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HR Consulting

Our Services in HR Consulting

The individual challenges for your employees are constantly increasing. In the future, skilled workers in all areas will need to develop their skills and, in addition, completely new skills. We use different analysis procedures and methods for sustainable competence management. In this way we stay close to people in every phase and support employees, managers and companies in their further development.

Human Resources Development & Talent Management

In order to further develop the potential of your employees, to build them up in new areas and to make them fit for the challenges of Industry 4.0, ARTS offers the following services, among others:

  • Conception and implementation of individual talent management and competence management concepts and strategies
  • Advice on aptitude diagnostic procedures
  • Accompanying employees and managers in preparation for taking on new areas of responsibility
  • Development of internal knowledge management to broaden the knowledge of the entire workforce or for targeted succession planning
  • Development of feedback processes to promote the personal development of each employee

Personnel Marketing

The War of Talents requires a targeted use of the recruiting budget. With our many years of consulting expertise in the HR sector, we offer you unique consulting for your personnel marketing and distinctive employer branding:

  • Strategic employer branding according to corporate brand
  • Analysis of the HR target market & development of segment profiles and Employee & Candidate Journeys
  • Development of HR marketing goals and strategy derived from the central HR strategy
  • Advice on publication channels/types of publication for the recruitment of specialists including the placement of online job advertisements
  • Definition of key figures to monitor success in HR marketing 
  • Conception of HR marketing campaigns including on- and offline media mix (Digital and social media advertising in all target group-relevant channels)
  • Advice on ad optimisation including search engine optimisation and marketing (SEO/SEA)


In addition to classic consulting, our coaches offer specialists and managers individual support in their personal development. Our coaching enables you and your employees:

  • Reflection on own goals and development of an individual strategy to achieve these goals
  • Opening the view on extended and alternative possibilities for action as well as the extension and support of own actions
  • Individual support in change processes
  • Development and expansion of their (leadership) competencies and expansion of communicative possibilities for action
  • Establishment and further development of appropriate time and self-management


If the company has to adapt due to changing market conditions or if the personal fit between employee and company is no longer right, separation occurs. A difficult situation for employer and employee; we offer you professional guidance through the separation process:

  • Outplacement consulting to help companies and employees to achieve a harmonious separation and facilitate a new start
  • Recognizing learnings from existing conflicts and implementing them in a future strategy
  • Personal consultation or professional mediation in individual cases of conflict between employees or between companies and employees


ARTS offers the following services, among others, in order to build up your team for the future and to attract, arouse interest and retain the most suitable candidates:

  • Development of an individual recruitment strategy based on your company's goals and the ideal process
  • Establishment or adaptation of the ideal recruiting process based on the recruitment strategy
  • Development and implementation of assessment centers

HR Processes

Through process excellence in your HR processes, you can save valuable time and money and improve service to your internal customers. We offer you both consulting and business process outsourcing on the following topics:

  • Consulting and analysis for the design and optimization of HR processes, if necessary also possible as preparation for outsourcing
  • Evidence-based human resources management
  • Develop, control and implement the onboarding process according to the company's needs

HR Business Process Outsourcing

In addition to our consulting issues, we offer HR BPO services in many HR topics.


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