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Leadership Coaching with ARTS

One of the success factors for a productive corporate culture is the leadership style. In seminars on leadership development, employee interviews are often discussed, but it turns out to be difficult to put the desired leadership behaviour into practice in everyday leadership. This is where leadership coaching comes in as the most effective leadership counselling instrument: The support provided by the coach helps your executives to become more self-reflective and therefore to steer their behaviour in a more targetted way.

Success through Leadership Coaching with ARTS

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How does leadership coaching work at ARTS?

Our leadership coaching services can be applied at a variety of levels. The following is an example of holistic leadership development through coaching.

  • Step 1: Together with your team of executives, we develop a mission statement of what good leadership means in your company.
  • Step 2: In workshops, we work out with the executives what concrete behavior in a leadership situation corresponds to the previously defined values.
  • Step 3: Through individual coaching for executives, your managers and team leaders become increasingly successful in managing their own behavior and bringing their strengths as leaders to bear.
  • Step 4: A mixture of potential analysis and coaching is essential, especially for junior staff and for the selection of new managers.
  • Step 5: The internal leadership guidelines are deepened through group coaching for managers and anchored in the corporate culture.

Leadership coaching with ARTS - Your advantages

  • Our executive coaching is temporary support and can also be used selectively.
  • Through coaching, managers become more confident in their behavior and actions.
  • Employee discussions are no longer perceived as a burden, but as an enrichment for both sides.
  • Our independent coaches are confidential companions for your executives.

Coaching and consulting - executives benefit from these qualifications.

Practical experience:

  • Our coaches have gained insights into various corporate and leadership cultures.
  • Experience with various coaching topics such as micromanagement / modern leadership, leading at a distance, dealing with sick or addicted employees, burn-out prophylaxis, self-control
  • Executive coaching in complex hierarchy

Theoretical background:

  • Our coaches have undergone training with different focuses, such as systemic coaching, psychological coaching or as an Agile Business Coach
  • Additional qualifications as mediator, trainer, personnel developer
  • Regular peer coaching and supervision
  • Our understanding of coaching is open-minded, people-oriented and appreciative.


What executive coaching solutions do we offer?

What executive coaching solutions do we offer?

#short-term solution:

  • Intervention in currently challenging situations
  • Short-term impulses through 3 sessions

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#medium-term solution:

For sustainable coaching success we recommend 

  • Individual coaching over 5-8 sessions
  • Work on individual focal points
  • A potential analysis and selection

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#long-term solution:

  • In-house development of a leadership mission statement
  • Coaching of entire leadership teams

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Executive coaching for strategy4future

Who advises the consultant? Tina Bolduan from Karlsruhe, Germany, with her company strategy4future, offers business support for companies in start-up and expansion at the interface between tax consulting, strategy and financial planning. But how does such a unique profile come about?


The managing director of strategy4future would like to align her service portfolio even more clearly with her own strengths and competencies and further increase her consulting expertise.


In executive coaching, we worked out together which personal and professional competencies would take strategy4future further forward - and where there was room for growth.


Tina Bolduan and her network can now offer a unique portfolio of services at the interface between tax consulting, strategy and financial planning that builds specifically on her personal strengths as an executive and entrepreneurial personality.


What our customers say

"After all, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel yourself; you can simply learn from the best. What particularly impressed me was that you can sense the customer orientation, innovative strength and expertise of the ARTS employees from the very first moment. The coaching was not only of great benefit for the processes in my own company. I also got some important impulses for my own consulting performance towards my customers, which I implement every day in my work. Many thanks to the team at ARTS!"

Tina Bolduan, Managing Director strategy4future

Frequently asked questions about leadership coaching at a glance

What is coaching?

Coaching is the professional support of people with management functions and experts in companies. The objective of our coaching is to improve the professional situation, to maintain performance under changing requirements and to actively shape one's own role under challenging conditions. The primary characteristics of job-related coaching are the examination of one's own resources and potentials as well as the promotion of self-reflection and self-awareness.

In which situations is leadership coaching helpful?

The situations can be very diverse: a new challenge in the form of a promotion, conflicts in the team of employees, declining motivation or inspiration, structural changes in the organization, times of economic crisis with personnel measures, the desire for more potential development, resilience and burn-out prophylaxis, leading at a distance, dealing with ill or addicted employees. These can all be occasions for coaching in the sense of temporary support.

How does executive coaching work when the company commissions this measure?

For example, when working on the corporate culture or the leadership mission statement, it may happen that all managers in a department are to receive individual coaching. In such cases, we at ARTS are first available to the company as the client for the precise clarification of the objectives. As soon as the work with the individual person begins, we naturally guarantee absolute confidentiality of the discussed contents, also towards the company, which only receives feedback from us on the achievement of the objectives. Of course, it is possible to set your own priorities within the framework of the agreed goals. As coaches, we do not tell you what to do, but support you in developing your own strategies. In this way, we remain neutral even in such a setting.

Executive coaching or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

If you as an organization want to work on your leadership culture as a whole, it may be worthwhile to integrate coaching as a building block in your leadership development. Perhaps you are facing tough steps as an organization or in your capacity as a department head and would like support not only for yourself but also for the employees involved? In this case, we would be happy to advise you on how executive coaching and outplacement consulting can be combined.

Isn't it a sign of weakness to need coaching?

In a modern understanding of leadership, managers are not lonely, infallible doers (m/f/d), but promote and inspire their team. In doing so, almost every person reaches his or her limits from time to time. Coaching for leaders helps you not only to get to know your limits, but also to grow beyond them. Coaching is therefore the first step towards greater potential.

What can I NOT expect from executive coaching?

In coaching, no one tells you what to do. We are convinced that you know the best solutions for your own situation; we simply support you in discovering and implementing these solutions through reflection and questions. Coaching for executives also takes place within the framework of business coaching and touches on private issues only indirectly at most.


How may we support you with our leadership coaching services?

We accompany you! With our leadership coaching, we work with you to achieve your goals. We will discuss your current challenges in an initial, non-binding meeting to get to know each other. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

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