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HR development with ARTS

Modern, competence-oriented HR development is one of the success factors in every industry. In this context, the fields of action in HR development for SMEs are often to be seen in succession planning for key positions, while for traditional companies the focus is increasingly on management development. In any case, a successful personnel development measure begins with a clear needs analysis and the selection of a suitable further training measure to ensure the transfer of the acquired knowledge. Successful personnel development contributes to employee satisfaction through development opportunities and better career planning.

We can take over individual HR development processes or provide you with complete support. Among other things, we offer you support in leadership development and further education as well as in the verification of the learning effect, the establishment, implementation and follow-up of internal knowledge management, the integration of continuous management development and also the initiation and follow-up of the employee appraisal process.


Success through external HR development with ARTS

Satisfied customers


How does HR development work at ARTS?

Personnel development comes in a wide variety of 'collar sizes': we will see which one suits you best! Therefore, we can only give an approximate overview at this point...

  • Step 1: Together with your HR department, our HR specialists get a picture of the current status of personnel development in your company.
  • Step 2: Through a precise needs analysis, we identify the most important fields of action for pragmatic personnel development.
  • Step 3: If required, we develop strategies and concepts for management development, succession planning, knowledge management or other areas of personnel development.
  • Step 4: Depending on your needs, we support you in the selection of further education measures, conduct training for you or ensure the further development of your employees through external personnel development.
  • Step 5: Our evaluation and success control of the personnel development measures shows you that you are on the right track.


Personnel development with ARTS - your advantages 

  • We guarantee you a continuous, scalable personnel development - from SME to large companies, operational to strategic.
  • You receive a modern, competence-oriented personnel development.
  • We relieve your personnel department, e.g. by searching for suitable further training measures.
  • We offer you an independent needs analysis for your personnel development.
  • With our support you get satisfied employees through development opportunities and career planning.


What solutions do we offer in the area of HR development?

What solutions do we offer in the area of HR development?

#short-term solutions:

  • Selection of suitable training measures for your employees; implementation of training.

#medium-term solutions:

  • Needs analysis of your personnel development
  • External personnel development including registration of your employees for trainings

#long-term solutions:

  • Strategic conception of your personnel development in the area of management development or succession planning

Leadership Development

No one is born a leader. It can even mean hard work on yourself. In leadership development we accompany you in finding and sharpening your profile as a leader - including the question of what good leadership actually means?

Leadership Development

Resilience and Mental Health

The stresses and strains of the current situation, whether in the home office or in the production sector, are certainly not always easy for your employees to cope with. Our colleagues feel the same way, which is why we have developed a system based on various pillars to provide each of our employees with exactly what they need at the moment.

Resilience Training

Further Education

We train people with a wide range of know-how, methods, ideas and diverse experiences. Our philosophy is to transfer the competence for the topic to you, so that you yourself become an expert in your field.

Further Education

New Work - Digital Leadership

We shape a successful future together with you. When work is no longer a place where we go, efficiency plays less of a role, but rather meaning, agility, flexibility and a new work culture.

Digital Leadership

HR development - Our qualifications

Practical experience:

  • Years of experience in personnel development in SMEs and large companies
  • Sector knowledge especially in industry and production
  • Coordination on Health & Safety topics 
  • Talent management, e.g. for apprentices, dual students, graduates, young professionals

Theoretical background:

  • Scientific anchoring through study subjects related to human resources
  • Regular further training in the area of learning
  • Competencies through train-the-trainer and coaching trainings
  • Up-to-date knowledge through networking events, such as Corporate Learning Community


HR development for Airbus

Due to the start of deliveries of the Airbus A320neo from 2016, the need for personnel development and training increased at an Airbus division in Germany. Especially the further training of the aircraft maintenance technicians for the airlines was carried out as external personnel development at Airbus as manufacturer.


The Airbus Training Center and the internal HR department had to handle the additional work in personnel development on schedule.


ARTS was able to support with specialist knowledge and routine in the planning of additional personnel development measures.


Thanks to customer-oriented needs analysis and efficient resource planning in personnel development, the required further training measures were available on time.

What our customers say

"After all, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel yourself; you can simply learn from the best. What particularly impressed me was that you can sense the customer orientation, innovative strength and expertise of the ARTS employees from the very first moment. The coaching was not only of great benefit for the processes in my own company. I also got some important impulses for my own consulting performance towards my customers, which I implement every day in my work. Many thanks to the team at ARTS!"

Tina Bolduan, Managing Director strategy4future

"I found the cooperation with ARTS very pleasant and, of course, at eye level. The objectives, contents and the corresponding framework were discussed in detail in advance and wishes were taken into account. A professional concept, offer and training content were very convincing. Afterwards, we evaluated the training together and agreed on new goals. All in all, a very successful leadership training."



Frequently asked questions about personnel development at a glance

How much personnel development do we actually need?

We answer this question together with you on the basis of an independent needs analysis in connection with your strategic goals. Basically, every company should at least ensure that legally required training is carried out on time and that the certificates are deposited.


How can someone judge this from the outside?

In addition to minimum legal standards, the age and employee structure of your company already provide clear indications of construction sites for personnel development. In industries with an increased shortage of skilled workers, the need for personnel development is also obvious. The professional backgrounds of your executives also provide us with information on personnel selection and training needs. In addition, we naturally rely on your transparent, trusting cooperation - many years of experience in various companies characterize our pragmatic, competence-oriented approach. 

Personnel development or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

Possibly your HR department is well positioned overall and you only lack know-how in strategic HR development, in which case we would be happy to support you with our concepts. If you need overall support for your HR processes, HR as a Service may also be of interest to you.

What stage of development is this service intended for? Is the topic of HR development also relevant for SMEs?

HR development for SMEs is particularly close to our hearts. We are happy to support you in laying the foundations for further training, developing strategic concepts for the future viability of your company, acting as an advisor to your HR department, or even conducting training or coaching for you. Our service is particularly suitable if you want high added value without having to pay for the big name of an established management consultancy.

Can ARTS also take over the complete personnel development of my company?

We are happy to take over individual areas of personnel development, such as talent management, executive development or succession planning, but we can also offer you a complete solution as external personnel development. In doing so, we make sure that your company complies with the legal requirements, take care of the needs analysis and registration of your employees for training, document the acquired qualifications and review the success - of course according to your budget.


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

To ensure that your company is well positioned for the future, we support you with our expertise, enthusiasm and many years of experience in the field of personnel development! Arrange a non-binding initial meeting with us at any time.

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