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Resilience training with ARTS

Resilience and mental health for your employees

A Strategically aligned resilience training ensures your team's ability to work and perform in the future. The stresses and strains of the current situation, whether in the home office or in the manufacturing sector, are certainly not always easy for your employees. Our colleagues feel the same way, which is why we have developed a system based on various pillars to give each of our employees exactly what they need at the moment. Healthy, physical and satisfied well-being of employees also has an impact on creativity, commitment and identification with your company.


Workplace health promotion | Resilience training with ARTS 

Satisfied Customers and Partners


How does resilience training and workplace health promotion work with ARTS?

The regained well-being of our colleagues spurred us to make this available to our partners and other companies as well. We have now also summarized our system for you in a short form. Through various formats, we support employees and managers in staying satisfied, healthy and high-performing in all situations.

Our Resilience Coaching:

  • Dimension 1: Self-Management & Work Design - Often individual obstacles to success keep us from really living up to our full potential, so in this pillar we deal with self-development, which enables self-organization and includes successful work design.
    Dimension 2: Stability & Focus - In addition to routines, basic things like a strong back or a generally healthy lifestyle make it easier for us to cope with challenging situations or even phases. We build the foundation to remain stable in all circumstances.
    Dimension 3: Regeneration & body sensation - We have forgotten to listen to our body. Rest, sleep as well as movement in everyday life are important parts for our well-being. Therefore, this part is equally important to us, because it helps to manage stress and to recognize when we get into the red zone.


ARTS' Resilience coaching with special focus on resilience training for executives

Your advantages in cooperation

  • With our focal points, you lay the foundation for the development of this crucial competence for maintaining performance and productivity for your employees, managers and the entire company.

  • You will receive a unique combination of building blocks that we see as essential for successful and, above all, healthy work and leadership, in the midst of current but also future challenges.

  • We combine the perspectives of personality & organizational development, sports physiotherapy and health coaching. This mix combines proven knowledge and new scientific findings, which together result in a sustainable strategy for you.

  • With our small steps you and your employees will achieve a big impact in the long run, creating a health-promoting atmosphere.

  • Strengthen employee satisfaction with us through trusting cooperation and demonstrably reduce absenteeism.

  • Think outside the box of occupational health and safety and ensure a true life-work balance with our help.


Resilience training - Our qualifications

The combination makes the difference - Our health experts

  • From our experience in organizational consulting and change management, we can address the interrelationships between structure, processes and the acting people.

  • Daniel Nehring - self-employed sports physiotherapist and personal trainer. He is also a managing director of SPRISE, a company for workplace health promotion. He has been dealing with the topic of movement and health for over 17 years and with BGM for about 10 years.

  • Tim Böttner - Health coach and studied sports science. He has competed in sports for the last 15 years and has added natural movement in nature, breathing and meditation to his toolbox.

Our drive

  • We want to provide an answer to how we may shape work life so that it has a positive impact on the health and well-being of employees - without compromising productivity.

  • Sustainable integration of workplace health promotion always involves a cultural change in leadership and self-management, which we aim to facilitate with the help of our coaching experience.

  • Resilience is a future competence in our dynamic world, which serves as a stability factor to be able to strongly face exactly these uncertainties or sudden changes and at the same time to remain in balance for oneself.

What solutions do we offer in the area of 

resilience training and workplace health promotion?

What solutions do we offer in the area of resilience training and workplace health promotion?

#Short-term solutions:

Impulse lectures & health day

The introduction to exactly your topic area for your managers, your team or your entire staff. Our approach is a workshop in a small format
(interactive and informative)
Depending on your wishes we arrange between 20 - 60min or a whole health day.

#medium-term solutions:

Intensive workshops
Whether on a superordinate topic or as an introduction to a holistic approach. With us you get a customized 1-3 day workshop with a focus on implementation success, because only with easy integrated solutions you get a sustainable effect. We will coordinate the course program with you in advance.

#long-term solutions:

Modular accompaniment
Each topic can be developed in a week-by-week accompaniment through individual or team coaching, video material and workbook assignments. The flexibility of learning in combination with parallel implementation over a guided period, promises a sustainable integration into the daily work routine.


BGF Consulting for a medium-sized company in the service sector

Before Corona was even an issue, our client already had employee health on the agenda. However, the challenges of the current economy and in the current phase in the dynamic system led to more and more strain on colleagues. Guidance on healthy sitting posture, regular breaks and a life-work balance were already integrated into the daily management routine, so a new approach was needed.


It needed to go beyond course offerings and a health day to address the employee's individual situation.


We designed an individually tailored 12-week offer on resilience coaching together with the client. This included intensive workshops on topics such as regeneration and sleep, as well as basics on light nutrition in the home office, and targeted diagnostics for colleagues with recurring pain, e.g. in the back. In addition, there were cross-hierarchy online workshops on topics such as personality, individual stress management and one's own energy balance. A combination of online workshops, group appointments and individual coaching sessions, as well as peer group meetings, were used to address the varying demands of everyday work.


After the cycle was completed, we followed up with voluntary groups that were assigned a coach as needed. The final survey showed a significant improvement (3-5 percentage points) in coping with stress, general well-being and satisfaction.


White paper: Systems for mental health

Download white paper


Frequently asked questions about resilience training and workplace health promotion at a glance

Does promoting the resilience and health of my employees bring more than it costs?

The average number of sick days taken by an employee increased slightly to 10.9 working days. Of concern is the amount of time lost due to illnesses with a psychological cause. In this case, it is an average of 38.9 working days that are accrued as absenteeism and that an employee needs to recover, i.e. three times as many. Consequently, promoting resilience, especially the mental health of employees, is an investment in work and performance rather than an unnecessary cost driver. On the contrary, they actually work to avoid costs (overtime and overloading of colleagues taking over, follow-up costs for a recruitment, training periods, etc.).

What distinguishes workplace health promotion from workplace health management?

Workplace health promotion measures focus on individual topics, such as mental health, because their purpose is behavioral prevention and they are applied selectively. In contrast, occupational health management designs structures and processes that are integrated into the company in phases and intervene strongly in the corporate apparatus. Here our focus is more holistic and not only on health management, so we have other services for this, which have the goal of making your organization fit for the future.

Workplace Health Promotion Consulting or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

This service is right for you if you want to actively work on your own mental health or that of your employees. Our system is built on the basic pillars for resilience and mental health. From our point of view, it includes all the essential components, while remaining flexible so that we can integrate your individual situation and other special topics, such as working in a home office, life-work balance or team health, at any time.
If you have specific challenges with remote work on the organizational and design level, we recommend our organizational consulting service, as this starts at the organizational level. If, on the other hand, you are dealing with a holistic system, the topics of change management or the organization of the future are other solution options. In a non-binding initial meeting, we approach exactly the solution that is relevant for you.

Why should I promote resilience in my employees?

The current crisis has shown us more forcefully than ever that there is a big difference in meeting this challenge. For individual companies, the work done so far in the field of resilience training has turned out to be a success factor and an absolute competitive advantage, as their teams with acting employees were very well prepared to deal with stress. They remain efficient and healthy, losing neither their composure nor their positive thinking. Absenteeism also remains unchanged or even decreased with the switch to remote work. In employee surveys, we see time and again that employees of companies that have previously promoted training in stress management and self-organization or healthy leadership or work-life balance even report increased satisfaction.
So promotion not only increases the resilience of their employees, but of their entire company. It contributes to the stability of your entire team and reduces absenteeism, which has increased immensely over the past year due to psychological stress, by teaching your employees how to deal with these challenges in a healthy way.


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

Are you looking for new impulses for yourself or your employees and an existing system to strengthen your mental health and resilience? You want to provide your employees with strategies, behaviors and the knowledge they need to remain satisfied and productive in the future. Then contact us. With us you will get healthy, motivated and resilient employees. 

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