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Employer Branding: Development of an Employer Brand with Characteristics for Seybold GmbH


An employer brand signals to employees and applicants what the company stands for. It should have a clearly defined profile. In other words, it should be a "personality" that has an attitude and says what it stands for, and ideally it should be different from other companies. The employer brand is against the background of the labor shortage, an extremely important factor for successful recruitment activities. An attractive employer brand helps companies to assert themselves in the competition for top talent and high potentials. 

However, employer branding is more than just a social media account or a slogan. It is a deliberate strategy that defines what kind of employees you want to hire and how you want to be perceived by these potential employees. At the same time, it offers an identification platform: it tells potential applicants whether or not there is a cultural fit.

This is exactly the challenge we have been facing for Seybold GmbH since December 2021.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Property Management, Information Technology (IT)
  • Customer: Seybold GmbH
  • Location: Stuttgart
  • Service: Employer Branding

Development of the Employer Branding Strategy for Seybold

Stuttgart-based Seybold GmbH was listed as one of the Top 100 - Innovator Companies 2022. Companies such as C&A use the company's digital real estate management technology. The disadvantage of being an innovator is that the employer brand is unknown in a new market segment of the recruitment target group (young professionals and talents with an experience horizon of about 3-5 years). To remedy this situation, ARTS developed a very attention-grabbing employer brand for Seybold GmbH.

To develop a new employer brand, we always recommend a team brand workshop. In preparation for this, ARTS conducted in-depth interviews with the relevant stakeholders at Seybold. These employee interviews were always conducted by two people (interviewer:in & recorder:in) so that the interviewer could better focus on the conversation and its nuances. ARTS developed questionnaires for employees and for management. The questionnaires consisted of open and closed questions from the areas:

  • Candidate Experience
  • Employer Experience
  • Corporate and work culture
  • Further training opportunities
  • Career prospects
  • Suggestions for improvement, etc.

Based on the interview results, ARTS prepared a brand workshop focusing on vision, mission, purpose and employer value proposition, which we later conducted with selected employees. For further specification of the employer brand, all employees received a digital questionnaire via an online tool (typeform).

"We are the first company to specialize in store property management. And in some places, you have a harder time being an innovator. Our employer brand was totally unknown. With the help of ARTS, we have developed a very clear and differentiating employer branding strategy in the rather conservative industry. ARTS' creative concept is very eye-catching and conveys our purpose in a direct way. It is ideal for addressing the younger applicant target groups in particular. I am pleased to have found a competent service provider in ARTS."

Marcus Seybold, Managing Director of Seybold GmbH

Creation of a new employer brand and derivation of an employer branding concept

The starting point of our collaboration was the analysis of the existing employer brand and corporate brand: What does the vision and mission look like? What is the current work culture? What are the company values?
To define the new employer brand, ARTS analyzed both the work culture and the corporate values of Seybold GmbH, formulated the employer value proposition and worked out a clear purpose.

The challenge in this project was a technical deadline: The new employer brand was to be developed and brought to life for a career fair that was to take place very soon. Spurred on by this time pressure, ARTS realized the entire process from strategy development to creation and implementation of the employer branding measures within 2 months. The trade fair appearance was a complete success: Seybold caught the attention of the students and became the topic of conversation at the event with its unique employer brand.

The following employer branding measures were newly designed, coordinated and implemented:

  • a career website
  • job advertisements
  • the appearance at the career fair (booth design, materials, give-aways)
  • social media communication
  • Recruiting measures

The linchpin of Seybold's employer brand is the employer value proposition and its purpose. We translated the brand strategy into a creative concept in which Seybold employees champion a vibrant shopping culture. In addition to the visual language, we also developed a suitable text style.

ARTS and Seybold - a long-term partnership.

In March 2022, the results presentation was held with all employees at Seybold to ensure broad acceptance among the workforce. Since then, we have jointly intensified our collaboration. Today, ARTS takes over parts of the recruiting process in the form of recruitment process outsourcing, but time and again also projects as part of our employer branding portfolio. Because employer branding is a long-term strategy that requires both patience and flexibility. It is not a one-off project, but must be reconsidered on a regular basis. In addition, it must be ensured that the employer brand remains relevant (e.g., in the event of changes in the focus target group).

facts and figures

9 vacancies to be filled
100 interviews conducted with candidates
17 months project duration