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Our Services in HR Consulting

The individual challenges for your employees are constantly increasing. In the future, skilled workers in all areas will need to develop their skills and, in addition, completely new skills. We use different analysis procedures and methods for sustainable competence management. This enables us to stay close to people in every phase. At the same time, we pass on complementary or transformational management approaches to the organization.

Personnel Development & Talent Management

In order to further develop the potential of your employees, to grow in new areas and to prepare them for the challenges of Industry 4.0, ARTS offers the following services, among others

  • Conception and implementation of individual talent management concepts
  • consultation for aptitude diagnostic procedures
  • Accompanying employees and managers in preparation for taking on new tasks
  • Organisation of further education and qualification measures
  • Seminars and training measures to support and intensify the development process


Our coaching enables you and your employees:

  • Reflection on own goals and development of an individual strategy to achieve these goals
  • Opening the view on extended and alternative possibilities for action as well as the extension and support of own actions
  • Individual support in change processes
  • Development and expansion of their (leadership) competencies and expansion of communicative possibilities for action
  • Establishment and further development of appropriate time and self-management


With individual, team or case supervision, we support as an effective instrument through the "view from outside":

  • in the presentation and discussion of individual and group-related problem structures
  • through impulses to clarify different expectations
  • when changing perspectives with the aim of learning to view problems in their overall context, even if they are not personally affected
  • analyzing existing communication structures with the aim of adapting and changing them to suit the task at hand
  • in developing and increasing future scope for action and design for independent problem and conflict resolution

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