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Temporary staffing with ARTS

ARTS provides you with a flexible solution within the scope of temporary staffing to cope with project-related order peaks and short-term personnel requirements. Even if your HR department is not fully staffed and you need targeted support, we are there for you. Thanks to this cooperative collaboration, you can reliably meet delivery dates and project deadlines without having to worry about the entire personnel administration effort at the same time. Our experts are not only professionally qualified, but can also be deployed flexibly. Thanks to the Tem2Perm approach, we offer you the opportunity to integrate qualified personnel into your team on a permanent basis if required. This means that deployment can be planned and calculated from the outset, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.


Success through Temporary staffing

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How does the cooperation in temporary staffing and temp2perm with ARTS work?

You send us your short- or medium-term requirements, and we provide you with the suitable employee. You only have a contractual relationship with ARTS.

  • Step 1: You send us your job requirement. We revise it to suit the target group and publish it on all suitable platforms.
  • Step 2: We actively enter the candidate market, contact your potential employee directly and, at the same time, check with our current temporary employees to see when and where project assignments are due to end.
  • Step 3: We select application documents, take over all administrative steps and conduct interviews to find out the basic fit with your company.
  • Step 4: We attend the interview, make hiring recommendations and clarify all contractual documents. We make sure all health screenings are in place.
  • Step 5: We accompany you and the employee throughout the entire assignment.


Advantages of temporary employment - ARTS specialists support your team:

  • With us you have access to a large market of applicants
  • You have a low recruitment effort
  • You will not have to perform any follow-up tasks in personnel processing and payroll accounting.
  • You have transparent costs that are easy for you to calculate
  • Your permanent staff is relieved
  • Flexibility through short sign-off times.

Temp2Perm with ARTS

At ARTS, your 360° HR agency, we not only offer you flexible solutions, but also innovative approaches such as Temp2Perm to effectively meet your staffing needs. Temp2Perm, also known as 'try-and-hire', allows you to integrate temporary professionals into your team while you have the opportunity to assess their skills and fit for your organisation. During this trial period, which is of pre-determined duration, you have the flexibility to evaluate the new colleague's work performance before deciding on a permanent hire. This innovative approach not only significantly reduces recruitment risk, but also gives you the opportunity to secure customised, highly skilled talent in your team. With ARTS, you go one step further to ensure that your staff not only fulfil your requirements, but also fit in perfectly with your corporate culture.

Temp2Perm and temporary staffing - pool of skilled workers: 

Technical professions (m/f/d) 

  • Engineering & Construction: including product designers, technical draughtsmen, engineers, aircraft technicians
  • Project & Change Management: e.g. project managers, project administrators
  • Quality Management: e.g. certifying staff, technical writers, auditors, DT/NDT inspectors, FAI
  • Warehouse: e.g. warehouse logistics specialists, order pickers, etc.
  • Production & Maintenance: e.g. industrial mechanics, industrial technicians, electricians, mechatronics technicians, machine operators, aircraft mechanics & electronics technicians, process mechanics, etc.

Commercial professions (m/f/d)

  • Administration and Management: including secretaries, office specialists, clerks, team assistants, management assistants
  • Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain: including buyers, logistics & supply chain managers, procurement managers, schedulers, import/export
  • Finance & HR: recruiters, personnel officers and clerks, accountants, payroll accountants, controllers
  • Sales & Marketing: marketing managers, customer service managers, Social Media Managers, sales managers
  • IT: IT Supporter, Software Developer, IT Systems Electronics Technician 



Our solutions in the area of temporary staffing
& temp2perm

Our solutions in the area of temporary staffing

#short-term solutions:

No matter if a parental leave replacement or if an expert is needed part-time or full-time. Our employee leasing contract can be designed flexibly.

#medium-term solutions:

Especially in times of home offices, remote work is more in demand than ever. Temporary work at ARTS can be completed remotely or on-site, if the job allows.

#long-term solutions:

With ARTS temporary staffing and temp2perm, you have the option of receiving temporary workers in a job-sharing model. This means that several project assignments are possible at the same time.

Strong temporary staffing partnership with Airbus

ARTS is a strong partner in the field of temporary staffing on the European market. Through very close cooperation as well as standardised and trustworthy processes, we work sustainably with the entire Airbus Group.


Approx. 15% of the total Airbus workforce are temporary workers or projects implemented in the form of contracts for work and services. 


ARTS is one of only a few strategic suppliers to Airbus Group. We regularly hire new colleagues and take care of employee support in our HR Shared Service Centre.


We actively search for candidates for Airbus and coordinate new project assignments in an Airbus division if a project end is approaching. ARTS takes care of the complete candidate communication, the organisation of interviews and accompanies ARTS employees throughout the entire project assignment. 


"We have been working with ARTS for over 5 years on a basis of mutual trust. In recruiting, market analyses as well as in the exchange on challenging topics, ARTS is always at our disposal with professional know-how and expertise with a very good personal support. We highly appreciate the reliable and trustful cooperation based on partnership."

Sabrina Fichter, Head of Human Resources, XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbHs

Frequently asked questions about temporary staffing

What is the difference between an interim solution or a staffing via employee leasing?

Interim managers are hired for specialist and management positions, i.e. primarily for important key positions. Temporary staffing is mainly used for day-to-day operations and is limited to a maximum of 18 months.

Does ARTS also provide temporary workers for 3 weeks in the commercial sector?

No, ARTS sees itself as a long-term partner, both for companies and for applicants and employees. We give people and organisations stable prospects for the future.

What does the current Temporary Employment Act say?

The Temporary Employment Act (April 2017) states:

  • The maximum period of temporary employment is 18 months.
  • It is prohibited to use temporary workers as strike breakers.
  • The equal pay requirement generally applies after 9 months.
  • The works council must agree to the hiring of a temporary worker.

What is the difference between temporary employment and Temp2Perm?

The main difference lies in the intention and duration of employment: Temporary staffing is designed to provide temporary labour for limited projects or periods of time, whereas the Tem2Perm approach involves a temporary phase followed by the possibility of permanent employment.

Contract for work and services, service contract, employee leasing or temp2perm- which service is right for me?

Do you need an employee temporarily in your team, or would you like to integrate someone permanently? Do you have time to take care of all the personnel administration, or would you rather concentrate on your core tasks or other exciting projects? Are you looking for a complete team and ready to hand over project or process responsibility? We will be happy to clarify these and many other questions in a short discussion with you, and then present you with the most efficient solution for you.


How may we support you within the framework of temporary staffing?

Our range of services in the field of temporary staffing is always individual. We have your requirements firmly in mind. ARTS will be happy to advise you without obligation in an initial meeting. Please also contact us if you have any unanswered questions about temporary employment.

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