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We develop your Employer Value Proposition with you

The Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the heart of your employer brand and reflects your brand promise to your current and future employees. Together with you and the relevant stakeholders of your company, we support you in finding your own and unique Employer Value Proposition as part of your Employer Branding Strategy. What corporate culture do you live by? What values are important to you? What makes you stand out as an employer? Can you offer your employees a purpose with which they can identify? Younger generations in particular are looking for a greater sense of purpose in their work. 

The Employer Value Proposition offers your employees orientation, gives them room for identification and provides the basis for an emotional bond. Authenticity and uniqueness are the ingredients of success for a strong employer brand. ARTS accompanies you as an employer branding agency in the metamorphosis to an attractive and strong employer brand that tells its own basic story. In addition, we take over the conception and implementation of internal and external employer branding measures for you.

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Employer Value Proposition by ARTS - Your advantages

Professional social recruiting

Increase target group knowledge

We know how to bait the right fish and work with you to develop your individual Employer Value Proposition - the heart of your employer brand. This is based on in-depth target group analyses that include both applicants and employees.

Increase brand awareness

Through a unique employer value proposition, which is conveyed via internal and external employer branding measures, you can not only enhance your image, but also gain the trust of potential employees for you as an attractive employer.

saving costs

Reduce the use of resources

Once your employer branding strategy has been developed, ARTS designs targeted employer branding measures and implements them for you. In this way, we want to spare you the increased support effort of several service providers.


You know your target applicant group, but you don't know how your employees feel about the company?

Employee surveys

What do your employees think about their own employer? What did the candidate journey look like back then? What is the culture among your colleagues? How satisfied are your employees? These are just a few questions that can be answered with an effective employee survey.

Together with you, we develop an individual questionnaire to address your specific situation. We take over the survey implementation as well as the evaluation for you and give hints on possible optimization potentials.

For us, employee surveys are the basis for the development of an Employer Value Proposition, but if required, they can also be booked independently of a strategy process.

  • (anonymous) online surveys
  • on- and offline workshops
  • Individual interviews
  • Focus groups



Your already defined Employer Value Proposition does not match the lived company culture?

Brand workshops

Together with your relevant stakeholders, we analyze whether your Employer Value Proposition stands up to everyday use and how it is actually lived and perceived by your employees.

In a workshop, we enable you to close the gap between defined and lived EVP through targeted exercises and discussions in an open and honest atmosphere. Subsequently, we develop concrete measures and solutions to improve the consistency of your employer brand. You can implement these yourself or guided by us.



Do you want your Employer Value Proposition to be communicated consistently both internally and externally?

maximal reach

Creation of an Employer Brand Book

An Employer Brand Book serves as an all-inclusive manual for the entire organization. It ensures that your employer brand is communicated consistently and authentically. Important elements include the organization's mission, vision and values, as well as target audience analysis, unique employer brand characteristics, core messages and the employer value proposition as their condensation. In addition to the visual identity and design, the Employer Brand Book describes the tone of communication, provides language guidelines and other guidelines for the consistent presentation of your employer brand internally and externally.



Don't you have the internal resources to implement employer branding measures?

HR Marketing

As a 360° HR agency, we naturally also offer our clients a broad portfolio of HR marketing services. Based on your EVP, we develop an optimal mix of measures, tailored to your target groups and budget. We are happy to implement all external employer branding measures for you.

  • Significant career websites
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Content creation in text and sound as well as video and images
  • SEO-optimized job ads
  • uncomplicated multiposting
  • Search engine advertising
  • social media marketing
  • social media advertising
  • Programmatic Job Advertising
  • University marketing
  • Career fairs
  • Email Marketing
  • Print and poster advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Passenger advertising

Internal employer branding measures

In addition to providing support for internal communication measures such as employee newsletters or social media marketing, our HR consultants develop a range of internal employer branding measures as part of HR consulting or even HR development, including:

  • Employee retention measures
  • Continuing education strategies
  • Executive coaching and development


Implementation of employer branding and personnel marketing measures


How attractive are you as an employer?

Free Employer Attractiveness Self-Test

Our simple yet informative test guides you through key areas such as company culture, benefits, working environment and more. You will gain valuable insights and tailored recommendations on how to improve your employer brand and position yourself as an attractive employer.

Employer attractiveness self-test

CASE STUDY: EVP Development for Znuny

As an established software company, Znuny GmbH focuses on the further development and implementation of the OTRS ticket system. 

The target groups consist mostly of IT professionals - both applicants and employees.


In view of the scarce and highly courted applicant target group of programmers and IT project managers, Znuny commissioned us to increase its own employer attractiveness through targeted employer branding.


After we had successfully completed the analysis phase, a stakeholder workshop was used to take an in-depth look at the company together. Already in the workshop, we were able to renew the corporate vision and mission together with the client. With this input, we were able to elaborate the key aspects of the employer brand, such as the corporate culture, the purpose and the employer value proposition. 


After approval of the new EVP as well as the overall employer brand by the staff, we created the creative concept "100% remote - 100% Znuny" and designed the career website.


Frequently asked questions about the Employer Value Proposition

What exactly is meant by Employer Value Proposition?

The Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is your promise as an employer to the employee. The EVP states what the company stands for. It communicates your values, uniqueness and attractiveness to your target group.

We already have many benefits in our company, such as free fruit and drinks. Is that enough for the employer value proposition?

No, especially benefits like fruit and drinks have become a standard. The EVP should rather represent the uniqueness of your company.

What defines a strong employer value proposition?

The Employer Value Proposition - what is that exactly? This is a question we hear regularly. The EVP is a statement that also contains a promise. The confusing thing about the EVP is that it can reflect different aspects of the employer brand. Sometimes it focuses on a company's values. And sometimes its core revolves around the company's work culture or purpose. Sometimes its focus is on career opportunities. 

A strong EVP is one that sets your brand apart and differentiates it from your competition. The perfect Employer Value Proposition is always developed with the target groups (employees, clientele: inside) in mind and should be uniquely formulated.


You would rather ask than read?

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Sally Kießling Employer Branding Consultant +49 173 623 62 06 Add as LinkedIn contact

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