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Social Media Recruitment – Social Recruiting meets Social Advertising

With social media recruiting, you can address the passively searching candidates of your applicant target group without much coverage loss.

We take care of both the direct approach to matching talent in social networks and applicant databases (social recruiting) as well as the target group-specific distribution of online advertisements on platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok and Twitch. Our goal in social media recruitment is to relieve you of the burden of targeting your future employees, to increase the reach of your employer brand and thus to enable you to select applicants efficiently.

We develop job-specific campaigns for you in order to draw the attention of qualified candidates to your position, relieve you of the burden of applicant management and thus recruit the best employees for you with minimal effort. Our campaign planning and social recruiting is based on a comprehensive analysis of your target applicant group.

As a strategic partner in recruitment, we can not only support you in the placement of online advertisements and direct approaches, but also offer you comprehensive consulting and the management of your social media channels in terms of your employer brand. Our team of experts develops target group-specific social media strategies to generate more reach and visibility for your employer brand.

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Social Media Recruitment with ARTS

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Our Social Media Recruitment Portfolio

Social Media Recruitment

Social Media Recruitment

Dedicated social advertising campaigns for your employer brand, together with appropriate active sourcing, unleash the full potential to attract the best talent for your company.

Social Media Recruitment

Job-specific social media advertising

Social Media Advertising

We place highly targeted online advertisements for your job vacancies in all relevant social media channels such as LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as well as Twitch.

Social Media Advertising

Professional social recruiting

Social Recruiting

Our recruiters will contact suitable talents in social networks and target-group-specific applicant databases and manage the subsequent application process for you.

Social Recruiting

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media

ARTS offers strategic and operational support for your social media channels, whether you need general advice or hands-on support.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing for students and graduates

HR Marketing for
Young Professionals

In addition to directly approaching suitable candidates from generations Y and Z, we design and implement social media campaigns for your young target groups.

HR Marketing for Young Professionals

Programmatic Job Marketing


We place a combination of search engine advertising and social media ads for your vacancies – fully automated or individually and flexibly tailored to your needs.

Performance Recruitment


Do you want your employer brand to reach the right talent on social media?

Campaign-based social media recruitment

As a 360° full service HR agency, we present your employer brand optimally through social media recruitment campaigns. Online advertisements in target group-specific social networks complement the active sourcing of our recruiters and vice versa. The attention for your employer brand and your open positions is maximised. You also gain access to passively searching talents and we take over the applicant management for you if required. With social media recruitment, ARTS guarantees a smooth entry for your applicants into your candidate journey in line with your employer brand.

  • Comprehensive analysis of your employer brand and potential candidate target groups
  • Advice on suitable channels and targeting
  • Conception, design and implementation of social media recruitment campaigns including social recruiting and applicant management
  • Monitoring and reporting

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You would like to place your job advertisements in social media?

Job-specific social media advertisment

Job-specific social media advertising

ARTS places online advertisements for your vacancies on social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Xing and Twitch. Based on your target applicant group, we take care of the selection of suitable channels, as well as the creation of postings and advertisements in word, image and sound. With job-specific advertisements, we can make a significant contribution to your recruitment success.

  • Advice on the right channel selection and targeting for online ads in social media
  • Channel-specific content creation such as texts, images, sound and videos
  • conversion-optimised display of ads for direct applicant acquisition
  • Monitoring and analysis of your social media performance

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You lack the network for efficiently addressing passive searchers in social networks?

Social Recruiting with ARTS

Social recruiting is one of the most effective tools in today's recruiting. However, if you don't have large networks in social media, or only insufficiently so, it's especially difficult to get started. Our recruiters have appropriate networks in all relevant professional groups and know which strategies and measures are necessary to address and convince the right people via active sourcing.

  • Development of target group-specific search profiles
  • Searching for and approaching suitable candidates using search algorithms and Boolean operators
  • Individual and discreet approach of suitable talents
  • Taking over the initial communication with applicants
  • Transmission of all relevant application documents
  • If desired, take over the entire applicant management


Active Sourcing of Talents


Do you lack the resources in-house for social media marketing?

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing by ARTS

At ARTS, we are happy to take over the complete design and management of your social media channels in line with your employer brand. This includes social platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Xing and Twitch.

  • Setting up and maintaining your social media channels
  • Channel-specific content creation such as texts, images, sound recordings and videos
  • Development of target group-specific social media campaigns and custom-fit strategies
  • Advice on the right channel selection and targeting
  • conversion-optimised placement of online ads
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of your social media performance

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You would like to address junior staff directly by means of social recruiting?

Social recruiting for young professionals

The applicant target group of generations Y and Z can no longer be found on traditional social recruiting channels such as LinkedIn. ARTS knows where and, above all, how a direct approach to young national and international talents is worthwhile and helps you here.

  • Definition of search profiles specifically for young talent
  • Addressing young talent using search algorithms and Boolean operators
  • Taking over communication with national and international student bodies, student associations, university societies and other university groups
  • Efficient applicant management and initial selection of suitable applicants
  • Further training in the area of active sourcing


HR Marketing students graduates


You would like to place additional advertisements on Google and/or Bing?

Performance Recruiting across

Performance recruitment with ARTS

With other service providers, social media recruiting often ends with social media ads and active sourcing. As a 360° HR agency, ARTS can go one step further and offer you the full spectrum of performance recruitment, including the placement of online advertisements in search engines such as Google and Bing.

  • Advertisements in search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Target group-specific Programmatic Job Advertising

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Case Studies Social Media Recruitment

LinkedIn Case Study

Electrical Engineer in Munich on Linkedin

Conversions on LinkedIn can be expensive because this social network often has a very specialised and high-quality target group. LinkedIn users are usually well educated and mostly hold high-ranking positions in companies. The demand for these target groups is high, which leads to higher costs per conversion.

For example, if you are looking for electrical engineers (m/f/d) in Munich, it is advisable to advertise this job on LinkedIn. With a budget of €700 and a duration of 30 days, you can achieve about 19,000 impressions and an estimated 60 clicks on your website with ARTS specifically for this target group.

Meta Case Study

Blue collar jobs on META platforms

The Meta Group includes Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, among others. Meta offers employers an effective way to reach less highly to low-skilled candidates for job openings through online advertising. As a company, you can place job ads on Facebook and Instagram to reach potential candidates directly on the platforms. These ads can be specifically targeted to certain audiences based on factors such as location, interests and education level. However, Meta's predominantly private focus brings with it more cost-effective advertising options compared to LinkedIn, for example.

For a 30-day job ad on Facebook and Instagram, we recommend a budget of €500 for optimal results. For a blue collar job in Dresden, Saxony, you can expect a reach of up to 10,000 users and up to 140 link clicks per day.


Frequently asked questions about social media recruitment

What is Social Media Recruitment?

In social media recruitment, social media are used as an effective tool for recruiting. The advantage of social networks is on the one hand their large reach, but above all the possibility of targeting very specific candidate target groups. Another advantage over traditional online job boards is the ability to address passively searching candidates.

Social media recruiting on platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok is divided into 2 areas. On the one hand, semi- or fully-automated online advertisements can be placed to spread job vacancies or messages of one's own employer brand. On the other hand, potentially suitable candidates can be addressed directly by recruiters within social networks.

ARTS offers services and individual solutions for its clients in both areas of social media recruiting in order to create an effective candidate journey.

How can I recruit on social media?

ARTS offers very individual solutions for every single client in social media recruiting. 

We are happy to support you right from the start in setting up corporate channels, creating content for you and managing your social media channels. We are also happy to assist you in selecting the right channels for you.

We can also place individual job offers for you on social networks using online advertisements. The advantage compared to classic advertisements in online job boards is that even passively searching candidates can be approached and convinced to apply.

Another tool in social media recruiting is so-called social recruiting. Here, our recruiters contact suitable talents for you directly in the networks and applicant databases. We take care of the entire process for you, from initial contact and applicant management to rejection management and the interview process. Our experts will be happy to give you hiring recommendations.

From a strategic point of view, it makes sense to bundle all these activities within the framework of a social media strategy for your employer brand. The first step should be to define a so-called Employer Value Proposition for your company, in order to align all subsequent activities and campaigns. As a 360° HR agency, we are happy to develop this together with you.

How does social media recruitment work?

Social media recruitment describes ways of recruiting suitable candidates for one's own company via social networks. The advantages are the great scattering power of e.g. social media ads, but also the very detailed targeting possibilities that social media channels offer in order to precisely address passive searchers.

Social media recruiting starts with setting up social company profiles and using them regularly to communicate with employees and applicants. In addition to free communication measures, the networks offer different advertising formats to spread job advertisements and employer branding messages, for example.

The next step is to use social recruiting to target suitable candidates and draw their attention to vacancies within the company. For this, knowledge of Boelian operators and search algorithms is helpful in order to quickly and effortlessly track down qualified profiles. ARTS can provide your HR staff with comprehensive training in this area through our Active Sourcing training courses.

What is the best social media platform for my recruiting?

It is not easy to name the one best social media platform for your recruitment. Many influencing factors determine the channel selection in social media. The most important criterion is the applicant target group for your company. Which occupational groups are you looking for? What age structure should applicants have? What interests does your target applicant group have? ...

LinkedIn has become the leading professional network worldwide. Here we can address and reach specialists and executives for you in German-speaking countries, but also internationally. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is less suitable for the search for blue collar workers.

Xing, the German equivalent of LinkedIn, offers recruitment opportunities, especially through social recruiting. We rarely recommend placing online advertisements on Xing, as the costs per application are often higher than on other portals.

Facebook offers good value for money for online ads, but younger applicant target groups in particular are now less frequently represented here.

Instagram is also getting older in its age structure. In contrast to Facebook, however, more and more professional and private networks are mixing here, which makes ad placement and also direct approaches for certain applicant target groups very interesting.

On TikTok, Generation Z can be found for the most part. They use the network both privately and professionally, which makes it very appealing for recruiting young professionals.

Depending on the applicant target group, we will gladly recommend the appropriate mix of social channels and measures or take over the campaign planning and implementation for you. Get in touch with us!


Do you need support in social media recruitment?

We support you on your way to success with competent, individually tailored concepts and campaigns in social media recruitment. We not only take care of the ad placement, but also the social recruiting for your open vacancies. Contact us for an initial, non-binding consultation!

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