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Extending your Success - from Kilometer 1 to 13,000


Filling a large number of very different positions across Germany in a short time is a Herculean task. Especially if recruiting is not one of your core competencies. But in the end, selecting the right employees is crucial to success. This makes it all the more important to have reliable partners, companions and advisors who know the processes precisely and can thus provide individual and agile support where the need is most urgent.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Public service
  • Customer: Autobahn GmbH
  • Jobtitle: Teamlead Recruitment Consulting
  • Location: Nationwide in Germany
  • Service: HR as a Service

Autobahn GmbH is ready to take off

The year 2021 was the starting signal for a historic innovation in the German federal highway administration. Although the corresponding reform to reorganise the financial relations between the federal government and the federal states had already been passed in 2017 and the federally owned Autobahn GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin was founded in 2018 - the start of business activities did not then fully take place until January 2021. Several advantages were to be realised through the central bundling of tasks. In addition to faster planning, the new organisation also enabled uniform quality standards nationwide and efficiency gains through synergy effects.

Since day one, the federal motorway company Autobahn GmbH des Bundes has pursued the goals of faster planning, more efficient construction, operation and maintenance. To be able to guarantee this, it needs about 15,000 employees throughout the country. The tasks of the federally owned GmbH now include not only planning, construction, operation and maintenance, but also the financing and management of the motorway asset.

Filling a large number of very different positions across Germany in a short time is a Herculean task. 

Profiting from the outsourcing of personnel-related processes

The outsourcing concept has long been established in industry. The advantages are obvious: turn fixed costs into variable costs and use the efficiency advantages of the service provider. Business process outsourcing is also a strategic success factor in the HR sector. At ARTS, we have been solving the personnel challenges of our clients from a wide range of industries, such as IT and communications technology, the automotive industry or the energy sector, for over 20 years. In the context of recruiting process outsourcing, we have already been able to support start-ups such as Lilium with ARTS experts on site for recruitment and onboarding. High volume recruiting, as in the case of Autobahn GmbH, is a special form of RPO, as it involves filling a large number of positions in a very short time.

Autobahn GmbH relies on ARTS as a strong HR partner.

ARTS and Autobahn GmbH - An exclusive partnership

Autobahn GmbH has been benefiting from the advantages of an HR BPO since August 2020. Within the framework of this cooperation, we currently take over the entire recruiting process for up to 400 positions per year. Our 7 recruiters and 4 operational and strategic project managers work decentrally from the ARTS headquarters in Dresden to fill the positions throughout Germany. Everyone involved brings their expertise from the various disciplines to the table.

Technically, we have also adapted to Autobahn GmbH and work fully in their applicant tracking system. This means an increase in efficiency for the entire process. The services, such as the optimisation of jobs and their publication in various relevant channels as well as the maximisation of reach through a targeted multi-channel distribution, were agreed individually with Autobahn GmbH. Our High Volume Recruitment Service as a special form of HR outsourcing is characterised, among other things, by the fact that we can take over individual subtasks as well as the complete recruitment process. The focus is always on the individual needs of the client.

In the case of Autobahn GmbH, our experts also carry out social recruiting of suitable candidates in various social media channels and applicant databases, conduct telephone and video interviews and, if necessary, on-site interviews. In this way, we can provide the Autobahn with a well-founded hiring recommendation for every position we advertise and contribute to making the German Autobahn even more efficient. 

Prior to the start of high-volume recruiting, we evaluated necessary personnel marketing measures and set up a dedicated landing page for career seekers to not only generate more reach for the vacancies, but also to create SEO-relevant backlink management for the Autobahn's career page. 

Additional job landing pages also help to target advertisements. The job ads placed on arts.eu are SEO-optimised and linked to the Autobahn GmbH application form.

Our many years of HR expertise also enable our experts to uncover potential for improvement and optimise existing basic structures.

Our HR services are used in every area of human resources. While Autobahn GmbH focuses on recruiting and assessment, we can also support you in the areas of employer branding and HR marketing, onboarding, employee management and outplacement. We can also take over time-consuming, recurring tasks of an administrative nature, such as the preparation of references and contracts, as part of a business process outsourcing.

facts and figures

75 % of all transports of people and goods in Germany are carried out by road.
  Extending your Success
13.000 kilometres of German motorway network