an expert for engineering and manufacturing services, technology consulting and HR services, ARTS currently employs 500 interesting personalities. They contribute their expert knowledge in various areas. In our interview series, we want to know how the individual employees have found their way to ARTS, what characterises their work and what inspires and challenges them in their daily work.

As the responsible manager for the entire administrative area, Nicole has been supporting Marc Bouzaid, our managing director of ARTS.aero SARL in Toulouse, as a contact person for all customer and employee matters since October 2018. Her tasks include all administrative activities related to personnel, accounting and invoicing.

Nicole Cerezo is commercial manager at ARTS.aero SARL in Toulouse, France.

Nicole originates from Germany and decided to go to France during her study.

How did you come to go to France?

I completed my Bachelor's degree in "International Business & Management" in Osnabrück. In this context, I was allowed to study abroad for one semester. Because I have always been a big fan of France, I really like the language and spent a lot of time with my parents in the south of France, it was clear to me that I also wanted to spend my semester abroad in France. The Hochschule Osnabrück had a partner university in Lille, where I spent a four-month Erasmus semester. While I was in France, I didn't get so much of the French language because the Erasmus students were mostly on their own. Afterwards I graduated in Germany and decided to join my diploma in "European Business Studies". For my diploma I was planning an internship semester abroad. So I took my chance, went once more to France and started my internship in the south, in Toulouse. I did my internship at an event and marketing agency because I had also chosen it as my major field of study. During this time I got to know my boyfriend and wanted to stay in Toulouse and write my diploma thesis in France. It' s been 14 years since I decided to stay here.

Bienvenue en France

How was the first time for you?

The first time was actually very difficult. I had a culture clash. But I always liked the country, and it was nice to settle into a foreign culture and become a part of it. The climate here is fantastic and life is slower than in Germany. I really enjoy that.

What happened after you finished your studies?

After my studies, I took a job by Sixt at the airport in Toulouse and met Marc there by chance. Marc founded the company Teccon in Toulouse in 2007 and needed an assistant. Together with a third colleague, we set up and furnished the office in Toulouse. I then worked in the back office as an administrative assistant for Marc. My tasks at that time included accounting, sales, HR, quality management and above all the translation of personnel and quality management documents. I spent a total of 6 years with Teccon.

What happened then?

Then I switched to Vartan Product Support SARL here in Toulouse. This is also a German company, which is very well known in aviation. Vartan offers product support for the most important suppliers of cabin interiors, aircraft systems and structures. There I was a team assistant at BEA Aerospace in the A350 galley area. Everything that didn't work in the newly installed galleys, i.e. non-conformities, was entered into SAP. I then extracted the list from SAP and passed it on to the technical team so that the errors could be corrected.

Afterwards Nicole went back to Germany with her family. After a two-year stay there, she quickly returned to France. Once you know the Southern French way of life and its quality, it is difficult to settle down somewhere else. At least that's how she felt. Back in France, she started working for ARTS in October 2018 and met an old friend and companion, Marc Bouzaid, who was now managing director of ARTS.aero SARL.

Nicole appreciates the more relaxed way of life in her chosen homeland.

Nicole takes off with ARTS

How did your tasks at your previous employers prepare you for ARTS?

The work at TECCON was 100% like my current work at ARTS. I had the same activities and responsibilities there. This really prepared me for my current work here at ARTS. At Vartan I mainly worked with SAP. From a technical point of view, this job had no influence on my work at ARTS. But interpersonal I learned a lot and was able to equip myself well.

Have there ever been language barriers for you?

In the beginning I asked my French colleagues if they could look over my mails before I sent them. And I had to get used to the technical terms - especially in accounting. But most of all I was unsecured on the phone. It makes a difference whether you have the person you're talking to right in front of you or only hear them on the phone. In the meantime, however, all this has vanished and I no longer have any language problems.

What do you like most about your work at ARTS?

I am incredibly happy to have gotten the job at ARTS. The work is varied, no day is like the other and I can work flexibly and independently. That's very pleasant. The mentality of the company, the team spirit and trust as well as the relationship to each other are also very enriching.

What values do you think are lived by ARTS?

ARTS attaches great importance to satisfied employees. The colleagues and managers respond to the wishes of the employees and want the employees to be motivated. Employees here in France are involved in decisions if necessary. Great value is placed on the opinions of each individual and on trusting cooperation.

Do you feel more French or more German?

I am a french German. I have adopted the best values of the French, but I have still retained the German values that are important to me. I can unite the best qualities and values for me and give my children the best of every culture.

What do you prefer about your work in France compared to Germany?

The biggest difference is probably the distribution of working hours and breaks. In Germany you only have one 30 -45 minutes lunch break, but in France you are more relaxed. We usually have 1-2 hours lunch break and start working only around 9h00. Many of us go to restaurants for lunch or have a rest at home. In Germany you start earlier and have less break time. But you can also go home earlier. In France we work longer into the evening.

Which are the strengths of ARTS in your opinion?

ARTS offers an international team, which makes the work generally exciting. You have the opportunity to work in France and gain experience abroad, for example. This provides you the chance to develop yourself not only professionally but also interculturally. We also have interesting projects in Dubai and Spain. Recently, a colleague traveled to Nepal to get a plane back on track.

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