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Inspiring candidates with a career website

An effective career website is at the heart of all recruitment marketing. Not only is it the ticket to attracting the most suitable candidates for your vacancies, but it is also a vital part of employer branding.

An attractive career website is not only a high-quality look and feel, but also a sensible and logical content structure. In today's world, it is no longer enough to simply publish job adverts. Positive content such as text, short videos, images and interactive contact options also contribute to a positive candidate experience. As an experienced HR marketing agency, we can help you develop and implement your career website. 

Are you ready to take your recruitment to the next level? Let's optimise your career website together!

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Benefits of a customised career website with ARTS

Brand Awareness

Employer Branding Opportunities

Use your career website to effectively communicate your unique employer value proposition to attract and retain qualified candidates.

Social Media Interaction

Good candidate experience

Based on our many years of experience in HR marketing and recruitment, we can advise you on how to create an engaging and user-friendly candidate journey that will inspire candidates to apply.

Time Saving

Reduce time-to-hire

An attractive career website is a powerful tool for significantly reducing the time to hire and thus increasing the efficiency of your recruitment processes. We support you with well thought-out strategies and innovative solutions.

Consulting package for your job advertisement
from € 365

per job plus VAT

You will receive:

- Target group analysis of your potential applicants for one open vacancy
- Holistic keyword analysis for the optimal keywording of your job advertisement
- Creation of a media plan for 4 to 8 weeks according to a predefined budget (online job boards, social media, GoogleAds, print, radio, TV, OutoufHome,...)
- Job optimization according to current HR marketing trends incl. SEO aspects and proofreading

Additionally available upon request:

- Ad design for all publication channels according to media plan in line with your corporate design
- Controlling & Reporting

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Work with us on your successful career website

Strategic consulting

Our experienced team will work closely with you to develop a tailored strategy for your career website. From audience analysis to defining your employer value proposition and positioning in the job market, we are here to ensure your career website delivers the results you want.

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Creative design

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That's why we develop career websites that look good and communicate your brand message efficiently. Our design approach focuses on optimising the user experience. To strengthen your employer brand and inspire candidates.

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With a focus on functionality and usability, we develop career websites that not only look good, but also work smoothly. From simple registration to integration with your applicant management system, we make sure your site meets all your needs.

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Optimising content

Content is the key to successful recruitment. Our experts create compelling content (images and text) that effectively communicates your employer brand and engages candidates. We place great emphasis on search engine optimised content to give you the best possible competitive position.

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Analysis and optimisation

The success of a career website does not end with its launch. We offer you the opportunity to continue to analyse and optimise your career website. This allows us to work together to ensure that your site is in line with current best practice, your values and your employer brand, and is delivering the results you want.

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Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Recruiting

A strong careers website is the starting point for effective social recruiting. Our experts can help you develop an effective social media strategy to attract the right talent to your organisation and strengthen your employer brand across multiple channels.

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Career website relaunch: How we revamp your website

Tailor-made concepts for your career website

Our holistic approach starts with a thorough analysis of your business objectives, target audience and (employer) brand identity. We understand that every organisation is unique, which is why we place great emphasis on developing bespoke concepts that are precisely tailored to our clients' needs and objectives.

Our concepts include

  • Concrete recommendations to optimise the user experience (UX)
  • Content ideas to strengthen your employer brand (text, image and video strategies)
  • Key search engine optimisation (SEO) considerations
  • Recommendations for complying with relevant data protection regulations to ensure the security of your candidate data

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Does your career website need a modern design?

Creative design that brings your career website to life

The design of your career website is more than just aesthetics - it's a powerful tool for communicating your (employer) brand message and attracting candidates. We take great care to ensure that the design of your career site authentically represents your brand, provides a positive user experience through the integration of visual elements, and is in line with your corporate design.

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You need technical support?

Implementing your career site across platforms

In addition to the conceptual and visual development of your career website, our 360-degree approach also includes technical support. We implement your career site in the content management system of your choice (e.g. Wordpress, Typo3 or Contao). We can also seamlessly integrate your career site with an applicant management system to streamline the application process. 

In addition to company-wide career websites, we also design and programme individual landing pages for specific HR marketing campaigns, e.g. as part of your trainee or young professional marketing.

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Don't know how to communicate your employer brand effectively?

Your career website with meaningful and SEO-optimised content

To stand out from the competition and truly engage and inspire candidates, you need powerful and engaging content. Our experienced content specialists can help you create content that effectively communicates your employer brand and appeals to your target audience. The copy we produce is not only informative, concise and engaging, but also meets the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) standards. We also integrate visual elements such as images and video to increase awareness and create an emotional connection with candidates.

As part of our employer branding activities, we are also happy to support or take over the preparation and execution of photo and video shoots.



Do you want to boost your career website with social media?

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Benefit from the power of social media for your career website

Social media has become an integral part of the recruitment process. They can help you realise the full potential of your career website. As part of our Social Media Recruitment service, we can help you promote your vacancies across a range of social networks to reach potential candidates. We develop a bespoke social media strategy that strengthens your employer brand and increases the reach of your jobs. We also integrate social media widgets and sharing tools directly into your career website to encourage interaction and networking with potential candidates. We ensure that your vacancies are easy to share and that your candidates are encouraged to share them with their own networks.

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CASE STUDY: Career website relaunch of Znuny

As a recognised software company, Znuny GmbH focuses on the further development and introduction of the OTRS ticket management system.

Based on the developed Employer Value Proposition, our experts took over the conceptual design of the career website.


In the employee survey we conducted, it became clear that Znuny is 100% remote and that this is also its unique selling point as an employer (EVP). The careers website should naturally present this EVP.


After reviewing the existing content in terms of relevance, comprehensibility and persuasiveness, we identified weak points and areas that needed to be optimised. We used clear, concise headlines to arouse the applicants' interest. The text content was also search engine optimised to improve findability. 


In line with our developed EPP, Znuny received an attractive concept for an appealing career website, which was implemented internally by a developer. Our experts not only revised the general texts, but also made recommendations for advertised positions so that they are easier to find in search engines and appeal to the right target group of applicants. We have also integrated an interactive element in the form of a test. Applicants can test how well they fit in with Znuny by answering ten simple questions.

Frequently asked questions about career websites

What is a career website?

A career website is a dedicated website, or a separate section within a company's website, that informs potential candidates about job vacancies, company culture, benefits and career opportunities. It serves as a one-stop-shop for job seekers to learn more about the company and find out about current vacancies. It is an important tool in the recruitment process and in recruitment marketing to attract and retain qualified talent.

How important is it to have a career website?

A careers website is vital for any company that wants to attract and retain qualified employees. It acts as a showcase for potential candidates to get an idea of the company's culture, values, working environment and career opportunities. A well-designed and optimised careers website can help strengthen the employer brand, increase the reach of job adverts and generate interest from candidates. In addition, a careers website also supports a company's SEO efforts by including relevant keywords and content that help improve search engine visibility. Overall, a career website is an essential tool for attracting the right talent and achieving long-term success.

What does a careers website cost?

The cost of a career website can vary depending on a company's individual requirements and needs. A variety of factors such as design, functionality, number of sub-pages and the integration of specific features can influence the price. At ARTS, we create bespoke solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements and budget. Contact us for a personal consultation and a customised quote for your career website.

What are the characteristics of a good career website?

A good career website has several characteristics. Firstly, it should be easy to use and offer intuitive navigation so that candidates can find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. In addition, the careers website should authentically reflect the company's culture and working environment in order to attract and engage potential candidates. It is also important that the careers website is regularly updated to include current vacancies and relevant information. A good careers website will also be optimised for search engines to ensure good visibility in search results.

Do you need some help with your career web site?

Let's work together to create an effective career website and attract the right talent to your organisation. Our experienced team can help you optimise your online presence.

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