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Key to success: Why Feel Good Managers are also important in established companies


Most people in Germany spend about 40 years of their lives working. It is therefore important that employees feel comfortable and valued in their work environment. Attracting talent from generations Y and Z, as well as retaining long-serving employees, are two important challenges for companies, especially in light of the changing world of work and demographic changes. Human resource managers often found themselves facing this challenge alone, but more and more (established) companies are responding to these changes and relying on Feel Good Manager :ins for the time- and labour-intensive cultural work. The main focus of the work of Feel Good Managers is to improve working conditions and the working atmosphere, as well as to ensure the productivity of employees.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Packaging industry
  • Customer: Smurfit Kappa GmbH
  • Location: remote
  • Service: HR Consulting, Recruiting as a Service

Smurfit Kappa: the world's leading partner for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions

Smurfit Kappa has been manufacturing cardboard packaging for the Irish market since 1934 and is now a leading global provider of packaging solutions, with a wide range of corrugated, cardboard and paper products. With a strong presence in Europe and the USA, the company is renowned for its innovation, world-class quality and customer-focused services. Smurfit Kappa has positioned itself as a pioneer in the development of sustainable packaging solutions and is committed to environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. As part of the packaging industry, the company plays an important role in supporting customers in various industries to package their products safely, efficiently and in an environmentally conscious manner.

As an international company with 355 production sites worldwide, Smurfit Kappa has a long history and an established corporate culture. Nevertheless, the company continues to change and always strives to position itself as an attractive employer. The German site near Leipzig therefore came together with ARTS to develop a unique employer branding strategy.

As a full-service HR agency, ARTS supports companies like Smurfit Kappa along the entire employee and candidate journey.

Feel Good Manager as a gateway between employees and HR management

After an initial kick-off meeting, it became clear that before an employer branding project could start, an interface with all relevant stakeholders had to be created in order to facilitate a synergetic relationship with employer branding.

As a 360-degree full-service HR agency, ARTS supports companies like Smurfit Kappa along the entire employee and candidate journey. In order to address the client's challenge holistically, sustainably and successfully in the long term, our experts recommended hiring a Feel Good Manager as a first step.

In today's working world, companies must increasingly address issues such as "new work" and generation management in order to maintain their competitiveness. Mixed-age and diverse teams have led to a change in values. Current generations have new requirements and demands on their workplace, which is why methods such as Feel Good Management have become an important trend. Companies that understand and implement these developments have the opportunity to create a positive work culture and thus increase their attractiveness as an employer.

The link between Feel Good Management and employer branding is that a positive work environment, where employees feel valued and supported, is an essential component of a strong employer brand. When companies care about the well-being of their employees and promote a positive work culture, this is usually appreciated and perceived positively by colleagues. This helps to increase employee satisfaction and strengthen the company's image as an attractive employer.

Recruitment for the position of Feel Good Manager 

Smurfit Kappa saw a great challenge in recruiting suitable candidates for the position of Feel Good Manager, which is still a new job description. As part of our Recruiting as a Service, we therefore took on the recruitment of a Feel Good Manager, preceding the employer branding project. As a link between the management level and the employees, the vacancy had to be filled with a special focus on communication. In order to find the right candidate, the jointly developed job advertisement was first optimised for search engines such as Google and Bing. In addition, our experts advertised and promoted the position on all relevant job portals and social media channels. These included Indeed, Linkedin and Xing. In order to further maximise the reach of the job advertisement, we also rely on the target group-specific, automated placement of advertisements in real time, better known as Programmatic Job Advertising.

At the same time, our recruiting specialists also actively went into the candidate market and proactively approached suitable candidates. Using Boolean search operators and metrics, we actively sourced CV databases and talent pools for clients like Smurfit Kappa and contacted them directly on a daily basis. Our AI-based matching technology enables an optimal match between the job requirements and the talent.

In cooperation with Smurfit Kappa, we then pre-select the applicants and discuss them with the decision-makers. Due to the cooperative working atmosphere with the client, our experts were present at all interviews and job interviews, online and on-site, and were able to make qualified hiring recommendations. This ultimately allowed us to find the perfect fit for the open position and successfully fill the job.

Together we create the right framework conditions for a constructive and appreciative corporate culture.

The new colleague has now been on the job since July 2023 and will play a key role in the further development of the employer branding strategy for Smurfit Kappa together with ARTS. 

We are excited and looking forward to the further course of the project to support Smurfit Kappa in developing a unique employer brand that will highlight the company's values, culture and strengths.

facts and figures

50 applications
46,350 employees worldwide
3 interviews at the Assesment Centre