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The power of out-of-home in HR marketing

04/04/2024 2024/04

Out of Home in HR marketing: The renaissance of a tradition in the digital era

In an increasingly digitalised world where companies compete for the attention of potential talent, traditional out-of-home marketing is once again gaining traction in the recruitment sector. Out of home, also known as outdoor advertising, encompasses a variety of marketing strategies aimed at reaching potential employees outside of digital and traditional media. It is also a creative and effective solution for positioning your company as an attractive employer.

Out of home advertising has a long history. Over 5,000 years ago there were 'advertisements' on obelisks, and in ancient Egypt merchants engraved their messages on stones and placed them along the streets. This concept later evolved into poster advertising. In 1855, Ernst Litfass placed messages on a pillar - the birth of the Litfass pillar. In the years that followed, large-format posters became increasingly popular.

Importance of out-of-home marketing in recruiting 

Unlike purely digital or traditional media, out-of-home recruitment enables direct interaction with potential candidates outside their usual working environment. By placing advertisements in public places such as train stations, subway stations, squares and other highly frequented locations, companies have the opportunity to reach a broad target group and present themselves as an attractive employer.

The advantages of Out of Home in recruitment marketing over other strategies are its reach, high visibility and the ability to create an emotional connection with potential candidates. Through creative and appealing design, messages can be communicated in a distinctive way and attract the attention of passers-by. Compared to digital-only media, out-of-home recruitment marketing offers a physical presence that can enhance a brand's trust and credibility because it can be experienced in real life.

The different forms of Out of Home in HR marketing

In the context of out-of-home HR marketing, there are many ways to reach potential employees outside of the digital sphere. The different forms of out-of-home marketing offer companies a wide range of creative strategies to present their employer brand effectively and make a lasting impact on HR marketing.

Poster advertising in high-traffic locations

Highly visible billboards in high-traffic locations such as shopping centres, airports, cinemas, gyms and railway stations allow you to target passers. Businesses can reach a wide audience and get their message across with skilfully placed advertising.

Exhibitions and events

Exhibiting at trade fairs and exhibitions provides an opportunity for face-to-face interaction and creates a direct link between companies and potential candidates. By participating in industry-specific trade fairs or organising corporate events, companies can not only demonstrate their attractiveness as an employer, but also hold direct discussions with interested candidates.

Advertising on public transport

Passenger advertising - advertising on public transport - reaches people as they go about their daily lives and by placing advertising on buses, trains or at bus stops, companies can ensure continuous visibility to their target audience and target potential candidates as they travel to work, the shops, medical appointments or leisure activities.

Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

Guerrilla marketing campaigns as part of out-of-home recruitment marketing rely on unconventional and surprising methods to attract attention. These creative approaches aim to surprise and engage the target audience in unexpected ways to stay in their minds. Guerrilla marketing campaigns can take many forms, from unusual stunts and flash mobs to street art installations and interactive events in public spaces. The appeal of this strategy lies in reaching people where they are in their daily lives and giving them a unique and memorable experience. Guerrilla marketing campaigns allow companies to showcase their creativity while building a strong emotional connection with potential talent.

Out of home advertising has a long history.
Using Out of Home successfully in HR marketing
Using Out of Home successfully in HR marketing

Using Out of Home successfully in HR marketing: Tips and tricks

When planning an out of home HR marketing campaign, a strategic approach is crucial to effectively reach your target audience and successfully present your employer brand. Thorough audience analysis and site selection are essential steps to ensure your message reaches the right people. Start with a detailed analysis of your target audience's demographics, interests and behaviours. Use tools such as Google Analytics or Social Media Insights to gain valuable insights. 

Another important aspect is choosing the right locations for your out-of-home advertising. Concentrate on highly frequented areas where your target group regularly spends time. Targeted placement of your advertising will ensure that your message is recognised by a broad target group.

The creative design of your out-of-home advertising is also crucial to the success of your campaign. Use appealing graphics, meaningful images and concise messages that present your employer brand in an authentic and attractive way. Avoid too much text and make sure that your message is understood immediately. Remember that you only have a few seconds to attract the attention of passers-by.

Finally, integrating your out of home campaigns with other marketing channels is crucial to maximise the reach of your message. Utilise social media, online advertising and email marketing to amplify your advertising campaign and communicate a consistent message across all channels. With an integrated marketing strategy, you can ensure that your out-of-home message maximises impact and effectively engages potential candidates.

ARTS - Your experienced HR marketing agency 

As it turns out, the possibilities for out-of-home HR marketing are numerous and varied. Keeping track of this wealth and selecting the most effective measures can be a major challenge. As an experienced HR marketing agency, we are happy to support you in this endeavour. Based on your needs and the available budget, we combine the right campaign and take care of the entire process for you - from booking to final reporting. Of course, we will also support you with the creation of print data, etc. Get in touch with us today.

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