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Attracting passive job seekers with performance recruitment

Performance recruitment is the ideal HR tool to reach passive candidates. Only a fraction of employees who are potentially interested in a job change are actively looking for open positions. Traditional job postings on online job boards only reach about 10% of potential candidates. And what about the rest?

By placing online advertisements in search engines such as Google or Bing as well as in social media such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, the reach of job advertisements can be extended to passive job seekers. The clear advantage over conventional online job sites or offline channels such as print is the target-group-specific targeting of applicants. Depending on the occupational field and target group, the appropriate media can be used for advertising or ads can be optimised for specific search terms. In this way, we ensure that our clients' budgets are allocated to the most appropriate channels and that any wasted coverage is minimised.

Performance recruitment at ARTS is rounded off with the possibility that we actively address suitable candidates for you in social networks or applicant databases by means of social recruiting.

The optimal mix of search engine advertising, social media marketing and social recruiting varies depending on the candidate target group and budget. ARTS advises you individually in order to develop the appropriate action plan for you. As a 360° HR agency, we are able to look at all possibilities of HR marketing, recruiting and employer branding. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding initial consultation.

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Our Performance Recruitment portfolio

Performance Recruiting

Search Engine Advertising

We analyse your applicant target group closely and place individual text and display ads for you in the Google (incl. YouTube) and Bing advertising networks.

Search Engine Advertising

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Advertising

ARTS places online ads on social networks (e.g., LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok) customized for your target applicants.

Social Media Advertising

Active Sourcing

Social Recruiting

With our social recruiting services, we target suitable candidates for your positions in social networks and applicant databases.

Social Recruiting

Programmatic Job Marketing

Programmatic Job Advertising

We utilize cutting-edge technology to place search engine ads and social media advertising for your open vacancies - fully automated, dynamic, and targeted.

Programmatic Job Advertising

Social Media Recruitment

Social Media Recruitment

ARTS pairs the campaign-specific placement of online advertisements in social networks with the direct approach of suitable candidates.

Social Media Recruitment

Job Multiposting

Conventional Multiposting

In addition to those modern HR marketing methods, ARTS also offers conventional job postings on online job boards, job search engines and offline channels.



You don't have the expertise for search engine advertising?

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) for your jobs

Search engine advertising (SEA) is one of the most important strategies in online marketing. SEA is also becoming more and more important in HR marketing to draw the attention of candidates to potential employers.

With SEA, you can place ads on the search results pages of search engines such as Google and Bing and thus achieve higher visibility in your candidate target group.

  • Optimising your SEA recruitment strategy
  • Job-specific keyword analyses
  • Planning and implementation of SEA campaigns for your jobs
    • Text ads
    • Display ads
    • GoogleAds
    • BingAds
    • Video ads via YouTube Ads
  • Monitoring of all campaign data for continuous campaign optimisation
  • Regular reporting, also in real time

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Performance Recruiting across


You have a budget but no time for social media marketing and advertising?

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing and Advertising by ARTS

At ARTS, we are happy to take over the complete design and management of your social media channels, including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and Xing.

Our experts develop target group-specific social media strategies and customised campaigns for you.

We advise you on the best channels and targeting for online ads and ensure that your target group is addressed precisely.

  • Development of target group-specific social media strategies and custom-fit campaigns
  • Advice on channel selection and targeting for online ads
  • Set-up and management of your social media channels
  • Channel-specific content creation such as text, images, sound and videos
  • conversion-optimised placement of ads
  • Monitoring and analysis of your social media performance

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You want to contact passive jobseekers directly, but don't want to get involved in search algorithms and Boolean operators?

Social Recruiting on an hourly basis

Thanks to our many years of experience in recruiting, we know exactly which strategies and measures are necessary to address and convince the right people via social recruiting.

  • Creation of target group-specific search profiles
  • Searching for and addressing suitable talents using search algorithms and Boolean operators
  • Individual and discreet approach of candidates
  • Taking over the initial communication with applicants
  • Transmission of all relevant applicant documents

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Active Sourcing of Talents


Would you like to address passively searching applicants in an uncomplicated and automated way?

Programmatic Job Advertisment

Programmatic Job Advertising with ARTS

In traditional social media advertising, target groups are defined individually in each selected channel, which are then addressed with corresponding ads. Programmatic job advertising goes one step further here. Automated systems, some of them AI-controlled, take over the placement of ads in a multitude of social channels and search engines simultaneously. Learning curves from previous campaigns with the same target groups are used to address suitable passive applicants in a cost-effective and success-oriented manner.

ARTS offers packages at a fixed price starting at € 1,000 per job.

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Social media recruiting campaigns, but please without any annoying additional software!

Social Media Recruitment with ARTS

With ARTS, you have a reliable full-service HR agency at your side that not only relies on social media advertising in the context of social media recruiting, but also actively recruits for you. Our goal is not only to provide you with high reach and visibility, but also to enable effective and efficient recruitment. 

Let us work together to attract the best talent for your business.

  • Comprehensive advice on suitable channels and targeting
  • Channel-specific content creation (image, text, sound, video)
  • Placement of target group-specific online ads on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and Xing
  • Direct approach of suitable candidates by means of social recruiting in target group-relevant social media as well as applicant databases
  • Monitoring and reporting

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social media recruitment landscape

CASE STUDY: Performance Recruitment for the university data centre of TU Darmstadt

Performance recruitment is a highly individual solution for each of our ARTS clients. This is also the case for the university data centre (HRZ) of the TU Darmstadt.


The university data centre of the Technical University of Darmstadt is looking for employees in a wide variety of administrative as well as IT positions, but also project staff and managers. The client needed support in optimising and posting the job advertisements.


We put together various packages for the client – adapted to the respective target groups of the open vacancies. In addition to the mix of relevant online job boards and applicant portals defined in these packages (e.g. Google Jobs, Indeed, Agentur für Arbeit, Jobware), social media channels were also used by ARTS for the client, including Xing, LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition, the HRZ received a channel recommendation specific to each individual position. For hard-to-fill positions, such as IT positions, we also used GoogleAds and Programmatic Advertising.

As an additional service, the SEO-optimised advertisement as well as the proofreading of the positions were integrated in all packages.


Through the mix of classic job multiposting, GoogleAds, social media marketing and programmatic job advertising, we were able to ensure a target group-specific positioning of the job advertisements and drew the attention of potential candidates to the open positions. Within a very short period of time, the HRZ was able to increase the number of applications received. The majority of candidates became aware of the positions via social media platforms.

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Frequently asked questions about Performance Recruiting

How does performance recruitment work?

Performance recruitment is based on the principles of online marketing or performance marketing. The applicant target group is analysed in detail in order to subsequently place targeted advertising campaigns in search engines such as Google and Bing as well as in social media. The aim is to reach as many potential applicants as possible with a minimum budget.

ARTS goes one step further and combines the placement of online advertisements with the active approach of suitable candidates in social media (social recruiting).

The biggest advantage of performance recruitment is that it can be used primarily to address talents who are passively searching. In addition, continuous data monitoring enables constant campaign adjustments, which ensure an optimal use of the budget.

What is Job Advertising?

Job advertising is the paid publication of job advertisements on online job boards, job search engines, search engines, social media, but also offline channels such as print ads and billboards.

As a 360° full service HR agency, ARTS is able to handle all areas of job advertising for its clients. In addition, we offer services in recruiting, employer branding, personnel support and personnel development.

What is Programmatic Job Advertising?

Programmatic job advertising is a method of online job advertising that uses conventional online marketing methods to distribute job ads. In this process, online advertisements are automatically and dynamically played out in search engines and social media in a target group-specific manner based on user data, algorithms and AI-based technologies. Various factors such as location, skills, interests and experience of the target group as well as their online behaviour are taken into account to target the ads to the right candidates.

Programmatic job advertising offers a number of benefits, including increased reach and visibility of job ads, especially among passive job seekers, more targeted audience engagement, faster ad placement, and greater efficiency and cost savings compared to manual placement.

In the context of performance recruitment, ARTS combines this approach with social recruiting, i.e. the direct contact of suitable candidates in social networks and applicant databases.


How may we support you in Performance Recruitment?

You have an open vacancy and need a partner to support you in publishing the vacancy? With ARTS, you have a competent team at your side that not only has outstanding expertise in strategic recruitment, but also the necessary passion. Together we will create your individual performance recruitment package. Get in touch with us!

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