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Multiposting and social media services for a university data center


In order to stand up to the competition and attract candidates to your company, a much higher level of effort is required in today's world. The simple post and pray model has become obsolete once and for all as the shortage of skilled workers continues to worsen. An effective strategy here is the multiposting of job ads. Similarly, posting job ads on multiple job boards, websites or other channels is time-consuming and costly. For companies and organizations that do not have the necessary capacities and competencies, this can quickly become a Herculean task.

ARTS as a 360 degree HR agency takes over the target group specific placement of job ads for the HRZ of the TU Darmstadt and supports the expansion of social media networks.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Public service, Information Technology (IT)
  • Customer: Hochschulrechenzentrum der TU Darmstadt
  • Location: Remote
  • Service: HR Marketing

The University Data Center (HRZ) is a central institution of the Technische Universität Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt). As a competence and service center for information technology, it is the central point of contact for all IT-related issues. With their expertise, the IT specialists provide and support the central IT services for research, teaching, studies and administration - always focusing on ensuring the highest possible satisfaction of their customers and users. 

The range of services includes a multitude of high-quality, user-oriented and custom-fit IT solutions from e-learning and high-performance computing to networking, media technology and much more.

The TU Darmstadt supports the HRZ in its function as a central institution. With a regular institutional evaluation, the TU Darmstadt accompanies the strategic further development of the HRZ and other central institutions, the departments, the central administration as well as the TU Darmstadt as a whole and thus promotes quality assurance and development.

"ARTS is a reliable and competent cooperation partner for us. On our journey, we felt well advised at the various points and our concerns were always handled carefully and effectively. This allowed us to focus on our core business."

Katharina Gondermann
HR Generalist


Multiposting with ARTS

Based on our many years of recruiting experience for various industries, we have built up a highly complex multiposting system in the area of ad placement. Since 2022 we have been supporting the HRZ in the search for professionals in the positions of clerk, administrative staff, IT specialist, IT technician, project staff, project managers, executives and department managers. Our HR marketing team takes care of the entire job management process - from the target group-specific job advertisement to the high-reach push of the ads. 

After an intensive initial meeting, in which the contact persons responsible for the project and the schedule were introduced, the implementation began.

Optimizing job advertisements

Currently, we manage about 10 vacancies of the University Computer Center per month, which are sent to us by e-mail. By using a specialized team of HR marketing experts, we are able to quickly and efficiently implement the job management processes related to the processing (including proofreading loop), publication and closing or cancellation of HRZ jobs.

As soon as we receive a job from the HRZ, the optimization process starts. We go into the target group analysis and revise the post according to SEO-relevant aspects. In doing so, we make suggestions regarding target group-specific and search engine-relevant keywords, as well as hidden keywords and target group-relevant prioritization of benefits. In addition, we take over the complete proofreading with regard to grammar, spelling, plausibility of application deadlines, gender and AGG conformity.

The use of shared documents facilitates processes and ensures fast and transparent processing and communication to the HRZ. In addition, we conduct regular exchange meetings via VideoCall in which proactive information about ad closures, special topics, campaigns and deadlines are discussed.

Top reach with the right channel selection

After we have optimized the posts, the next step is to advise on the optimal channel selection. We have put together various multiposting packages for the client - adapted to the target groups they are looking for. In addition to the mix of relevant job and applicant portals and social media defined in these packages, such as Google Jobs, Indeed, Agentur für Arbeit, Xing, LinkedIn and Facebook, the HRZ receives a supplementary channel recommendation specified for each individual job. When selecting the appropriate job boards, the focus is always on the target group, so we are primarily guided by where the most potential candidate:s for the HRZ can be reached - whether actively or latently searching.

For positions that are difficult to fill, such as IT positions, we also use Google and programmatic advertising - the target-group-specific, automated playout of ads in real time - because experience shows that this target group hardly ever actively searches for a job. Likewise, the Jobware job portal is used as a generalist for these positions, as this platform works with a large number of cooperation partners in the IT sector.

What did we achieve?

With the job advertisement tailored precisely to the candidates we were looking for, the SEO-relevant optimization and the extensive mix of publication channels, we were able to increase the number of applications received by the HRZ after only a short period of time, with most of the candidates becoming aware of the advertised positions via the various social media channels and, in particular, via LinkedIn.

360° HR Expertise - Support with Social Media Services

In order to also expand its own reach, the HRZ decided to become more active in social media and more present as a company on the job portals Indeed and MaxTalent. In the first step, we therefore created and designed the company profiles. Due to the already successful cooperation, this task was confidently given into our hands. This allowed the HRZ to focus its own internal capacities on its main focus - filling the open positions.

In addition to the development of appropriate text and image proposals, our tasks also included the creation of the profiles and the input of the final coordinated content.

This project is a perfect example of how our 360° HR portfolio and competence, transparency and above all trust turned the booked multiposting service into a comprehensive customer project individually tailored to the customer's needs with various HR services from a single source.


facts and figures

10 jobs/month
  Extending your Success
24 months project duration