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We design your employer branding measures

Communication measures are needed to make an employer branding strategy tangible. In other words, emotional employer branding measures that enable your current and future employees to experience your company on their employee or candidate journey at all relevant touch points. Starting with the career website, job ads, landing pages, a slogan, video and image material, social media postings, social recruiting, recruiting fairs, internal events, employee retention concepts, internal communication and much more. Advice on improving leadership and feedback culture also has a positive impact on internal employer branding goals.

The goal of employer branding measures is to increase brand awareness, brand sympathy and "brand usage". In external employer branding communication, brand utilization is understood as an application.

Sometimes it makes sense to focus on internal employer branding. For example, if turnover is above average or employee satisfaction surveys show deficits, employee retention concepts are needed. Ideally, you should start at the root of the problem. ARTS pursues a holistic approach: Our HR experts support you not only in the implementation of internal employer branding measures, but also in strategic change management (organizational culture, leadership culture, feedback, error and learning culture), so that the strategy can become a tangible employer branding.

Employer branding measures by ARTS

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Employer branding measures by ARTS - your advantages

  • Seamless: ARTS develops the necessary communication measures seamlessly after completion of your employer brand, so that you achieve your HR goals.
  • ARTS expertise and creativity: We know how to bait the fish and create communication measures that work.
  • Increase of your brand awareness and sympathy: Through an attention-grabbing implementation of employer branding measures that fit your brand and target group.
  • ARTS saves time: Your additional effort for the management of several service providers is eliminated.


Our services in the area of employer branding measures

  • Employer Branding Concept 
  • Creation & implementation of employer branding measures:
    • Career website
    • Job advertisements
    • landing pages 
    • Videos (image videos, recruiting videos)
    • Social media presence
    • Employee loyalty programs
    • Employee-recruit-employee
    • Job fairs (conception)

In order to strengthen your recruiting success, ARTS develops creative employer branding measures that are perfectly aligned with the candidate personas. Starting with the development of your career website, the conception of new job advertisements (image & text), image and recruiting videos, social media appearances, recruiting events, etc. There is a smooth transition between employer branding measures and personnel marketing.

In the area of internal employer branding, we develop e.g. professional employee loyalty programs and employee-recruit-employee campaigns.

Employer branding consulting for a medium-sized aviation supplier

Even medium-sized companies have the chance to stand out from the crowd with a very good employer brand. With us as an employer branding agency, operational blindness doesn't stand a chance. We have already been able to support a medium-sized aviation supplier in establishing a strong employer brand with our clear view from the outside.


To make the client even more visible as an attractive employer in the future, we developed an employer branding strategy.


Employees manage to convince applicants with their passion for their job: they present themselves as authentic and enthusiastic as they work. Clear language and lively insights into the company underline this appearance. 


In addition to the employer branding strategy, we developed a concept for the brand ambassadors and revised the HR ad concept and the HR social media strategy in this context. We empowered employees to create their own content (employee report, video creation) and thus authentically share their professional experiences. Since benefits play a major role in job selection, we also developed a variety of attractive benefits together with the client. In order to position the employer brand with the right target group, we also took over the job management, including multi-posting of the jobs in various communication channels.

Since August 2020, ARTS has been actively supporting us in the recruitment of skilled workers in various fields of activity for the further development of our company. In doing so, ARTS is particularly convincing as a reliable and service-oriented partner. We would like to thank ARTS for the close and trusting cooperation so far and look forward to further joint successes.

Tobias Lück
Head of Recruitment & Employer Attractiveness at Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes

I would like to thank you for the friendly and, as always, uncomplicated cooperation.

Jenny Lehmann
Specialist Human Resources at Unitedprint.com SE 


Frequently asked questions about employer branding measures

Our company has only 15 employees. Can or should we still engage in employer branding?

Yes, especially for SMEs, which generally have a lower profile than corporations, employer branding is an important tool for securing the company's future. Because the war of talent will continue to intensify. With targeted employer branding measures, SMEs in particular should present their awareness and attractiveness as an employer. Especially if you have employees in the STEM fields. Study results show that SMEs have so far made little use of their competitive advantages through targeted employer branding. Remember the saying " The early bird catches the worm".


How do employer branding and personnel marketing differ?

Employer branding and personnel marketing are not synonyms, but together with recruiting they form a single unit. The impact of this unit is realized when all components follow the same strategy and the sender - your employer brand - is clearly recognizable. Here, "the whole is more than the sum of its parts" applies. 

What employer branding measures exists?

There are a variety of employer branding measures. External measures are usually requested with the aim of improving recruiting. For example, optimization of the career website, job advertisements, image videos, recruiting videos, recruiting fairs or events, speaker appearances at HR congresses, etc. But employer branding is also directed inwards. It supports emotional employee loyalty. For example, through communication concepts, through involvement as brand ambassadors, through employee-recruit-employee concepts and internal events.


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