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A fun way to get your dream job: Recruitainment as an innovative recruiting strategy

16/11/2023 2023/11

Recruitainment, a term formed from the words "recruitment" and "entertainment", stands for an innovative approach to HR management. In a world where the war for talent is becoming ever more intense, companies are looking for creative ways to attract and retain talented professionals. Recruitainment offers an answer to this challenge by transforming the application and selection process into an entertaining and engaging experience.

It is crucial to recruit the right candidates for the respective positions right from the start. Filling a position inadequately or, in the worst case, not filling it at all can result in significant costs for the employer, as it may have to be re-advertised at short notice. It is therefore of fundamental importance to ensure during the selection process that applicants are not only professionally qualified, but also fit in perfectly with the corporate culture and the requirements of the specific position. The so-called cultural fit plays a decisive role here, as it not only contributes to employee satisfaction, but also ensures that the employee can identify with the employer. In this way, a long-term and successful working relationship is likely, which has a positive effect on productivity and the working atmosphere.

The basics of Recruitainment

Recruitainment is more than just a trendy phrase - it's a revolutionary method that transforms the traditional application process into an entertaining experience. The concept first became popular in recent years and has since gained traction in various industries. Essentially, recruitainment combines playful elements with the crucial concern of recruitment.

The benefits of recruitainment for companies

1. Attracting talents

Recruitainment attracts the attention of potential applicants. By integrating entertaining elements into the recruitment process, companies can strengthen their employer brand and be perceived as innovative and open-minded employers.

2. Effective pre-selection

Only those who present themselves convincingly in the game receive an invitation to an interview. Job-specific tasks are selected that allow immediate conclusions to be drawn about the candidate's aptitude and skills. This enables a more precise pre-selection, as the talents can authentically demonstrate their skills and personality in a playful environment.

3. Increase employee loyalty

Employees who are recruited through recruitainment may have a stronger bond with the company as they have had a positive experience from the outset. This ensures higher employee satisfaction and retention.

4. Encourage creativity and innovation

Recruitainment not only challenges applicants, but also inspires companies to be more creative in their approach to recruitment. This approach encourages innovation and helps to continuously improve the recruitment process.

Examples for Recruitainment applications

1. Serious games

Companies are increasingly relying on so-called "serious games", i.e. games that have a serious background in order to test applicants' skills. These can be simulations of real work tasks or team projects.

2. Escape Room Recruiting

Escape room scenarios are integrated into the recruitment process. In this innovative approach, applicants are presented with challenges that test their teamwork, problem-solving skills and ability to deal with stressful situations. Similar to traditional escape rooms, participants have to solve puzzles and complete tasks together in order to escape from a specific situation. Escape room recruiting allows employers to assess not only the technical skills of applicants, but also their soft skills and ability to work together in a realistic environment. Through this experiential method, companies not only gain deeper insights into applicants' personalities, but also create an entertaining and memorable experience in the selection process.

3. VR-based recruiting

VR-based recruiting uses virtual reality to provide applicants with immersive insights into their future workplace. This makes it possible to experience the corporate culture and working environment in a realistic virtual representation. By immersing themselves in the (digital) workspace, applicants can interactively explore different aspects of the potential working environment. This creates a deeper connection between the candidates and the company, as they get an authentic impression of their future professional environment even before the interview.

Challenges and criticism

Despite the numerous advantages of recruitainment, there are also challenges and points of criticism. In this context, it is often argued that the seriousness of the selection process could be impaired by playful elements. It is feared that applicants might focus less on their professional skills and instead try to distinguish themselves through playful creativity. In addition, it is pointed out that not all applicants are equally affine to playful methods, which could lead to a possible disadvantage for certain candidates. Another point of criticism concerns the validity of the data obtained through recruitainment, as the playful elements can potentially influence the objective assessment of professional skills and qualifications.


Recruitainment has represented an innovative approach to HR management for a number of years, blurring the boundaries between work and play. Integrating fun into the recruitment process can not only increase effectiveness, but also have a positive impact on the working environment. Companies that successfully implement recruitainment position themselves as modern employers that can not only attract talented professionals, but also retain their existing employees. In an increasingly competitive business world, recruitainment could be the key to sustainable success in talent management.

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