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Personal branding - and its possible effects?

10/06/2022 2022/06

Personal branding - and its potential impact?

Every day we experience more and more the influence of personal branding, whether consciously or unconsciously. Where does it come from? Social media creates an insanely good platform for it, Influencers, YouTubers, TikTokers or even reality stars are the best examples for the design of a personal brand. Not only these professionals face the positive and negative effects of personal branding, but also any other personality who wants to market themselves. In this context, marketing begins with the creation of social media profiles on selected platforms and a pictorial representation of oneself, as well as other information about the own person. In a professional context, this may well be LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook.

Personal Branding – With Personality and Specialty to Brand Image

Personal branding is a self-portrayal of one's own personality through certain statements, professional qualifications, special features of one's own person, special interests or projects in public. The own person becomes a brand and transports a certain image to the outside. In short, using personality to represent a specialist in one's own field of interest to reach the outside world. This will be done not only by shaping the image, but also by actively steering it into a high or positive reputation. The significance of reputation lies in the prestige and reputation of one's own person, with many people publicly evaluating the service provided or the exchange of knowledge. The motto in personal branding is to create trust and give a good impression to people. But what are the positive and negative effects of personal branding for companies and oneself?

Positive effects of personal branding for the individual brand and the companies

Due to the reputation in the public, the presentation of one's own personality naturally holds dangers, but just as well exciting possibilities and positive effects.

I see the positive results of personal branding daily. Due to my accumulated leadership experience in different areas and the current specialization in recruitment, I have an excellent feedback quota in active sourcing as well as in executive networking. I am genuinely interested in IT and thus acquire know-how in this field and expand my network purposefully on it. This gives me the opportunity to talk to IT professionals at eye level and I pick up important tips & tricks. All this makes ARTS GmbH a good strategic partner in the field of IT and executive recruitment. I always remain authentic and do my tasks with a lot of passion.

This results in increased motivation due to the application of my own skills and recognition in society. 

Through good personal branding of an employee also creates many advantages for the company. On the one hand, a positive external image, by strengthening the employer brand due to the personality of the employee. Likewise, an increased ranking in online searches, provided that the employee clearly names the employer in his profiles. The increased ranking simultaneously leads to an increase in the level of awareness of the company. Furthermore, the increased motivation of the employee with formed personal branding is reflected in the internal structure of the company and increases the commitment of other employees. 

Negative aspects of personal branding for oneself and the employer

But what do the public appearances on social media and one's own actions bring as a negative aftertaste? For starters, that one can always face criticism or prejudice and certainly needs a tough skin to ignore publicly attacking evaluations. After all, social media offers a large attack surface. Nevertheless, at the same time, the awareness of the resulting negative reputation due to one's own misguided actions should be there. Which actions lead to misconduct? Among other things, statements on topics in which one cannot demonstrate competence. Or when content is published in the wrong channels and thus does not reach the appropriate target group. Uncontrolled temporal publications also lead to negative reputation, there should be a consistent intensity in the external presentation. In addition, an important factor is authenticity, the lack of which can bring strong negative effects.

Because these negative aspects affect not only their own personal branding, but also the image of the employer. Another negative point for companies is that when employees leave, the promotion of their own corporate brand is diminished. After all, with every employee goes a significant part of the personal branding.

Key insights and implementation of personal branding at ARTS.

Overall, it is essential to know how and in which channels you want to present yourself. Above all, the interests and target groups in the channels should be precisely analyzed and recognized so that one's own presentation arrives in line with the target group and does not end in misinterpretations. This includes a portion of reliability, empathy and a good presentation of one's own skills or competencies. If you also share your greatest personal passion or interests in certain topics with your network, this can only go in the right direction for successful personal branding.

With the help of branding, it is possible to promote your own employer brand and thus also attract new candidates. This allows you to reduce your vacancy costs and fill open positions more quickly. However, you should give clear guidelines to avoid a negative image of your company as an employer. We are happy to offer you support in this area. At ARTS we already live and promote personal branding, enable the individual personalities in the company to have their own development perspectives and provide possible networks for the presentation of the personality. Even with the integration of employer branding, a unified image of the ARTS brand is created and fed by the individual personal branding of the employees. 

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