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The HR Service Center at ARTS in Dresden


The merging of company processes into service Centers has become established in the long term and the trend to clearly break down the individual topics in HR departments is unbroken. We have also followed this approach at ARTS and have transformed our internal structures into an HR Service Center. In this way, we were able to create an independently operating specialist department whose processes were ideally aligned and which can ensure the fastest possible handling of our employees' concerns.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Aerospace, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology (IT)
  • Customer: ARTS
  • Jobtitle: HR Service Center Consultant
  • Location: Dresden
  • Service: HR as a Service, HR Consulting

To give an insight into our HR Service Center, our colleague Jasmin Münzberg reports today from her personal viewpoint as a team member of the Service Center. She gives an insight into her work, but also into the various aspects that make up this form of organisation.

What is the HR Service Center in fact?

Before the HR Service Center was set up, each ARTS employee had a personal contact person to whom he or she could turn and who took care of all issues relating to employee support. In order to optimise internal processes and develop the internal organisation, the competencies were combined to form a Service Center and a new team was formed to take care of all the employee's needs and concerns.  This means that the employee not only has a contact person, but also a competent team of advisors to whom he or she can turn. 

Every team member in our Service Center has extensive specialist and process knowledge and can immediately answer or process all the employees' everyday queries. In order to be able to help quickly and at short notice with complex questions, there are specialists within the team who have in-depth knowledge of individual HR processes and topics. 

Our employees can submit their enquiries personally via the Service Hotline or easily via our HR Service Center Mail. The enquiry is allocated at short notice to the Service Center employee who can process it most quickly and effectively, so that the employee receives prompt feedback and a solution to his or her query from us.

Even if at first glance it seems to be a routine task, you have to look at the topic from all sides in a concentrated way in order not to neglect any special features.

What are the advantages for our employees? 

Critical voices say that with this form of organisation individuality and closeness to the employee are lost. However, colleagues at other levels benefit enormously from the support provided by an HR Service Center: 

  1. The employee has a professional contact person at all times and there is no waiting time or time lost due to holiday or illness of the assigned contact person.
  2. Enquiries can be processed more quickly, as all team members are fully familiar with the topics and processes and the specialist can be called in at any time.
  3. The HR Service Center can be contacted by telephone and e-mail Monday to Friday from 9.00 - 18.00 hours. 

Which advantages does the new organisation offer ARTS? 

Our Service Center not only has positive effects for the employees but also for our entire company. 

  1. The Service Center works more cost-efficiently and transparently, since the economies of scale resulting from the bundling of repetitive activities and clear process standards mean that a lower overall support key is required for employee support.
  2. There is a clear process chain and responsibilities. Unnecessary additional or duplicated effort is thus prevented. 
  3. By directly assigning tasks and process steps in the digital personnel management system, they can be processed more quickly and effectively.
  4. In the event of staff absences, such as holidays or illness, substitution is clearly regulated and no issues need to be handed over. In addition, all information and discussion notes are documented in the personnel administration system and are therefore transparent for the entire team.
  5. Short, fast communication channels as all team members work at a common location and in the same system and the proximity to interfaces and stakeholders enables functional cooperation.

Challenges that arose during the changeover

The changeover to a central Service Center presented us and me personally with a number of challenges which we initially had to overcome during the conversion phase. However, with well-planned change management, the transition went smoothly overall.

First of all, the employees were informed about the upcoming changes. Some were surprised that they would no longer have a personal contact person in future. It took some time for some colleagues to get used to the service hotline, but overall the openness and acceptance for the new form of support was very high from the very beginning. Over time, the considerable advantages have also become apparent to the individual employees.

For me personally, the biggest challenge was to familiarise myself comprehensively with all important topics and processes so that I could answer every enquiry immediately. In addition, the pandemic means that we are currently in a very uncertain period for people and there is a lot of uncertainty regarding issues such as short-time working or possible job losses. We are trying to allay these fears through open and honest communication.

What are the conditions for running a Service Center?

There must be a uniform system where all the employee's data and information is stored and can also be accessed by every member of the service Center. In this context, it is very important for cooperation that all important data, conversations and information are also stored in the system and that the entire team acts very carefully in this respect and adheres to internally defined standards.

The knowledge of the team members of the HR Service Center must be kept up to date at all times and trained, for example, with regard to labour law requirements, as the tasks and requirements of the job are demanding and varied.

It is essential to introduce standards and defined processes, and to continuously review and improve them. These guidelines must be visible, comprehensible, comprehensible and time-saving for every team member at all times. Process efficiency and quality orientation must have a high priority for every service Center employee, without losing the individual view of the employee as a person and without giving him or her individual and personal attention. This is the daily balancing act in professional employee support by an HR Service Center.

Our service for you

With the HR Service Center and our expertise, we offer a comprehensive service of employee advice and support. Due to the time and cost savings, our management and the managers of the specialist departments are able to focus on their actual core business again, without any administratively binding HR activities. The administration is handled professionally and the employees continue to receive personal support through an ideally designed process and system landscape.

Due to our consistently positive experience with the transfer of the organisation into an HR Service Centre, we also offer this service to our customers as a successful model for reducing costs and time expenditure while ensuring professionalism at our HR Shared Service Center in Dresden.

The consolidation of company processes into service centres has become established in the long term.
The ARTS HR Service Centre consists of 4 team members: Katja, Sandra, Lisa and Jasmin

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