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Internal communication concepts

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Employee retention concepts

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HR Development

  • Further training concepts
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  • Coaching
  • and much more

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Content creation

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Career websites

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Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing for students and graduates

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CASE STUDY: Employer branding measures: Recruiting videos and social media campaign

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH is part of the Minimax Viking Group, which employs over 10,000 people worldwide. Minimax Mobile Services GmbH, headquartered in Bad Urach, Swabia, is a traditional German company that has been offering products and services related to fire protection for over 120 years. The impeccable image of Minimax Mobile Services results not only from their products, but also from the service (e.g. maintenance) that the service technicians provide on a daily basis.


To support the recruiting success of new service technicians, Minimax Mobile Services commissioned us with the design of their employer brand as well as the creation and production of three recruiting videos for their three service technician profiles.


After in-depth interviews and a successful strategy workshop with the company management and the relevant stakeholders, ARTS defined a unique employer brand that addresses the needs of the core target group in a focused way. 
The in-depth interviews with Minimax service technicians revealed two lessons in particular: although the service technicians are in different phases of life and work in three different fire protection areas, they have identical needs. We translated these needs into videos with the core message "The advantages of being self-employed, but the security of Minimax". Since the topic of salary is an important factor for the target group, the recruiting videos also address this aspect. In order to appeal to the younger target groups (Gen Z to Y), we integrated a meaningful purpose into the videos.

All videos were shot with authentic employees on location at the client.

The recruiting videos are a crucial part of our campaign strategy. In addition to being published on the Minimax careers page, they were the basis for the social media campaign we designed. The videos were produced with the clear aim of addressing potential candidates and winning them over to Minimax Mobile Services as employees. The communicative focus was on the Minimax brand offer as an employer as well as a tangible purpose. In addition to the campaign conception and content production, ARTS took over the placement of the ads in the social media that were most relevant for the target groups. In this way, Minimax was able to benefit from our expertise not only in the area of employer branding, but also in the area of social media recruiting, thus ensuring effective targeting of the advertisements. 


Over the campaign period of six months, more than two million impressions were achieved, resulting in 130 applications. The new employer brand has therefore made a good impression both internally and externally.

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Would you like to increase your employee loyalty and thus reduce fluctuation?

Internal communication measures

Open and transparent communication that reflects the company's values can increase employee satisfaction and thus simultaneously strengthen loyalty and thus reduce fluctuation.
Our HR consultants will be happy to advise you on the following questions:

  • What do we communicate?
  • When do we communicate?
  • How do we communicate?
  • What do we communicate with?

We support you in designing and managing your internal communication channels, e.g. newsletter, intranet, employee handbook and social media.

Employee retention concepts

In addition to internal communication measures, we take over the planning and execution of:

  • Benefits programs
  • Health programs
  • employee and team events
  • internal competitions, awards and challenges
  • Employee surveys



Does your company need sustainable personnel development strategies?

HR development

The basis for successful personnel development is an analysis of the needs of the company's own workforce. Based on this, suitable further training measures can be designed or purchased. ARTS advises you in the selection of suitable service providers or takes over selected topics independently through trained trainers and coaches.

Our portfolio in personnel development includes: 

  • HR development strategies
  • Career models
  • Trainee programs
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching
  • Internal knowledge management
  • Further education
  • Resillience trainings

HR development


Your incoming applications are not enough to fill open vacancies?

External Employer Branding & Personnel Marketing

To strengthen your recruiting success, ARTS develops creative employer branding measures that are perfectly aligned with your candidate personas and employer value proposition. Starting with the development of your career website, the conception of new job advertisements (image & text), image and recruiting videos, social media appearances, recruiting events up to the distribution of your job offers in the right on- and offline channels. There is a smooth transition between external employer branding measures and hr marketing.

In the area of internal employer branding, we develop, for example, professional employee loyalty programs and employee-recruit-employee campaigns.



Young target groups are not yet the focus of your employer branding strategy?

Higher education marketing / Apprenticeship marketing

In addition to analyzing your target groups of young people and adapting your employer branding strategy accordingly, ARTS can assist you with the conception and implementation of employer branding measures specifically for generations Y, Z and Aplha:

  • Target group analysis and definition
  • Dedicated landing pages
  • Social media marketing on TikTok, Instagram, Twitch 
  • Email marketing
  • Multiposting in channels relevant to young talent
  • Active sourcing of young talent
  • Content creation in image, sound, video as well as print media
  • Trade show conception and support

Higher education marketing

Marketing for students and graduates


Why ARTS employer branding measures?

Full Service Employer Branding

As an employer branding agency, we develop the necessary employer branding measures seamlessly after the completion of your employer brand.

Purchase expertise and creativity

Our certified employer branding experts know which bait tastes best with which fish and create communication measures that work.

Growing brand awareness

Through an attention-grabbing implementation of employer branding measures that match your brand and target group.

Saving important resources

In addition to employer branding, ARTS offers you a broad portfolio of recruiting and HR services. Your additional effort for managing several service providers is eliminated.


Frequently asked questions about employer branding measures

Our company has only 15 employees. Can or should we still engage in employer branding?

Yes, especially for SMEs, which generally have a lower profile than corporations, employer branding is an important tool for securing the company's future. Because the war of talent will continue to intensify. With targeted employer branding measures, SMEs in particular should present their awareness and attractiveness as an employer. Especially if you have employees in the STEM fields. Study results show that SMEs have so far made little use of their competitive advantages through targeted employer branding. Remember the saying " The early bird catches the worm".


How do employer branding and personnel marketing differ?

Employer branding and personnel marketing are not synonyms, but together with recruiting they form a single unit. The impact of this unit is realized when all components follow the same strategy and the sender - your employer brand - is clearly recognizable. Here, "the whole is more than the sum of its parts" applies. 

What employer branding measures exists?

There are a variety of employer branding measures. External measures are usually requested with the aim of improving recruiting. For example, optimization of the career website, job advertisements, image videos, recruiting videos, recruiting fairs or events, speaker appearances at HR congresses, etc. But employer branding is also directed inwards. It supports emotional employee loyalty. For example, through communication concepts, through involvement as brand ambassadors, through employee-recruit-employee concepts and internal events.


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