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Recruitment Process Outsourcing - HR Outsourcing for German SMEs


Small and medium-sized companies can struggle to find enough time and resources to manage HR effectively and efficiently. ARTS helps many mid-sized companies outsource their HR functions without losing control over the recruitment process, for example, or having to cut back on HR support. For a medium-sized client in the chemical industry, we take over the mutliposting of job advertisements, active sourcing and parts of the application management in addition to consulting services in the area of recruitment and applicant management as part of recruitment process outsourcing.



Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Chemical industry
  • Jobtitle: Recruitment Consultant
  • Location: Remote
  • Service: Recruiting as a Service

Recruitment Process Outsourcing - how does it work?

In Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), our customers commission us to take over all or certain parts of the recruitment process. We offer individual solutions here, ranging from HR outsourcing on a job-by-job basis to support from one of our recruitment consultants on an hourly basis to complete RPO.HR outsourcing allows companies, especially SMEs, to save money and time by transferring administrative and logistical recruitment tasks to us. In addition, we help our clients reduce the time and effort required for tasks such as posting job openings on various job boards, screening applicants and managing rejections. This allows you to focus on other aspects of hiring, such as conducting interviews and making final hiring decisions.Our experienced recruitment consultants are on hand along the entire candidate journey and, if required, also accompany job interviews and make hiring recommendations. Together with our customers, we thus ensure that the right talents are identified and find their way into the company in an optimal hiring process.

We supported them in implementing an applicant management system and placed 14 optimised job advertisements for open vacancies.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing for a client in the chemical industry

In the recent corporate history of our medium-sized customer from the chemical industry, a merger took place and a production plant was reactivated as a result. Out of this situation arose the challenge to cover a high demand of personnel in a short time for the reactivation of the plant. The internal HR department of our client also acts as HR Business Partner and therefore has a variety of tasks, apart from internal recruiting. A restructuring is a profound intervention in the company organization, where operational procedures, business processes and structures are evaluated and redesigned. Therefore, the focus of internal employees inside should be on the upcoming processes.

As part of our HR outsourcing, we have been supporting our client for over 8 months in both strategic and conceptual tasks. In the first step, basic processes were discussed with the internal team. It became clear, for example, that a comprehensive applicant management system was not yet in use, but that applicants had been recorded and maintained in Excel spreadsheets up to that point.

In the subsequent meetings with the individual departments and hiring managers, it quickly became clear that some positions could be filled internally or that they should be substituted as a result of the restructuring. For all other vacancies that remained unaffected by this process, the ARTS HR Marketing team prepared 14 job advertisements as well as a dedicated career landing page. Among other things, the job offers were optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing and Co. with regard to corresponding keywords and placed on the appropriate channels as part of one of our multiposting packages.

To make the process even more efficient, candidates were able to apply via ARTS as well as via the customer's own channels. In a close exchange, all applicants were screened. Thanks to our 360-degree approach and our quick familiarization with the systems, such as the newly introduced applicant management system, we were able to take over the entire process for the total of 14 positions, from receiving applications to passing them on to the internal HR department for preparation for the works council.


Customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution 

As an experienced 360° HR agency, our goal is to support our clients in the best possible way with the services they need in their individual situation. Our recruitment consultants provide support on an hourly or per job basis, depending on your needs. For the medium-sized client discussed here, in addition to analyzing the existing recruitment and applicant management processes, we also handled the multi-posting of the vacancies to be filled in channels relevant to the target group. In addition, our recruiters assisted with the active sourcing of suitable candidates in various social media channels and applicant databases. Furthermore, a screening of the applicants took place. Our experts also supported the various hiring managers in conducting telephone and video interviews. ARTS' recruitment process outsourcing saved the customer approximately 40 hours of interview time alone.

Successful through Recruitment Process Outsourcing with ARTS 

In our 8-month cooperation with the customer so far, a total of 12 positions have been successfully filled. A quarter of them through active search via LinkedIn or Xing. In doing so, we always followed our credo to support our customers as a doer and guide in the long run. 

facts and figures

40 hours of interview time saved at the customer
12 positions successfully filled
8 project period