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Social Recruiting Workshop

Our social recruiting workshop is aimed at HR professionals who no longer want to miss out on the social recruiting trend. Simply placing job adverts on online portals is no longer enough to sufficiently fill your own talent pool. Companies are therefore increasingly focussing on social media activities in order to appeal to passively searching candidates in particular.

Starting with setting up a company profile to build a strong employer brand, we will take you on a deep dive into digital recruitment. Keywords such as Boolean operators, semantic searches or search chains are just the beginning in the depths of active sourcing and social recruiting.

As an HR expert, you will learn step by step how to use social media and online platforms such as XING, LinkedIn & Co. professionally. We will show you how to position your employer brand ideally and actively find the best candidates for your open positions. Get ready to take your recruitment to a new level!


Content of our Social Recruiting workshop

  • Why should you use social recruiting and direct contact?
  • What is a targeted approach?
  • Which portals are promising and how do I best use them? We introduce you to the professional tools of the XING and LinkedIn platforms.
  • Social Recruiting: Boolean vs. semantic search, Boolean operators, keywords, search chains
  • Direct approach: What are the options? How is my company perceived? 
  • Do's & don'ts of active sourcing
  • Important information on data protection
  • Success factors and KPIs

from 850 €

  • per participant
  • plus VAT
  • incl. certificate

Organisation & Style

  • Date: Allocation on request
  • Duration: Half day seminar 
  • Location: On-site, at ARTS or remotely possible
  • Number of participants: max. 8 participants
  • Target group: HR professionals, managers, directors

Qualification and partners

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Following our Social Recruiting workshop, we recommend an advanced coaching session with one of our experienced coaches. Take the time to look at social recruiting for yourself in a few short sessions and discuss tasks and to-do's on how to integrate it into your own day-to-day work in a sustainable way.


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Frequently Asked Questions about our Social Recruiting Workshop

What is Social Recruiting and why is it important?

Social Recruiting has revolutionised recruitment, with companies now actively sourcing and targeting qualified candidates through social channels and candidate databases, rather than passively waiting for applications. This includes measures such as targeted database searches, the use of social media platforms such as Xing and Linkedin, and the creation of a dedicated talent pool. The aim is to identify potential candidates at an early stage and recruit them for current or future positions.

Active sourcing is part of social media recruiting, which also includes social media marketing and social media advertising, i.e. the free use of social media and advertising on these channels.

How can I register for the Social Recruiting Workshop?

We do not have fixed seminar times, i.e. binding registration is only possible after individual consultation with us. You can register as an individual or as a group. Our Active Sourcing seminar is designed for 1 to 8 participants. We are happy to develop customised solutions for you. Talk to us about it!

What are the technical requirements for attending a remote workshop?

We use both Zoom and Google Meet for our video conferencing. To join either system, you will need a laptop or desktop computer with an up-to-date browser (we recommend Google Chrome). You can easily access our virtual seminar rooms via an invitation link that we will send you before the workshop. You will also need a headset or speakers and a webcam on your device as our workshops are designed to be interactive and each participant can actively contribute to the outcome.

Will I be able to view a recording of the online seminar afterwards?

There are currently no plans to record the workshops. As we work in small groups, it is essential that you attend the workshop you have booked in order to experience the full content. Should unforeseen circumstances arise and places become available on another workshop date, we will be happy to rebook you on that date.

Is the correct use of the Xing Talent Manager part of the Social Recruiting Workshop?

As part of our Social Recruiting workshop, our experienced experts will introduce you to a range of tools to help you engage directly with potential candidates. This includes the Xing TalentManager. The Xing TalentManager is offered in different packages. With more than 20 years of experience in recruitment and HR services, we can advise you and your team on which tool best suits your needs.

Is the correct use of the Xing Talent Manager part of the Social Recruiting Workshop?

Boolean operators are fundamental tools in the field of social recruiting. By using "AND", "OR" and "NOT", search queries can be made more precise in order to obtain exactly the desired results. For example, "AND" allows you to search for potential candidates that contain all of the specified keywords, while "OR" is used to find candidates that match at least one of the specified keywords. "NOT", on the other hand, excludes certain terms from the search results. A combination of different operators is also possible. The skilful use of these operators can improve the relevance of search results and increase the effectiveness of active sourcing. Detailed information on the topic of Boolean operators in recruiting can be found here.


Interested in the Social Recruiting Workshop for HR professionals?

Would you like to build up advanced expertise in social recruiting, but still have questions about our seminar? Please contact us without obligation and we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information on seminar content, possible seminar dates and speakers.

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