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Employer Branding Strategy

What is behind the term employer branding strategy? You are certainly familiar with the saying "The bait must be to the fish's liking, not the angler's". The linchpin of any brand strategy is the target group. When developing your employer branding strategy, we take a close look at your target groups. What are their needs? What is important to them? What don't they like? And what channels can we use to reach them? What image do you want to convey to your target group? With these insights, we develop the required candidate personas (= target group descriptions).

The employer branding strategy also includes taking stock of the status quo of your employer brand and your corporate brand (vision, mission, values). Important components of your employer brand are also the benefits and other general conditions. The ARTS strategy work culminates in the positioning of your employer brand in the form of an employer value proposition.


ARTS Employer Branding Strategy

Satisfied Customers

How does ARTS create an employer branding strategy?

The employer brand must match the corporate brand. It originates from it, but is not congruent with it. The employer brand focuses on communicating the corporate values, the purpose, the employer value proposition and the benefits.
The following process is not a standard process set in stone. We are flexible and adapt our steps to the needs of our customers:

  • Step 1: We familiarize ourselves with your corporate brand. We review your existing brand information, such as vision and mission. We also look at your core competitors. And - if available - also the existing brand documents on your employer brand (e.g. values and benefits; we are also happy to review the results of employee satisfaction surveys). 
  • Step 2: We use tools such as interviews with relevant stakeholders and online surveys to determine the internal status quo of your employer brand.
  • Step 3: We analyze the information from steps 1 and 2.
  • Step 4: We formulate candidate personas.
  • Step 5: In a workshop with the relevant stakeholders of your company, we refine the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) together with you against the background of the actual analysis.
  • Step 6: We fix all defined brand information in a brand book. 
  • Step 7: We then create a communication concept for the internal and external brand experience. With the right messages - on the right channels. And this according to your needs (e.g. expansion of your career website, image and recruiting videos, etc.).


Since August 2020, ARTS has been actively supporting us in the recruitment of skilled workers in various fields of activity for the further development of our company. In doing so, ARTS is particularly convincing as a reliable and service-oriented partner. We would like to thank ARTS for the close and trusting cooperation so far and look forward to further joint successes.

Tobias Lück
Head of Recruitment & Employer Attractiveness at Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes

The ARTS strategy for my employer brand convinced us completely. That's why I also commissioned ARTS with the employer branding directly afterwards.

Marcus Seybold
Executive Partner of Seybold GmbH

Frequently asked questions on the topic of employer branding strategy


What elements does an employer branding strategy consist of?

From at least four content statements: An employer brand strategy paper contains the information on the target persons in the form of candidate personas, on the employer value proposition (EVP) and information on the corporate and management culture. And ideally also the formulation of the higher meaning (Purpose). 

Can you give me an example of a purpose?

Imagine your company produces intelligent locking systems for private homes. Your purpose could then be "We make your family feel safe and carefree at home". 


What is a Candidate Persona?

The persona model is used in marketing to present targeted groups in a more comprehensible way and ultimately to reach them specifically with the right communication. A Candidate Persona describes a fictitious person who fits a specific job (e.g. IT administrator: in) based on his or her demographic characteristics, education, attitudes and needs.


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