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The power of HR marketing tools: The key to successful recruiting


In recent years, the term "war for talent" has increasingly come to the fore in the HR sector. As a result, companies are increasingly relying on targeted HR marketing and HR marketing tools to actively position themselves in the highly competitive job market. Today, employees are more than just a workforce; they represent a decisive asset for companies in order to remain competitive in a highly dynamic labor market.

As an established provider of industrial services, our customer ARTS Technik GmbH also has to face these growing challenges. As part of the ARTS Group, which was founded over two decades ago, ARTS Technik offers support for companies in various industries. Its services include industrial maintenance and repair, particularly for the semiconductor industry, as well as industrial assembly. The semiconductor industry in particular is showing signs of growth. The digitalization of all areas of life and all companies has once again accelerated significantly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Among other things, these developments are driving the increasing demand for employees in the chip industry.

Specifically, ARTS Technik has been and continues to be looking for blue collar specialists for the areas of industrial assembly, maintenance and logistics, among others.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Semiconductor industry, Industrial services
  • Customer: ARTS Technik GmbH
  • Location: Dresden
  • Service: Recruiting, HR Marketing, Employer Branding

Choosing the right HR marketing tools

As a full-service HR agency, our approach to our clients' challenges is comprehensive and holistic, whether in the areas of employer branding, recruiting, HR marketing, HR services or HR development. This enables us to discover synergies and develop a customized approach. 

Successful HR marketing is always based on a strong employer brand, a precise definition of target groups and an effective employer value proposition (EVP). In our collaboration with ARTS Technik, we also developed an employer brand based on the corporate brand and defined the employer value proposition. In addition, our experts supported our client in an advisory capacity with the development of suitable employer brand benefits. At the same time, a target group analysis of potential applicants for the open vacancies was carried out.

A key instrument in HR marketing is the career website, which plays a major role in attracting talent. Among other things, it serves as a showcase for companies, as well as an interface between applicants and the HR team. ARTS Technik did not yet have a career website at the start of our collaboration, so we took over the content and design concept based on the jointly developed employer brand. Among other things, we carried out an SEO analysis to ensure that the career site could be easily found by the relevant applicant target groups. With this in mind, our experts developed the relevant content and formulated the job descriptions based on the analyzed keywords to ensure optimal keywording.

In the orchestra of corporate success, the instruments of HR marketing are the melodies that attract talent and harmoniously shape the future.

Increase the reach of your job ads with multiposting

As a multiposting agency, ARTS has developed extensive expertise in publishing job ads on different platforms to maximize their reach. Our specialized teams understand the challenges of modern recruiting and use targeted multiposting strategies to increase the visibility of job offers and attract the best talent. We take into account the needs and requirements of our clients as well as the specific target groups they wish to address. As an important personnel marketing tool, we use so-called duplicate positions to maximize the reach of the positions. A position is published several times with different job titles. In this way, several keywords can be filled in the respective applicant target group and the findability of the vacancies in online job search engines such as Indeed and GoolgeJobs increases significantly, in our experience by up to 60%.

With our personnel marketing expertise, we enable ARTS Technik to draw the attention of as many qualified applicants as possible to open vacancies in a cost-optimized manner, regardless of whether they are actively or passively searching. As a multiposting provider, we place the job advertisements in numerous online and offline channels, tailored to the target group. In addition to traditional job boards, our client's vacancies were also advertised on social media such as Facebook and online advertisements were placed in the Google search engine. This approach also helps to draw the attention of passive job seekers, so-called latent job changers, to the job advertisements. Our activities in this area were rounded off by the creation and design of ARTS Technik company profiles on the Xing and LinkedIn platforms.

The power of out-of-home marketing

"Out of Home" (OOH) advertising and marketing activities is a collective term for advertising media in public spaces. Large-format posters have the power to leave a deep impression on viewers. Why not use this power for personnel marketing? For ARTS Technik, we have also exploited this personnel marketing tool to complement our online and print-based activities. In addition to passenger advertising in the buses and trains of DVB (Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe), we also implemented large-scale poster advertising in highly frequented locations in Dresden. We also produced point-of-sale advertising with specially developed video content.

Print advertising: the underestimated bridge between online and offline marketing

Due to digitalization, marketing campaigns often focus exclusively on online strategies. Nevertheless, print advertising remains of great importance and is an important pillar. Print materials are also indispensable as a personnel marketing tool. Especially against the backdrop of (job) fairs, print materials such as flyers and the like are experiencing a real renaissance. In combination with QR codes or links to online resources, they create a seamless link between printed and digital content. For the ARTS Technik trade fair appearances, we therefore combined print and web to create a harmonious overall picture. We also designed and published newspaper supplements for the Dresdner Wochenzeitung.

Recruiting as a service: 360-degree HR excellence

In the project with ARTS Technik, we were able to fulfill our passion as a 360-degree HR agency and provide support along the entire candidate journey, from conception to implementation. ARTS Technik was not only faced with the challenge of approaching and recruiting a large number of specialists in a specific professional group, but also had to do so in record time. To successfully master such situations, our Recruiting as a Service is the simplest and most uncomplicated way. Our experts take on individual tasks or entire recruiting processes. For example, we have taken over active sourcing in relevant CV databases and social media, screening and selecting incoming applications and conducting interviews with suitable candidates for ARTS Technik.

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