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ARTS HR Services

As HR experts, we offer you precisely the HR services that your company needs along the employee journey and enable you to gain a decisive competitive advantage through efficient HR processes.

Our experts can provide holistic support for your HR process along the entire employee life cycle - from planning and consulting to implementation or the short- or long-term takeover of partial or holistic processes. We are happy to implement HR software that is customised to your needs or adapt to your existing HR management system.

We are your experts for HR services along the entire employee cycle, whether we support you in HR consulting or as an HR outsourcing partner in the context of personnel support or payroll accounting.


HR services along the entire employee life cycle

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HR as a service

Our HR specialists, personnel officers and HR business partners support you in all your strategic and administrative HR management needs. Our highly qualified HR experts are available to you at any time for 10, 25 or 35 hours per week.

HR as a service


Every new hire is accompanied by the onboarding of new employees and thus creates another HR process. This should be well-structured and organised, because apart from the new team member, there are usually many other colleagues involved. In addition to medium- and long-term consulting services, we also offer packages that can be booked online for short-term assistance.

Onboarding Partner

HR Shared Service Center

Centralising HR processes in HR Shared Service Centres creates scope for value-adding developments and for personal employee support. Our professional and experienced HR SSC team will gladly take over your standard processes.

HR Shared Service Center

Outplacement Consulting

In outplacement consulting, employees affected by staff reductions work out new perspectives together with neutral, external ARTS experts and coaches.

Outplacement Consulting

HR Consulting

Individual challenges for companies and their employees continue to increase due to not only structural changes in the workplace. We offer HR consulting through a variety of analytical procedures, such as our SWOT analysis for HR.

HR Consulting

Payroll and salary accounting

Are you looking for a way to streamline your payroll administration without neglecting your employees?

We can take care of all aspects of payroll, from ensuring accurate compliance to responding quickly and reliably to employee queries.

Payroll and salary accounting

We speed up your processes with our HR services

Manage capacity

With HR as a service, you can easily expand your internal HR capacity - for the long or short term.

Support throughout the employee journey

As a 360° HR agency, we can address all issues along the entire employee lifecycle.

saving costs


With fixed hourly rates, we reduce your process and IT labour costs.

Benefit from
our expertise

With over 20 years of international HR experience, our HR experts ensure the highest quality.

employee satisfaction

Our consistent and efficient process standards make a significant contribution to employee satisfaction.


Strategic development of your HR department into a modern HR management organisation through interim assignments and HR consultancy.

CASE STUDY: How HR-as-a-Service supports growth in the laboratory sector

A leading European medical diagnostics company was faced with the challenge of managing the increased internal HR workload during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

The solution: HR as a service from ARTS


At the start of our partnership, our client's HR department was faced with 1,200 open tickets. Developments around the pandemic also resulted in around 4,000 recruitment and termination processes that needed to be managed centrally. In addition, 1,000 payslips had to be produced each month.


Working closely with the client, we developed a bespoke HR as a service project to address the specific challenges of internal HR work. Up to seven ARTS HR experts were deployed simultaneously to work on a variety of HR-related topics.


HR as a service has proven to be an effective approach to overcoming HR challenges in the laboratory sector. By outsourcing HR to ARTS, the company was able to increase efficiency, reduce costs and focus on its core business. With our support, the client was able to successfully return responsibility for internal HR management back in-house. However, the client still relies on our expertise for the implementation of its payroll.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our HR services

What is HR Services?

HR Services, short for Human Resources Services, refers to all services related to the management of people in organisations, including recruitment, staffing, HR development and employer branding. These services can be provided by specialised external providers, allowing companies to focus on their core business while benefiting from the expertise of experienced HR professionals. The use of external HR services leads to the optimisation of internal HR processes, saves time and money in the long term and creates scope for strategic HR measures through targeted HR outsourcing.

What does HR Services do?

The tasks of an HR service are varied and cover all aspects of personnel administration in a company. These include

Recruitment and selection:

  • Needs analysis and job planning
  • Preparing job profiles and advertisements
  • Conducting interviews
  • Selecting the best candidates
  • Onboarding new employees

Talent management:

  • Potential analysis and development
  • Career planning and development
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation & Benefits

Employment law:

  • Advice on all employment issues
  • Preparation of employment contracts and references
  • Handling of terminations

Employee relations:

  • Communicating and working with employees
  • Promoting a positive working environment
  • Conflict management
  • Business Integration Management (BIM)

Training and development:

  • Needs assessment and planning
  • Organisation of training
  • Promoting the professional development of employees


  • Personnel administration and records management
  • Payroll administration
  • Travel expense accounting
  • Time Recording
  • Holiday administration

Additional tasks:

  • Health Management
  • Diversity Management
  • Employer Branding
  • Change Management

With ARTS as your 360° HR agency, you have a strong partner at your side to tackle all HR service issues professionally.

Which HR service is right for me?

ARTS takes a holistic and personalised approach to process improvement, focusing on your needs and those of your people. We begin our process with a detailed initial consultation to develop a deep understanding of your organisation's specific requirements and objectives. On this basis, we develop bespoke solutions that are precisely tailored to your situation.

Our aim is not just to provide short-term solutions, but to build long-term partnerships that lead to sustainable growth and success. By combining experience, expertise and an empathetic approach, we are able to optimise processes while promoting employee satisfaction and motivation. We understand that every business is unique and therefore focus on tailored strategies that can respond flexibly to change.

With ARTS, you don't just get advice, you get a partner who is committed to meeting your needs and those of your people. With our support, you can be sure that your processes are organised efficiently and that you are creating a working environment that is valued by everyone involved. Let's work together to find a solution that works for you and supports your business objectives.


Ready for premium HR services?

We offer HR services along the entire employee life cycle, from onboarding to outplacement. Depending on your specific challenge, we will put together our consulting services or develop long-term solutions to support your HR department in terms of personnel. Contact us and arrange a non-binding initial meeting.

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