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HR Recruiting Services for the traditional brand Sachsenobst


Regardless of whether it's a large corporation, a medium-sized business or a small company, HR recruiting services offer very individual advantages for a wide variety of organizations. This is also the case for the traditional Saxon brand Sachsenobst, which has been outsourcing areas of personnel recruitment to ARTS for several months by means of Recruiting as a Service.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Food industry
  • Customer: Obstland Dürrweitzschen AG
  • Location: remote
  • Service: Recruiting as a Service

A total of 11 companies of the Obstland Group stand behind the Sachsenobst brand. The brand has been part of Saxony's culinary heritage for over 80 years. The Sachsenobst brand is used to grow and produce regional fruits, fruit juices, wines and other spirits. A total of almost 400 employees are active in a wide variety of professional fields. The company is constantly looking for new employees in, for example, agricultural, but also technical and administrative professions. 

ARTS supports the filling of white collar as well as blue collar jobs with its HR Recruiting Services. In detail, we take care of the recruitment for open vacancies in production and warehouse management, facility management, human resources and as machine and plant operator.

Sachsenobst is a perfect example of how organizations of different sizes and industries can benefit from our services to attract the best talent to their team.

Advantages of our HR Recruiting Services

In recent years, the recruiting process has changed dramatically, and companies can no longer do without the power of active sourcing. Traditional methods such as publishing job advertisements alone are no longer sufficient to attract the best talent. Active sourcing, however, is time-consuming and often impossible to manage in day-to-day business with insufficient capacity. It involves conducting targeted searches on various online platforms, sometimes with the help of very in-depth specialist knowledge of search algorithms and Boolean operators, for example. In addition to the necessary build-up of know-how, viewing profiles and communicating with individual candidates also takes up a lot of time, especially in the HR departments of medium-sized companies. Also, access to recruiting tools on social networks is often costly, and building truly effective recruiter networks is often time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Our Recruiting as a Service offers customers such as Sachsenobst the opportunity to receive additional support from our experienced team of recruiters for current recruitment challenges. The tasks we take on for the customer are always discussed in detail in a joint exchange before the project begins. For some of our customers we reduce the workload in applicant management and others need support in active sourcing. In the case of Sachsenobst, we take care of all aspects of recruiting within our HR Recruiting Services, starting with job posting and job optimization via multiposting, active sourcing and subsequent applicant management, all the way to organizing and conducting interviews. In the final step of the process, our recruiters provide the client with a hiring recommendation in order to handle the entire recruitment process seamlessly and efficiently.

In addition to increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process, experience has shown that this also increases the speed of the candidate journey for applicants. The departure of good talent in the application process can often only be prevented by fast response times. This is what our recruiters ensure for our customers. In addition to the quality of the process, the costs of HR outsourcing are always a topic of discussion for our customers. By outsourcing process steps to ARTS, the company's own HR resources can be used more effectively and other personnel issues, such as employee support, are not neglected. The transparent and predictable cost structure of Recruiting as a Service also enabled our customers to budget recruiting efforts accurately and to better control potential expenses.

Active Sourcing as a scalable HR Recruiting Service

In our work as a 360-degree HR agency, the focus is always on the customer and his individual requirements. In order to create a custom-fit solution for Sachsenobst and to get to know each other better, our project started with a warm-up phase. Here ARTS took over 20h of active sourcing for the customer for only one vacant position. Our services included the active search in relevant CV databases to find qualified candidates. In addition, we took over parts of the applicant management by screening and selecting the incoming applications in order to present only the most promising applicants to Sachsenobst.

After the successful completion of this initial phase, we extended our service to the area of multiposting and began to optimize the job advertisements entrusted to us with regard to relevant search terms as well as to distribute the jobs in appropriate publication channels. Today, we handle recruiting for several vacancies for Sachsenobst on the basis of our Recruiting as a Service on an hourly basis. We continue to focus on active sourcing, interviewing shortlisted candidates and creating comprehensive candidate profiles that provide client decision makers with a detailed insight into the candidate's skills and qualifications.

The constant expansion of the project to include further components of our service portfolio, as well as more and more new job profiles, allows us to further utilize and deepen the wealth of experience and know-how we have already built up. The trust between the client's HR department and our recruiters is growing steadily. We are getting to know the employer brand Sachsenobst better and better, as well as the requirements and specifics of the fruit and food industry, which enables us to better identify candidates who are a perfect fit for the company environment.

Successful recruiting made easy 

The advantages of Recruiting as a Service as one of our individual HR recruiting services are obvious: our customers and thus Sachsenobst save valuable time and HR resources by taking over HR process steps partially or completely. All process costs incurred are transparent and plannable. At the same time, we offer them access to a broad pool of qualified candidates and ensure high quality along the candidate journey in the long term. With our HR Recruiting Services, we enable our customers to achieve high-quality and cost-effective recruitment processes.

Sachsenobst is a perfect example of how organizations of different sizes and industries can benefit from our services to attract the best talent for their own team.

facts and figures

30 hours support per month
200 individual social media messeges
5 positions to be filled