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Your employee survey with ARTS

With our DSGVO-compliant employee surveys, we interview your employees once or at regular intervals about their satisfaction and thus about the perception of your employer brand. 

The employee survey is not only a helpful tool for existing and already known problems, but also the perfect early indicator if the surveys are conducted on a regular basis. Undesirable developments that are discovered at an early stage can be stopped or remedied with far less effort.

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Employee survey as the basis for your employer branding strategy

Good reasons for cooperation with ARTS

Higher response rate

External employee surveys often achieve a higher response rate and convince with meaningful, anonymous answers.

360° HR Support

We use employee surveys as an information base for further employer branding tasks and actively support you after implementation.

Strengthening employee loyalty

The employee survey is an important employee retention tool as part of good and efficient employer branding work.


Our service as an employee survey provider

Within the framework of your requirements, the questionnaire is developed in close coordination with your briefing. A balanced combination of targeted closed and open questions is chosen to ensure comprehensive insights.

The choice of suitable software, such as Typeform, is in line with the DSGVO and ensures an anonymous employee survey. This software allows for a smooth online implementation that is both responsive in design and implemented within your financial constraints.

The survey itself can either take the form of a user-friendly online questionnaire or, depending on your needs, individual One2One interviews.

After completion of the survey, a thorough evaluation and summary of all responses received is carried out. This allows for a comprehensive summarization of the data and trends that emerge from the employee responses.

Finally, a concrete recommendation for action is developed based on the insights gained and taking into account your business objectives. This recommendation is based on the available results and provides a clear orientation for future steps and measures.

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Online employee survey -
from €4 per employee

Whether it's an online employee survey (from €4 per employee) or, if desired, One2One interviews, our diverse approaches enable us to help you develop a deep understanding of your employees' needs, concerns and ideas. We rely on modern methods to promote open and effective communication at your company and create a working environment in which every voice counts.

Questionnaire creation

Provision of the (e.g. technical) platform
Evaluation of the answers
Presentation of results (incl. PDF)
Management summary
Recommendations for action (indicated actions)
Further support services


Is your employee turnover too high?

Do you have an increasing number of terminations in your mail inbox? And this despite the fact that you have just introduced great new benefits? And you have made cost-intensive seminars possible for your employees? Sometimes it is difficult to find out, despite exit interviews, where the exact reasons for termination lie and the fluctuation in the company has increased. But regular communication with your workforce is essential, because high turnover can disrupt the continuity of work processes and affect productivity. In addition, turnover always results in additional costs for finding, hiring and training new employees.

Increase employer attractiveness 

It is important to identify the reasons for this high turnover rate. Is there possibly dissatisfaction with working conditions or management? Or do your employees miss development opportunities within the company? Sometimes it's a lack of appreciative communication. There are a variety of potential reasons for quitting. An employee survey with a careful evaluation helps you to gain clarity. Our conclusions and recommendations for action will support you in taking the appropriate measures to reduce fluctuation.

Regular employee surveys help you gain a better understanding of employee concerns and needs and improve your employer attractiveness with targeted employer branding measures

Initiate the right measures early on to reduce your turnover and build a stable workforce that is more motivated and productive in the long term.



Is the mood in your workforce bad?

Have you noticed that the mood in your workforce - or in certain teams - has deteriorated? Perhaps you have already tried to find out the cause of this by approaching trusted employees. But so far without success. At this point, at the latest, it makes sense for you to conduct an employee survey.

Increase employee satisfaction with the help of a survey

Use the impact of an employee survey in this situation because it:

  • conveys the openness of management to talk to employees
  • conveys appreciation by involving employees
  • establishes a feedback culture
  • helps to identify problem areas
  • thus prevents a deterioration of productivity and layoffs 

To sustainably improve a bad mood in your workforce, the employee survey is the first step of your HR work. Because only when you know the specific reasons for the mood and thus the perception of your employer brand can you take step 2 - targeted measures - such as

  • the development and implementation of an employee communication concept
  • a general employee retention concept
  • or an employee development strategy

It is important to ensure the evaluation of your implemented measures through an after-action survey or a regular survey.



You lack the time to conduct an employee survey?

You know that you should conduct an employee survey to ensure the long-term success of your HR work? But in the fullness of day-to-day business, you just can't find the time? Or do you have the feeling that you lack the necessary know-how for it? If so, ARTS as an employee survey provider is happy to support you in planning and conducting your individual satisfaction survey to build a deeper understanding of the concerns and needs as well as sentiments in your workforce.

Focus on your core tasks and have your employee survey conducted externally

In today's world, HR departments are usually already fully occupied with administrative tasks (preparing contracts, issuing certificates, etc.). In addition, the volume of work in recruiting is growing. Therefore, outsource individual, completed HR projects to avoid being overwhelmed by your workload. We support you competently in your goal to build up a deeper understanding of the concerns, needs and moods in your workforce.


Employee survey for the Seybold company

As part of the strategic development of the employer brand, we conducted an employee survey in the form of personal One2One interviews for the company Seybold (provider of digital real estate management for chain store companies, such as C&A).


Through the intensive survey format, the management showed great appreciation for its employees. In addition to the goal of identifying the core of the employer brand, we also surveyed employee satisfaction and their needs and derived recommendations for action.

Frequently asked questions about employee surveys


What belongs in an employee survey?

Important elements of an employee survey include:

  • Objective: state a clear objective of the employee survey, e.g., identify opportunities for improvement, measure satisfaction.
  • Anonymity
  • Satisfaction questions: evaluate work, team, management style and company.
  • Working conditions: Questions about environment, time, equipment
  • Communication: perception of internal company communication
  • Career: development and training opportunities
  • Teamwork: cooperation and support
  • Well-being: Mental and physical health
  • Suggestions for improvement: Ideas for improvement

What are important employer attractiveness factors?

These employer attractiveness factors are important:

  • The Meaning of Work - Purpose: Meaningful work and daily tasks that motivate employees foster strong retention and identification with the company.
  • Good Leadership: A positive leadership culture includes a clear vision, strategy and regular feedback on performance.
  • Trust in leadership and the company: Trust in leadership is essential for maximum employee commitment to performance.
  • Development opportunities: Employees strive for continuous development to meet increasing professional demands.
  • Motivating work environment: "New Ways of Work" is an environment that motivates employees and takes their individual requirements into account.

What questions do I use for an employee satisfaction survey?

These questions provide you with a small excerpt from our questionnaire.

  • How satisfied are you with your work at the company at the moment?
  • How do you rate the physical working environment (e.g. office, equipment)?
  • Do you feel comfortable and productive in your work environment?
  • Do you receive enough information about company decisions and developments?
  • Do you feel sufficiently involved and informed through internal communication?
  • How do you rate the leadership qualities of your direct supervisors?
  • and much more.

When do I conduct an employee survey?

An employee survey can be conducted at different times of the year. It depends on your company's goals and needs. Enclosed are some possible times you could conduct an employee survey:

  • Annual or semi-annual surveys for continuous feedback
  • After training sessions to evaluate effectiveness
  • After a major change/restructuring in the company to understand the impact on your employees 
  • After initiating specific actions to improve working conditions
  • After feedback meetings to gather the opinions of the workforce
  • At the end of the year, to evaluate the fiscal year and draw conclusions for improvements
  • Continuously, to stay up-to-date

Who may conduct an employee survey?

The choice of who conducts employee surveys depends on various influences, including corporate culture, company size, survey types and available resources. It is important that the survey is conducted conscientiously, transparently and with due regard for employee anonymity.

Is an employee survey subject to co-determination?

If an employee survey has a direct impact on working conditions or labor rights, or affects other employee interest groups, then surveys may be subject to co-determination. This means that the works council or similar bodies must be involved in the process and their consent or participation is required. However, this all varies depending on the legal basis of the respective country. In any case, it is advisable to speak with legal counsel at this point.

Why is it better to have an employee survey conducted externally?

Employee survey providers, like us, have found that more employees take part in a survey and that the response rate is higher as a result. This is probably because employees are more likely to believe that their anonymity will be protected if an external provider conducts the survey.


Do you need support with your employee survey?

You would like to start with the employee survey, have questions about it or are already one step further and need support, then please contact me for a non-binding initial consultation!

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Sally Kießling Employer Branding Consultant +49 173 623 62 06 Add as LinkedIn contact

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