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The increasing workload caused by HR tasks is one of the great daily entrepreneurial challenges. This affects both established HR areas and growing companies in which no permanent Human Resources Management has yet been installed. Our 360 ° HR generalists offer you short-term support in strategic and operational tasks or in setting up your HR department, as a generalist HR business partner.

You can book support from HR generalists in the form of service packages. Our packages include 10, 25, 40 hours that can be booked on a weekly basis, or you can arrange an individual package according to your needs.

Your advantages with hourly booking of 360° HR Support

  • Customized solutions
  • Flexible weekly build-up and reduction of supporting time
  • On site and / or remotely
  • Transparent costs and services
  • Professional human resources management

Your 360° HR generalist will support you with:

  • Personnel planning
  • Recruitment, job interviews, contract negotiations and drafting
  • Onboarding
  • Implementation of feedback and perspective discussions
  • Advising executives on leadership, communication, strategy and organization
  • Support of managers with regard to personnel development
  • Ensuring the requirements for the operational integration management (BEM)
  • Offboarding support including farewell discussions & creation of certificates
  • Ongoing personnel administration and employee support
  • Preparatory payroll accounting

These are our 360 ° HR generalists:

  • Co-creator, a factory of ideas and team player
  • Relevant studies with a focus on HR management
  • At least three years of professional experience in the field of HR work


per hour

plus VAT

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"For us it goes without saying that we maintain a discreet, conscientious and responsible way of working and have the clear focus on supporting our customers efficiently, success-oriented and professionally in HR management."

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