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Efficiency meets excellence: How HR-as-a-Service supports growth in the lab sector


Our client is a leading company in the field of medical diagnostics in Europe. The company offers a wide range of diagnostic solutions, ranging from laboratory tests and clinical examinations to specialized diagnostic services for physicians and hospitals.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Laboratory service
  • Jobtitle: HR as a Service Consultant
  • Location: Remote
  • Service: HR as a Service

HR as a Service: The external HR department

One of the major daily business challenges is to manage the increasing workload through HR tasks. Operational HR activities can vary according to hiring peaks and troughs and often cannot be planned in a linear fashion throughout the year for small and medium-sized companies. These activities usually depend on the order situation and can therefore be difficult to predict.

Strategic HR work also often occurs on an ad hoc basis due to individual projects. Both established HR departments and growing companies in which no permanent human resources management has yet been installed can be affected by phased capacity bottlenecks. It is important to efficiently plan and manage both operational and strategic HR tasks to ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time while meeting government requirements and regulations.

HR as a Service (HRaaS) helps organizations solve these HR challenges. By outsourcing HR processes to a third-party service provider like ARTS, our clients can save time, resources and money while ensuring HR tasks are performed effectively and efficiently.

Another benefit of HRaaS is that it provides flexibility for companies to respond to changes in the order book or business operations. We can quickly adapt our services to meet the needs and requirements of our clients, which can help manage HR tasks, even when they are difficult to predict.

By outsourcing HR tasks to an HRaaS provider like ARTS, our clients can rest assured that their HR tasks are being performed by Expert :ins who have the knowledge, experience and resources to work effectively and efficiently. This can help minimize errors and inefficiencies.

By outsourcing HR processes, our client can focus on their core competencies while accessing specialized HR expertise and increasing efficiency.

HR as a Service for one of the leading providers of clinical laboratory and medical diagnostic services in Europe

The events of the past three years, and in particular the COVID 19 pandemic, have changed the world in many ways. One of the effects has been the enormous increase in demand in the medical industry.

This development has had a direct impact on the daily work of our customer. In addition to average staff turnover, our client's HR department experienced an increase in staffing due to the pandemic development. This resulted in about 4000 entry and exit processes that have to be managed centrally. Our ARTS Expert :in support the in-house HR team remotely with all the challenges that the strong growth of the last years brought.

ARTS as an experienced and reliable HR administrator

The central HR administration of our customer consists of an internal team that temporarily does not have enough capacity to process all topics universally and promptly. After a joint kick-off meeting, in which our team of 7 ARTS experts was introduced to the various work packages and the customer's systems, we started remotely with the operational processing of the 1200 open tickets.

Our tasks are as diverse as our customer. For example, our team implements the creation and processing of contract adjustments and collective bargaining law changes from various applicable collective bargaining agreements. The adaptation, completion and maintenance of personnel files and employee master data is also one of the tasks of the ARTS experts deployed in the project. We also prepare certificates and references, harmonize documents and records, and process incoming inquiries according to responsibilities. We regularly hold jour fixe meetings with all relevant stakeholders in the project and prepare weekly reports on the development of the KPIs.

Our team works remotely, but completely in the systems of our customer. The change of this internal system is currently being prepared. System changes are known to be a big challenge for all parties involved. In order to be able to create a smooth and efficient transition, not only must all required personnel records be completely filed, they must also be stringently named to ensure a successful migration of the system. This also requires a significant investment of staff, time and resources, which we actively support. 

As a full-service HR agency, our mission is to think outside the box, understand our client holistically, and design a solution that is individually tailored to their needs. Payroll is closely linked to personnel administration. Correct and punctual payment of salaries and wages is an essential instrument for employee motivation and loyalty. As a result of the good cooperation in HR administration, we were able to support this customer additionally in the area of payroll with the outsourcing of about 1000 payrolls.

 As a result of the pandemic development, our client's HR department faced increased personnel expenses.
HR as a Service for one of the largest providers of clinical laboratory and medical diagnostic services in Europe

facts and figures

7 ARTS experts involved in the project
1.200 open tickets when project started
1.000 payrolls