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HR Administration

Book your HR administrator conveniently online

Administrative HR activities vary depending on the hiring highs and lows and can sometimes not be planned linearly over the year in small and medium-sized companies, as these activities often depend on the order situation. Our HR administrators offer you short-term support during peak order periods for all HR administration activities, to give you more time for strategic issues and personal employee support.

You can book support from our HR administrators in the form of service packages. Our packages include 10, 25, 40 hours that can be booked on a weekly basis or you can arrange your own package according to your individual needs.

Your advantages with hourly booking of HR administration

  • Customized solutions
  • Flexible weekly build-up and reduction of supporting time
  • On site and / or remotely
  • Transparent costs and services
  • Professional human resources management

Your HR administrator will support you:

  • Maintenance of personnel files and employee master data
  • Administrative tasks of time management (time account maintenance, checking for completeness and accuracy, etc.)
  • Organization of the administrative tasks of applicant management (initial examination, communication, coordination of appointments etc.)
  • Preparation of certificates for employees and companies
  • Data collection for personnel reporting and KPIs
  • Creation of documents and records for employees, e.g. when they join the company
  • Back office
  • Preparation of payroll accounting

These are our HR administrator:

  • Co-creator, a factory of ideas and team player
  • Commercial vocational training or studies
  • At least two years of professional experience in personnel administration


per hour

plus VAT

Your contact person

"For us it goes without saying that we maintain a discreet, conscientious and responsible way of working and have the clear focus on supporting our customers efficiently, success-oriented and professionally in HR management."

Milana Schreiber HR Consultant / HR BPO +49(0) 173 3620278 Add as LinkedIn contact Add as XING contact


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