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Outplacement Consulting with ARTS

In outplacement support, employees affected by staff reductions work out new perspectives together with neutral, external experts and coaches. This is also a protected space for processing the various emotions in the separation process. Especially if the requirements of the previous job have changed considerably, it may not be enough to diligently write applications for a new job. In this case, outplacement counselling helps to develop a new career perspective including an application strategy.

How outplacement consulting works with ARTS

The earlier you involve outplacement services, the calmer and more collaborative this difficult time can be for everyone involved. This is the ideal separation process:


Identifying key positions between retention and outplacement

Marketing for students and graduates

Training courses

Preparation of managers for the interview process

Social Media Interaction


Emotional support for the employee after the separation meeting


Potential analysis, career planning, goal setting and application training for your employee

Outplacement Consulting -

Our Services

This is what any outplacement consultant does:

  • Emotional support for employees through individual counselling
  • Career coaching
  • Advice on the severance agreement and development of transfer measures
  • Optimisation of application documents
  • Support with application strategy (new placement)
  • Individual outplacements
  • Outplacement groups

What ARTS offers in addition:

  • Orientation on the labour market thanks to our many years of recruitment experience
  • Preparation of the manager for the upcoming appraisal interviews
  • Fair moderation of the separation process
  • Training for job interviews and assessment centres at our in-house training academy
  • Organisation of the outplacement process and your HR structures and processes

Outplacement training for managers

Seminar "Employer Interview Techniques"

Annual reviews, salary negotiations and disciplinary meetings are stressful for many managers. Finding the right tone and words, and responding appropriately and sensitively to emotions, can be challenging. 

Knowing the basics of communication and being well prepared can help you approach feedback meetings in a more relaxed way.

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Seminar "Employee Exit Interviews"

The aim of a separation should always be for managers and former employees to be able to look each other in the eye later on. To achieve this, the way in which employees are treated during the separation process and the way in which they are bid farewell is crucial.

If the process is characterised by fairness and appreciation, anger and negative consequences on both sides will be minimised.

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership style is one of the success factors for a productive corporate culture. Appraisals are often discussed in management development seminars, but in day-to-day management it is difficult to implement the desired leadership behaviour.

This is where executive coaching comes in as the most effective tool for advising managers.

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Benefits of our outplacement services

Job Multiposting

New direction

With our outplacement services, you can quickly help your employees get back on track after the separation process.

Socially acceptable

In terms of socially acceptable separation, outplacement offers a valuable opportunity for both employees and employers.


Our separation management consistently demonstrates fairness, which has a lasting positive effect on employees.

saving costs


Outplacement is more effective than severance payments, dismissal protection procedures or long residual employment periods.

Frequently asked questions about outplacement consulting


What is outplacement?

Outplacement counselling is a professional service offered by companies to help departing employees to find a new job or a new career. This type of support is often offered in the context of redundancy, reorganisation or other work-related separation processes. The aim of outplacement counselling is to make the transition as smooth and positive as possible for those affected.

The key aspects of outplacement services are:

  1. Career counselling: our HR consultants will help your redundant employees to identify their career goals and skills in order to explore suitable new job opportunities.
  2. Application preparation: Our experienced recruiters can help you prepare strong CVs, cover letters and other application documents that highlight the candidate's strengths and qualifications.
  3. Interview preparation: ARTS trainers and coaches help you prepare for interviews to increase the chances of successful hiring of your current employees.
  4. Networking strategies: We advise your colleagues on how to use professional networks and platforms such as LinkedIn to tap into hidden job markets and connect with potential employers.
  5. Psychological support: We focus on providing your employees with emotional support and counselling to reduce the stress of job loss and to help them look positively to the future.

Outplacement counselling not only demonstrates a company's social responsibility to its employees, but also enhances the company's image by showing that it supports its employees even in difficult times. This service promotes a positive perception of the company both internally and externally and can have a positive impact on future recruitment and ret

What makes ARTS different from other outplacement consultancies?

As a 360° recruitment agency with comprehensive market knowledge and an extensive client network, ARTS Experts has a deep insight into various industries. This expertise enables us not only to assist individuals in optimising their strengths profile and application documents, but also to make precise recommendations on the industries and fields in which specialists are currently in demand. In addition, we offer the opportunity to establish direct contact with our client companies in order to open up effective career opportunities.


How is outplacement success measured?

In general, the aim of outplacement counselling is to achieve an 'end without horror', so that all parties involved can look to the future with renewed strength after a professional separation. One criterion for success is therefore the avoidance of protracted and exhausting legal disputes. For employees, the most important success is, of course, to find a new job as soon as possible - one that may even be more fulfilling than the previous one? Ideally, the separation should be perceived as fair by all parties, so that the rating on employer review sites such as kununu or Glassdoor is positive and the separation process does not have a negative impact on your employer brand.

Do you have a job guarantee?

As part of our work as a recruitment agency, one of our greatest skills is creating the perfect match between candidates and companies. We cannot offer a traditional guarantee for this perfect match, as it is a matter of human relationships. Our success rate shows that our competent team has a very good feel for this.

In addition, the individual agreement between the recruiting company and ARTS regarding the duration and nature of the support and other parameters of the search can be very close to a job guarantee. We offer our clients flexible options and various contractual solutions in order to successfully and satisfactorily resolve the challenging situation of outplacement for all parties involved.


How can we help you as an outplacement agency?

For over two decades, we have been advising SMEs and large companies on the entire HR process. Our clients value our 360° expertise and always feel that they are receiving competent advice, even on sensitive issues such as outplacement. In us you will find a trustworthy, long-term partner.

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